Halo 3 version ODST/ original character.....

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ok well i have decided since i posted my reach SRS99 sniper rifle, i would post my ODST that im building. this odst is my original design that is based off the halo 3 ODST's. and the character is from the book my wife is writing( hoping she will post some of the idea's on here soon) but anyways this is what i have done ad i will have the helm done tomorrow. also i have been working slowly on this for the past 5 months now. it doesnt take me this long to build things but when u are in the military and go underway alot its hard to build stuff. mbut here is the pix from when i started till now. and also the chest,knee's and equipment plates are going to be all redonne with HUGHS files since they are much nicer......






yes it is lol and i have rebuilt the chest and center equipment plate already will post pix later today on those and im hoping that i will have the helm primed today hoping.....
well here is the chest parts i have built already the wife surprised me one day when i can home she had pepped the left and right equipment plates... but also the helm is now sanded and primed so it should be done tomorrow if not Saturday afternoon.......




Mind if i ask, which helmet file are you using? The build looks really good.
well not sure o whos file it is sine i have had it saved on my computer for a while i can send it to u if u want just pm me. and thanks so the comments everyone. well today i got the silver under coat and the gray done tomorrow i will do the black and insert the visor.... and i hope to try to weather it but not to sure if i will........




ok well the helmet is all done and fits perfect the only thing that sucks is i need to get contacts for when i wear it my glasses make it a panin in the butt to take off...... but here are the pix of the helm all painted and on me..... and i am thinking of molding this thing since it came out so nice................





You really should edit that last picture to say "pew pew pew" lol. That helm looks awesome. Very well done, proportionate and everything!
I like where this is going with the snow camo pants, maybe it could have a white chestpiece, and forearms. Also, with the sniper that gives you the option of wearing the ODST sniper goggles. :D
well the cammies are urban cammies and thats just my odst working uniform i also have black pants and the sniper goggles im not doing. and thanks everyone i am luving this build already since i already helped the wife on her ONI RECON ODST last year......the only thing not accurate to the halo 3 version that im doing is the odst gauntlets.... this build is based on the HALO 3 ODST's like these.....

and yes i should do the pew thing lol. thats just one of my beardies (Godzilla)
ok well i finished the core this morning and it fits really good. the only thing is i need to add the strapping so it will hold its shape. other then that it should be good. i decided to do a dry run on how the chest armor will look on the core so let me know what you all think......


That looks about right, now all you need is the belt, with the thigh,butt,and crotch plates. Also you could add the rib plates that go on the sides, under your arms.
wow, thats looking dam fine. the "chest soft bit" looks dam near perfect, just need a "ring" around the neck. the helm looks sweet as, and though you have put some battle damage (chips n what not) it looks a little too clean, amaybey weather it a bit (which is tricky, so try it on a test piece first!)
wow, thats looking dam fine. the "chest soft bit" looks dam near perfect, just need a "ring" around the neck. the helm looks sweet as, and though you have put some battle damage (chips n what not) it looks a little too clean, amaybey weather it a bit (which is tricky, so try it on a test piece first!)
well here u go here is the neck seal. once i posted the other pix i notices crap i didnt make it yet.... and with the weathering and battle damage. remember this build is my character in my wifes book. which he is an CAPTAIN of the odst squad. he just went back to the front lines due to an injurie. and has been with this team for only 5-6 missions.... so his armor is in somewhat good condition. and also like i said hes an CAPTAIN.

sorry for my ignorance of those facts. im so used to seening people who have super battle damaged armour which is grubby, its a shock when i see the nice shiny stuff, and besides, the lighting in the room probarbly made the paint a little bit more reflective than it really is. my apologies for that comment, if it came across as a bit to rude. reading it again i should have put the good ol smilley face to show it was light hearted. i like the way the neck seal is "bigger" at the back, so it is "flat" at the top, somthing i might steal...
This build is looking great! The parts look awesome and you did a great job on the helmet.

Are you planning on adding the same ODST shoulders as in the reference pic above? If so, are you planning on using the white/red stripes? Because I have that template as a pdo for when I will paint my shoulders if anyone would like it.

Also, I've been working on and off with the Halo 3 gauntlets like the ones in the pic. I finally decided to get back to those, I don't know when I'll have them finished though.
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