Grenadier Spartan III


Finally getting around to documenting my first full armor build, a grenadier spartan III, my custom character from Reach. I already made the helmet and gloves a couple years ago and now I plan on 3D printing the rest of the armor.

The only part i'm missing right now is the collar/breacher chest piece attachment. The rest of the armor pieces were made by MoeSizzlac

Here's the helmet I made with pepakura

and here's the gloves

I'll try to keep you guys updated as I go!


Finished making my models for the collar/breacher chest attachment! The collar is a modified model by MoeSizzlac that I edited in Meshmixer. I designed the buckle, clip, and shotgun shells in Solidworks. I didn't want to have this attachment be one solid piece of plastic since I'm going to 3D print this. Instead I went with making separate parts that I can combine together with fabric/elastic actually running through the buckle in the middle.


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Quick update time!

I realized that the data pad model that I had for the arm was completely solid so there wouldn't be a way to place a screen/phone inside once I print it out, without just going ham and cutting through a bunch of PLA. So after an hour of trying different ways to import the model into Solidworks to shell it only to find out once I got it loaded in as an object that my Surface Pro 4 still couldn't really process shelling the imported model. So instead, I just ended up spending the last 4 hours recreating the part in Solidworks. In the end it turned out that I still had issues shelling it so instead I used an extruded cut and got close enough to what I wanted. I'm not sure what phone/electronics I want to put in there yet, but once I figure it out I know I can easily make space to adjust for it and add a back cover.



Now you're probably wondering "Is there and easier way you could have done this?" and the answer is "Probably". Either way, my goal was to have a hole in the data pad that I could put electronics into and I accomplished that.

P.S. If anyone does know an easier way to do this I would very much appreciate you letting me know to make things easier in the future.


Another quick update!!

Last night while I was playing MCC, I noticed there were green lights on the wrist data pad that I hadn't noticed before and decided that I should add in the holes for them this morning. When I loaded up the game to get references I noticed there were some inaccuracies between my model and the game model, so I went back to edit my data pad to make it more accurate to the game.

The green circle is where I noticed the lights should be added at, the red circles are features that I needed to remove, and the blue circles are the features that I completely redid to get more accurate shapes.

Halo The Master Chief Collection (11).png

Now I present, data pad 2.0!!!



May I ask if you will be making this file available at some point?
Sure, I don't see why not. I haven't fully finished shelling it yet since i still need to pick out which electronics I'm going to use. If you want I can upload what's done so far, but I'll probably upload the final version once it's done


Got around to shelling out the inside of the data pad plus I also made a lid to cover the back and added threaded holes for size #0 screws. At this rate I probably could have made a separate thread for this but I consider it being made for the grenadier armor. I've also had some people request the files for download, so I'm also going to be working on uploading those after I double check some things on the parts and make sure everything is solid.



Got myself an Ender-3 3D printer, now I can make some more progress on this build. Here's some of the stuff I made for it so far.

Collar/breacher buckle and shotgun shell clip


Also I just noticed that I've never shown my updated armorsmith plans so here that is too