Halo 4 Multiplayer and Spartan ops coverage.

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That's why I waited to pre-order it. I knew a special edition would eventually be released.

Fortunately, all I had done so far was the $5 starter deposit at GameStop, due in part to a similar train of thought that you had. I figured it would be released at some point in time, but I at least wanted to get my name in the hat, in the event that they didn't.
Halo 4: Limited edition


NICE! I am SO upgrading to this! btw- I found this neat little video that microsoft posted on youtube

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New video with gameplay.
The sound of the BR may sound horrible but skip to 2:01 and you will hear the real sound. The rest of the video has the sound lowered.
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god this looks pretty good!!! im SO excited now =D
it's to bad that i can't get the limited addition =( im not allowed to pre-order anything
So satisfied at how different everything looks, plays, and sounds. I was afraid 343 would cave in to whining fans and we'd end up paying for Halo 3 again.
I sure hope we don't get a halo3. I'm sick of DMR and BR obsessions. They're fun guns, but it gets boring seeing everyone scramble for DMR slayer, or Slayer BR. Try some of the other guns, dudes... seriously. The BR was the akimbo 1887 of H3, I'd really hate to see 343 cave to MPG like Bungie did.

So this is my friend playing the Halo 4 Beta. This is what it looks like as an outsider.
I'll have more news in the coming week......hopefully.
i found another leaked video:
its very bad quality, and the music is just horrible, but you can see some halo 4 multiplayer
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i just muted the video. still wus cool to watch. and this guy is a N00B. its not in HD and its on a crap TV and its one a VHS.
I did a quick revision of the pre-order armour, and came up with a list of armour variants and skins:


Infinity Mulitiplayer
-DEADEYE (Helmet)
-LOCUS (Helmet)

-DEADEYE (Helmet)

Though you ought to know,
I thought since there wasn't gonna be a Legendary Edition that I should make my own little statue of Master Chief in his Cryopod based on Luke Mckay's art. Then I found out that they're already doing that XD


Now I just have to see what Cortana will look like....
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