- Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons


Alright folks,
I figured as more and more posts are added to the Armor Discussion forum, a central place for all completed or near completed armor would be a beneficial reference for us all, as well as a Hall of Honor for those amazing artisans. This is for your armor, that you bought or built, not someone else’s.

If we can keep out the discussion of how's and why's that'd be great. Either PM the creators or start a new thread (remember to search first).

So if ya got 'em post some pics... (it'd be cool if you also posted a little snippet of how you made it i.e. Vacuum form, molds, materials, but it's your choice.)



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Finally went and bought the Halo MA40 Nerf Rifle and to recolour it since the 3D Printed one I made last year is a bit too small. I don't know if the Nerf branded one is a 1:1 replica or being scaled because I felt it was much bigger.

I used Anchor Spray Paint (a local spray paint brand) for the recolouring process. (Colour Chart)


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Halo 3: 11th Marine Force Recon ODST

Build info:
- Eva Foam from TNT Cosplay Supply (2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm white and grey)
- Harbor Freight Foam Mats (4-pack, Harbor Freight)
- Crafting Foam (6mm Amazon, 24 pack, small squares)
- Visor from Brian Johnson on Etsy
- SkookumProps (TurboCharizard) Weapons/Props printed out by TillXValhalla: Halo 3 SMG, Magnum, ODST Grenades
- 3D Printed Halo 3 Helmet provided by TillXVhalla, custom modified for vents, speakers, and switches
- Industrial neodymium magnets
- Neodymium magnets from Amazon
- Nylon & elastic straps, buckles, metal D-rings, wooden bevels
- Noctua helmet fans
- Simple Helmet Speaker System (thread from MoeSizzlac)
- LEDs for prop guns and command module on helmet
- AAA & 9V battery packs and batteries w/ 22g wiring
- Charcoal, Slate Matte Grey, Primer Filler (Rustoleum), 2 and 1 Primer Filler (Duplicolor: USE THIS), Matte Plastidip, black LeakSeal, Flat Soft Iron Metallic, and Grey Camo spray paint
- Red, Red/Violet (Jiralhanae Blood), white, silver, neon green, metallic acrylics
- Paper Card Stock
- Hot glue
- C4 Foam
- KwikSeal
- Bondo
- Woodfiller
- contact cement
- Tactical gloves
- Tactical Battle Belt
- Black Combat Boots
- Custom sewn Combat Shirt w/thermal sleeves
- Thermal Cloth (knees)
- Grey Ripstop Material (shoulders)

- boxcutter/x-acto knife set (Amazon)
- hot glue gun (Walmart)
- craft self-healing mat (Walmart)
- heat gun (Amazon)
- soldering iron & solder, heat wrap, small screw driver set (Amazon kit)
- heat knife (Amazon)
- Angled x-acto knife tool (TNT Cosplay)
- ArmorSmith/Pepakura Designer (Programs/Downloads)
- Scissors
- Foam Brushes/Paint Brushes
- Sandpaper (80, 100, 240, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000, grit) (Amazon)
- Sanding Block (Ace Hardware)
- Painters Tape (O’Reillys)
- Dremel (Black & Decker and Dremel Brand)
- Lighter (Smoke breaks in between the building process)
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