Funny Picture Thread (Pic heavy)


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For you reptile owners, you'll lol hard.

For you non-reptile owners, probably not.

(I made this, pic is of my old chameleon.)


(Pic of my currently chamleon)


Here are some other pet ones I made. :3







(Yes my dog really can fit in a garbage can lol)

(not pets, but took pic of friend and made poster)

(Didn't take this pic, but made the poster thing)


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Oh god I caught the AC6 reference, I miss playing that game it was the best flight/fight sim. And that mission was just too easy. Don't know if I would use the A-10 Warthog though it was mainly good for bombing.

Jake D

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I love AC. That mission gave me a hellluva time, until I figured out a brilliant (obvious) plan! I afterburnerred into the Aigaion, and kept pace right above the airstrip out of range of the missiles. As the Strigon team launched I camped them as left the tarmac XD I loved the story, but it wasn't quite as good as Unsung War. I plan on getting a Ps2 and that game at some point just so I can play it again.

Its just like call of duty

The missile looks unrealistic and thats not a predator XD

Did i mention I dont like call of duty because of how unrealistic it is?
Go Ghost Recon, man. By far the most realistic shooter I have gotten my hands on.

Speaking of GR, Future Soldier will feature Kinect play and will feature hand signals for commanding teammates. A list of hand signals was recently leaked. *Note: this is a joke. These are not the real hand signals.* Pretty funny.


Here's another gun one that I forgot to post.

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