Halo Infinite GEN III Mark VI BUILD

Dang that color is nice. Can you share what it is?
the green I bought was called “science experiment”unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the code. But that won’t matter since I wasn’t pleased with the color so I had to add black to darken it to give it a flatter/ grayer and more dead appearance. I’m using latex paint btw, I suppose oregano would come close to the color I’ve mixed. It’s slightly darker in person than in camera, hope this helps.
So this is how the legs turned out so far. It’s not complete it’s still lacking details and weatherIng. I’ll also have to redo the boots to improve on the comfort. But overall I’m pleased with the general shape and proportions of the build.

I’m also posting this because I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to complete this build. I only have a few weeks until my university begins classes so I’ll most likely rush whatever I need to finish. I’ll def make a complete build of Chief’s gen III armor when the official files come out and I’m considering making multiple versions. You guys can check my ig: keanu_rayves.