Halo 3: Odst - Pepakura Armor


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Your ODST Armor Set Compilation has been removed due to ANTI-PIRACY apparently... I'm looking to do a build myself, just trying to get my ducks in a row before starting so I know what I need.
if it helps at all...
i have created an ODST pepakura database similar to my reach database
it contains just about every single ODST related file

link is here
My gosh. It's been quite a while since I've seen this thread.

First things first - I assume you are referring to my above post, having the dead link. That has been dead since late 2012.
It was replaced in favour of a new file database which can be found here. Additional info can be found in the link in my signature below.

Second - general forum rules/etiquette states that posting in any thread older than ~3 months is considered 'necro-posting'.
Considering the last post was early 2012, I think that rule more than applies. Take this as a polite warning/reminder, and try not to do it again.


If any mods see this, can we get a lock on this thread?


This is why I don't like my file hub on page 85. No one notices it. Anyway...

Rookie ODST Helmet

Modeled by Rundown | RalPartha unfold

Bushmaster ACR File (It looks like the FN Scar to me)

Downlaod Link (by Nightshade)

ODST Shoulder Sniper Plate (RalPartha unfold)

Download Link (by Nightshade)

Standard ODST Shoulder

Newest Model (by Nightshade)

ODST Grenade

Download Link (by Th3 FETT MAN)

ODST Gauntlets/Forearm

Version 1(by Th3 FETT MAN)

Version 2 (separated elbow piece | by Th3 FETT MAN)

Left Piece (by Crackhead | RalPartha unfold)

Right Piece (by Crackhead | RalPartha unfold)

By Jason225 (The King Cobra unfold)

ODST Boot Toe

Download Link (by Th3 FETT MAN)

ODST Full Boot

Download Link (by Th3 FETT MAN)

ODST Chest Plate

Version 1 (by Nightshade)

Version 3 (by Th3 FETT MAN)

Live Action Trailer Chest (by FordgedReclaimer)

Newest Model (by Nightshade)

ODST Chest Pouch

Version 1 (by Nightshade)

ODST Abdominal Equipment | Newest Models (by Nightshade)

Center Plate

Right Side Plate

Left Side Plate

Belt Plate

Crotch Plate

ODST Shoulder Straps

Straps Version 2 (by FalseKnightmare) (not a PDO file, looking for conversion or unfold)

ODST Thigh

Modeled by Crackhead

Left (by Nightshade | Harding29 unfold)[/url
[url=http://www.4shared.com/file/142250167/9c9fdde9/ODST_HD_right_thigh.html]Right (by Nightshade | Harding29 unfold)


By Ruze | Crackhead unfold

M7S Submachine Gun

By Nightshade

M6C/SOCOM Semi-Automatic Sidearm

Newest Model (by Nightshade)

ODST Crotch Plate

By Nightshade {Harding29 unfold)

ODST Torso/Neck

Newest Torso (by Nightshade)

ODST Backpack

Dutch Backpack (by Jason225 | Cobra unfold)

Dutch Backpack (by Jason225 | Brandon McClain unfold)

Rookie Backpack (by Jason225 | Stilgar Hammer unfold)

Mickey Backpack (by Jason225 | Nightshade unfold)

Accessory Pieces Below:

Biofoam Canister

By DreadMullet (FlyerFly unfold) (Direct Download)

Health Pack

By DreadMullet (Meleck unfold)

ODST Commpack (Helmet Radio)

By Jason225 (Nightshade unfold)

ODST Thigh Pouch

By Nightshade

Sniper Googles

By Nightshade (Harding29 unfold)

<- This is here to keep order with the url's. Without it, the last url wont link.

think that you could repost these links all of them are dead for me