- Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

Here is my first finished helm. It is wooden.





For all the hows and whys and fun discussions, visit here http://mjolnirarmor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3298.
ReheatedHeroics said:
Alright folks,
I figured as more and more posts are added to the Armor Discussion forum, a central place for all completed or near completed armor would be a beneficial reference for us all, as well as a Hall of Honor for those amazing artisans. This is for your armor, that you bought or built, not someone else’s.
If we can keep out the discussion of how's and why's that'd be great. Either PM the creators or start a new thread (remember to search first).
So if ya got 'em post some pics... (it'd be cool if you also posted a little snippet of how you made it i.e. Vacuum form, molds, materials, but it's your choice.)

THose are the rules. No discussion in this topic please.
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Beremus said:
nice Moz :p you have the guess to do that :D

Nice job

I need to get this game.




I promised I would take her out for a nice dinner after this.


This is the money shot

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So, peeps,

From spain here is: SIERRA-3350. These pictures were taken when I went to pick up my Legendary version of the Game. Damn that was a day to remember.

The shop owners (friends o´mine) dind´t know about this and tok the surprise quite well... I will actually be given a interview in our national X360 Mag. and when Halo Wars comes out... lol... I´ll be there being the MC and *PROBABLY* along with spanish National TV too... All depents on what the Coordintor of spains GAME shops has to say about this all...

Here are pictures.

Me and my moment of utter triumph

Me and the great catch of the day

Me and friends, cool huh?

PM me please if you want to let me know what U think of this!


Ow and Happy 25th of September!
first helmet made ever in my life :lol:

yes, i know it still has a little bit of blue showing through. ill paint that tomorrow

cardboard with my snowboarding helmet used as a base
took about 4 days to get through the kinks and experimentation.

thanks to everyone on this site who made tutorials. They were great help. Especially the painting tutorial :D
Hall of Honor time! Booyah! It's been posted before, but that was the crappy version...



And my SMG:



Allow me to say again, the SMG is a working NERF gun with a collapseable stock.
This is a toy gun I got off ebay then taped, designed, then spray painted it urban camo.

These are some frag grenades I carved and then painted out of hard foam balls.

This is the butt of my gun, the T is my symbol cause my name is Trevor.

And I did everything myself without parental supervision.

Don't tell my mom [only 11]

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