Halo 4 'Soldier' Helmet Sculpted in Clay - W.I.P

Hey guys!

Started this a little while ago, thought you might be interested in seeing it.

Very much a work in progress, I really don't know about all these new helmets, something doesn't feel quite right with them.

Anyway! Have a look and tell me what you think. Keep in mind it is VERY rough at the moment.

(Sorry about photos, Photobucket had a little hissy fit.)

This is the latest one.


Cheers, Dave.


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Nice job so far, looks like its going to turn out great, I have always wanted to try and sculpt clay but I can't seem to pullit off, looks like you know what your doing ;)


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Yeah the new helmets are throwing me off as well, but they might grow on me. Who knows. :) but your clay skulpt look really good :) is the head you skulpted it on a copy of yours??

Thanks man! It's getting there. :). I've been sculpting for a little while, but nothing brilliant. It's easy to just jump in and have a crack!


They're pretty stranger. The one with the spike on it's head makes me want to throw up. :/. Thanks man! And yeah! It's sculpted over a fibreglass and plaster replica of my head.

Thanks guys.

Cheers, Dave.


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Where are you on this right now? i have my own sculpt thread check it out i would really like to hear any advice because i cant seem to get any farther than where you were in these pictures. Thanks
Hello everyone! I survived Schoolies and now I'm back. And about to clock this baby into overdrive.

Massive kick in the head when the concept art I was working off was completely different to the model ingame. But, due to my commitment to authenticity, I altered it to the in game model, few hours late, this is what I have. Still needs some smoothing and refining of details, but I'm not going to do much more than that on it.






Don't worry, I'm completely aware it looks slightly skewif on the neck. It's because when I moulded my head with the plaster my neck was slightly bent, which put everything else out. Sadly.

Thanks Guys! Any input would be appreciated!

Cheers, Dave.
Thanks guys! Hopefully it will start to take shape as it is painted up. First though, I need to mould it and get it cast.

Clay's not that hard! Just buy a couple of blocks, some tools and start experimenting, you never know till you try it. :).

I'll update you all when I have the mould made.

Cheers, Dave.


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You're tearing it up Dave, looking great buddy!! The only thing that I can think of....is the forehead region more rounded, or blunt as sculpted? Again, its just a thought, not trying to take away from the awesome work already done. Keep it up!!



Excellent work, sir! It's coming along quite nicely! I envy your ability to work so quickly and so well! How are you able to do this?
Hey guys! Sorry for my absence, pre-occupied with a few bits and bobs.

Thanks everyone for their kind words! I appreciate the positive feedback! Makes it all feel worth while.


Yeah, originally I had it much more square, but after close inspection of the in game model I realised that damn thing was smaller, and rounded. I think I adjusted it to suit well enough. :).


Thanks man! I tend to sit down for a day, start up a series (latest one is Boardwalk Empire) heat up my clay so it's extremely malleable and get the shape blocked in, then gradually refine shapes and start carving away with tools... Then fine detailing and so on. I think the initial part proceeds so quickly because the clay is so hot and easy to work. I'll put it down to that anyway. I'll spend ages carving in little details, and refining by millimetres at a time before I'm truly happy with it. :).

Thanks again everyone. Hopefully I can get the moulding done over the next couple of days!

Cheers, Dave.
Video update time guys! Also. I got a few photos of the castings that came out of the mould!





Thanks guys!

Cheers, Dave.
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I think the finished product turned out great Dave. The final paint and weathering turned out fantastic!! Have you got a full suit planned to go with it?