- Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

Before the Modifications of my Mark VI

"Artist Impression" (30 seconds in photoshoopdawoop.)

ILikeCats said:
Before the Modifications of my Mark VI

"Artist Impression" (30 seconds in photoshoopdawoop.)
i know that this is a pic post but this costume was the super deluxe bought version. :eek:
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here is my cardboard sniper rifle! its not the most detailed but it is pretty cool. i put a old cap gun in it and that caps empty into the magazine.


the barrel it a waterbottle and pvc pipe and black duct tape... im lazy :p

this is the scope... it is a lot clearer than this but this was the best pic i could get from my camera. i used a Mtn Dew bottle for the green look

removable mag


were you load in the caps in the handle

caps eject into mag from the mag well

ok, so i have seen some non-halo related posts so i figured i might as well post mine =P haha this is a suit of samurai armour i made for halloween once... took me about a year... give or take...


PS: yes that is a metal sword (dull... but other than that, 100% real)
here is the halo 3 odst smg i have been making in secret, its made from scratch using materials salvaged from previous projects and household rubbish. mainly foamboard and rubber, light weight, approximate cost of build would be around about £10. shows you don't need money to have fun making guns. still needs a few finishing touches to complete it and once done it will go on display or can be used by those who will attend the halo 3 odst launches around the uk.

is not an exact copy of the one seen in the e3 2009 videos but from the dark and poor detailed version in the first trailer in 2008.

pm me or reply if you have questions, thanks

included are a few more images of it, notice that 1 side is different as it will work as a plug to attach a separate mag for the smg as in odst it carries 2 of them
I'm not sure if anyone looks at this thread anymore or not, but here it goes..But first ever cosplay as a "Spartan". I was Linda from the books..wanted to upload pictures of the back but my camera cord has vanished..

Made the Pepakura way. Used Aqua-Resin for the hardening stuff. Didn't have time to harden all of it though. Made the visor with an old physics visor and spray-painted it and whatnot.





The left lower leg piece is a little twisted and the right boot is a little messed up in this picture.

Lower leg pieces and boot are made of foam, the rest is made of molded plastic. I didn't make it but I bought it from Ian's friend through him. I also have an AR, but it's not in any pics I've uploaded yet.

The helmet has a fan installed in it too :).
My finished suit, went to MCM Expo with my housemate (he's in the red suit) and met some 405thers, also got to see Cooper's Warthog build =D

I had a ton of problems with this armour, due to rushing the last few pieces to have it ready in time. To start with, my upper legs fell off and the biceps ended up being tied onto me with a shoelace on one side and a red ribbon on the other XD My housmate's upper legs also gave out, but a lot later than mine did. Only a few pieces survived the trip back home and I'm now building a high detail suit to replace it.



My housemate (me in the BG)



With RedTogusa from this forum


VS Stormtroopers






Weary warriors


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