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it is like dungeons and dragons but more expensive and you paint and build your own. i have the space marine army.









interestingly painted but yea WH40k is the ****...expensive as hell thou. ive had a space marine army a imperial gaurd army (love em) a tyranid army and my current tau army....lotssss of money :[ but so fun :mrgreen:
and yea it is rape when it comes to paying some of the blister packs are like 30 dollars
and red black silver is like my theme
I've got a space marines army too. Started out with the Battle for Macragge set and got a megaforce later. Haven't finished painting all of them yet though.
The only RTS I ever really liked was CBT. Unfortunately my legion is in storage so here's some reminder pics. I even had the old Robotech unseens... but yeah Warhammer 40K is pretty cool too.


ive got warhammers il get pics now! i used to collect them but i dont anymore SIRRY ABOUT MY CAMERA QUIALITY!

this model took a few housr to paint

this is a chaos beserker i absolutley loves the paint job i did on him

then this is my land speeder.......

il get better pic i really wanna share this with you guy i poured my heart and soul in to these!..... but then i just left them coz all my m8s stopped :(

I was an absolute animal at painting these!

sorry about my nail i had expanding foam on it
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Yeah I used to do Eldar and Iron Warriors. But it got hella expensive and I didn't want to keep pouring all my money out on em, so I stopped.
silvercookie said:
nice paintjob's smilie, i like the black inking on marines. adds nice touch.
space marines pwn mankind

no black ink..... just waterd down enchanted blue then higlighted with ultramarine.... but on the bezerker thers a few washes of flesh wash
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silvercookie said:
i meant on like the red cape part lol. but yea they still look awesome. you should sell them. prolly get big money

hmmm you think? thatd b great ive spen about? £600 so thats about $1,100 :mrgreen: sadly i dont collect em' any more ebay? :mrgreen:
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sre you kiddin me. for someone who really knows about this. and you tell them. ill bet youll get like 600-700$ USD for them.
space marines are awsome i have an army of Dark Angels but i havnt painted them all yet im nt the best at painting but i luv to convert the minis
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