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AoBfrost said:
Theres a difference....

Mountain means you fold them down.

Valley means you fold them up.
I disagree, haha.

Mountain folds will look like a mountain (folded up) if your looking at the sides with the numbers.
Valley folds look like a valley (folded down) when looking at the sides with the numbers.

Of course, it's all relative to the project you're doing, the way it was printed, the settings in the program, the way the model was unfolded, and a lot of other factors.

But in the end, just locate the piece on your model and see which way the fold goes. I still can't believe there are so many people that ask this...
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Its actually what frost says, fold down for mountain. Up for valley.

___/ looks more like a valley
| looks more like a mountain


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AoBfrost said:



yah i know the difference but when im foldin how do i know witch goes up or down and i cant tell bt lookin in the inside for som reason
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