Halo 2 Anniversary Arbiter Build | The Great Journey Continues!

Zoogami Snowfox

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wait so how are you going to make the actual arour
Perhaps Zoogami will tell us in future updates!
do you by any chance have armousmith? I could unfold the Halo 2 - Sangheili (Elite) - Arbiter in foam if you want. just give me the thumbs up.
The dream would be to construct the Arbiter's armour out of metal.
A friend of mine has been working on a aluminum Iron Man suit for a while now, so I'll be planning to use the same technics.
Thankyou for the unfolding offer, however I should be pretty good for now.
I'll be planning to scratch build it using cardboard prototypes, to create templates for metal.
[Similar to how I went about making my Agent Locke helmet in a previous build]
If it doesn't work out, Plan B is to make it out of foam.

I'm back!
It's crazy how fast time flies by... anyhow time for an update!

Since my last update, I have been focused on finishing up my first stilt mechanism.
The idea was to get one finished to test the concept, in the hopes it works, before starting on the second.

After getting some new 'machine friendly' velcro sewn in, I started making a simple fabric loop on my knee pad.
The loop is used to secure the upper support clip in place for the elastic band.
After a bit of tweaking, the loop was raised a little to increase the elastic's tension.

Arby's Knee Pad - New Velcro & Metal Clip Loop Sewn Up
(10a) Knee Pad Adjustments.jpg

Once the knee pad was ready, it was time to permanently connect the support bars & elastic to the stilt base.
Using a strong resin glue, the support bars nut & bolt were joined to prevent it coming loose over time.
Resin was also applied to the lower elastic band join to maintain the required tension.

On the elastic bands top end, multiple layers were used to create a strong bond between the elastic & metal clip.
[Tape, Resin, Paper Towel, Tape, Resin, Paper Towel, Fabric].

Arby's Foot - Selley's Power Grip Resin Glue applied to Metal Joins & Elastic Ends for Long Lasting Structure Stability
(10b) Leg Stilt Construction.jpg

After drilling a few more small holes into the support bars, it was finally time to join the knee pad to them.
Using the knee pads 'side pockets' to slide the support bars into, hand sewing was required to create a strong bond.
To do this, I looped the needle & thread through and around the holes in the support bars.

Arby's Foot - New Holes Drilled in to Hand Sew the Knee Pad securely to the Metal Support Bars
(10c) Knee Pad Installation.jpg

At last after what seems forever, the first stilt mechanism is now complete.
I am relieved to say it works as intended too!

The difference in leg & foot support can easily be felt when comparing the two.

Here's a quick video of Arby's feet with the New Knee Pad, Support Bars & Elastic installed!
Foam Stilt Walking Test 3

I will be continuing to work on this in my spare time, and hope to not leave any more long gaps between updates.
After getting the other mechanism built, I can start working on shaping the Sangheili Leg shape up to the knee.

Until next time, Arby out!

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