Grenadier Spartan III


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Well sad update time. I left the chest pieces outside so some thick layers of primer filler could dry, and the heat warped them


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Been there. It sucks. Are you going to be able to salvage it, or do you need to reprint.
I definitely don't think I can salvage the back. The front is a maybe, but it also might just be easier to reprint. I also got a heat resistant spray paint that im going to be testing in a couple days when it's even hotter outside. If it works ill continue to use PLA+ and just make it heat resistant. If it doesn't idk yet


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So that heat resistant spray paint I mentioned in my last post did not work. With some suggestions from other people on the discord I've found that fiberglass resin actually helps a lot. To start off I wanted to pick a smaller piece of armor, so I went with the grenadier knees. I just coated the outside with a light layer of fiberglass resin so far and I'm about to do the inside soon.


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Wow its been a while since I've updated this thread lol, but I have been working on some big stuff so here's the helmet photo dump!

Helmet right after it failed 5 days into printing


Printed out the missing parts and welded them together with 3d pen. Plus made the UA attachment.


Bondo on the large gaps


Primmer filler and more bondo as is tradition. Also got the helmet and attachment sanded with 320. I ran out of rustoleum filler primer and couldn't find any more so im now switching over to duplicolor which I think is pretty nice so far!


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My last semester of college recently started so updates might be less frequent, but that doesn't mean this build is stopping! Now that I'm back i have all of the parts of my armor with me and can do some more test fits of how everything fits together. Plus, I have access to larger printers and resin printers through campus again!

First off, I wanted to make sure the commando shoulder had some flexibility and didn't collide too much. This was the one armor part I worried about the most but I'm happy with the results so far.

Next I went to use the Cr10S5 we had on campus to print out the grenadier shoulder, since it was too big for my ender 3. There was a minor print failure...

While replacing the glass bed and figuring out what went wrong so this doesn't happen again, I remembered I still hadn't printed out my combat knife sheath. After sanding the knife a bit it fits perfectly in with enough friction to stay in place. Also I can actually reach for it and pull it out in armor!

(The Cr10S5 is fixed by now and some new stuff should be coming from that soon)


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that glass bed yeeting itself off the printer is still one of the most bizarre printing accidents I've seen
So having gone back and looking at it, it looked like the cable for one of the z axis was loose and came unplugged enough for it to stop working and the entire beam for the x axis wouldn't raise or lower. Some filament was inside the extruder so my guess is that it kept extruding and building up. Then it probably slid itself off with the y axis pushing the print against the beam.

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