- Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons


My Mark 5, made it all in my dormroom with minimal tools/cash. Its part fiberglass, part plastic. Working chest light, it is a series of leds that go from green to yellow to red depending on the status of my suit batteries. As you can see, I have new AAs in it at the time of these photos (extremely handy, and good for show) I also rigged a switch so when I get hit it bounces to red, then back up to green (get in cover!) The helmet was built around the visor, once I found the right one, ithas working side lamps, and a circulation fan. And my favorite, the ammo belt that was in the first game, I made it functional, you never know how valuable pockets are until you don't have any :p.

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Well guess I got to put my costume up too

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