Halo Infinite Yoroi Build

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Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I've participated in the Halo shenanigans, but lately I've been seeing some incredible Infinite builds, and I wanted to give it a go.

Over the past few years, I've shifted from foam armor to 3D prints and traditional handcrafting. I want to find my way back to the light side and build some good ol' Halo armor.

This leads me to (one of) my next builds: the Yoroi armor from Halo infinite! I think the armor is super unique, and I want to build a spartan that stands out. I do want to build a Reach spartan someday but that will have to wait.

For this build, I think Yoroi really lends itself to foam. Fairly open shapes with mostly overlapping plates that make up the details. There aren't as many complex shapes as most other spartan designs.
back side.png
front angle.png

So here's what I'm thinking:

Most of this suit will be foam. I think foam is just that much more comfortable and flexible, and this suit is fairly open faces. I think I will 3D print really highly detailed latches and such out of resin, but not a ton. I've never messed with worbla, maybe that'll be a good excuse to try it out on some of these complex curves and layered "shingles". All I really know about the stuff is that it's a thermoplastic and that it's expensive, lol. I need to do some more research on that stuff. Does it detail well?

I'll definitely 3D print the helmet. If there is interest in casts, I've got about 3 gallons of silicone in my basement so just lmk if that's something I should do.

I'm also going to 3D model a ton of this suit. I haven't modeled a suit in a while, so that's going to be fun. i want to have adequate 3D representations of the suit so that, at the very least, I can see how it all works together before making any huge mistakes. Besides, handy in case I'd like to Pepakura anything.

And I think the undersuit is going to be an interesting challenge (as usual with the halo community, lol). I'm not Joe-sew-pro at that so it's gonna be interesting. I think a lot of the components of the undersuit look like fabric, but almost no texture. I might take some liberties with that and make something that has a pretty visible weave. I think that varying types of texture really help sell a suit, so I really want to emphasize that. I'll most likely modify a jumpsuit. Fortunately for me, the undersuit is baggier and less intricate than most other spartan suits.

That's the gist of the plan. I haven't made a suit of armor in a while so I'm definitely going to have a time building this. Re-learning foam will also be an interesting hurdle, but I'm sure I'll be able to recall a lot of it.

I know it seems like a lot of optimistic and ambitious talk, but I'm sure it's doable. I also expect it to take a long time, haha. I'm currently a full-time college student with a part-time job so this summer is going to be my time to knock this stuff out.

So stay tuned! I imagine I'll have some models knocked out in a few days here (or at least progress), so definitely expect that. If ya'll have any advice, thoughts, resources, etc, I'd be super appreciative.

and admittedly, I'm pretty bad about posting. I tend to post more on Instagram. You don't have to follow me or anything but if you want to see more daily progress stuff, I'm there as @bdubmakes.

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more stuff!


More model progress.

I find myself doing a lot of passes, modeling things and calling them good, then going back and remodeling them because it looks weird later on. :p

But all in all, I'm really happy with where it's headed. Loooots more detail to add but the bulk of the modeling is going really well. I think I'm going to remodel the AI insert thing on the back of the head. I think that I'll just edit that area and make it blank, then 3D model that portion in Fusion.

I'll also be releasing these files for free eventually, once it's all good to go and 3D printable.

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned!
I love the Yoroi suit so much! im really looking forward to your take on it, it looks like you are knocking the 3D modeling out of the park already! Keep up the good work!
So I ended up changing up some stuff. My original intention was to just print the back skirt thing in one piece and model the details like so:

Very tedious. But then I was like "wait a minute, aren't samurai helmets traditionally woven together or something?" So i think I might've been misinterpreting the details in my game references:

back helmet.png

So i went hunting for some references and saw some great stuff (and apparently, they're called kabutos. Good to know!) :

They're definitely woven together with leather strips or strips of some cloth. I think I'm going to leave some holes in the print/model for me to drill holes later. Just markers for later drilling, I think. Then I'll probably use some paracord to weave through the holes. I think little details and bits of texture will pay off later, and I think it's a pretty minor edit.

So now those shingle pieces will be layered and probably made out of foam or worbla, since they're simple shapes.

I also was able to hunt down some game rips from the folks at Halo Archive on discord. There's so much good stuff on there that I was able to get some really good references, game models, etc. I'll be using the models there for my foam templates. I intend to do a lot of modifications but this is a huge step up from modeling things from scratch. Huge thanks to everyone participating in that project. Anywho, here's the link for anyone interested, it's a goldmine: Join the The Halo Archive Discord Server!

The parts are so well organized and complete that they have all the components, different armor pieces, etc. I was able to mix and match the components, colors, and parts that I wanted. As such, I have mixed and matched the parts I want and have begun to modify the parts for foam, 3D printing, and worbla construction.

Fortunately this bit isn't too hard for this armor set, most of these armor pieces are pretty two-dimensional. The chest, however, is going to be a lot of remodeling. It is very intricate, and none of the layers are modeled as individual parts.

For example:

These layered armor pieces are not modeled. I could build it like that, but I don't think it will translate very well. That's why I want to model it as it it were individual parts.

Still a ton of work to do but that Halo Archive is a huge win for me. I'll be ordering some foam and worbla hopefully soon. I'm also looking to pick up a prusa mk3s in the near future to 3D print this helmet, and many more projects in the future. :D

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned!
Got bored of working on the helmet today so I worked on some shoulder pads!

the top is a cleaned-up/simplified version of the original model for foam unfolds and such. Bottom is smoothed and detailed for 3D printing. Neither are perfect but I'm happy with 'em. I'll post these at some point too but I want to get the 3D print version a little more set up for fastening to an undersuit/strap system before I do that. They're just not quite ready yet is all.

Aaand we have the other shoulder piece:

Both bulk shoulder pads I want to 3D print, but that could change, I'm not really sure just yet. There's also some underlying layered shoulder armor that I think I'll make out of foam:

I'm honestly pretty unsure about how I'll strap together the suit, I'll have to do some research on that for sure. It's been a fat minute since I've had to stap a suit of armor together.

Thanks for looking. More on the way. Helmet is pretty darn close to done.

5622 back .png

Here's where the bucket is at. It's completely detailed now. It's not perfect but it looks nice to me; I'm very happy with it. There are some things I will be doing to it to get it ready for 3D printing. That is - I have to make holes so that I can thread straps or paracord between the plates. I want to model those but I hate doing booleans so we will see how it goes. I also just want to put some extra forethought into making sure everything will fit together nicely without any issues. The last thing I want is to get frustrated with parts not assembling easily. Expect the model to be up sometime next week or the following, depending on what my workload looks like next week.

But anyway, the more I look at the rest of the armor, the more I want to do in foam. I've been working on remodeling a bunch of parts so I can make them in foam a little easier and that's been going really well. I don't really have anything exciting to look at unless you wanna see some silly polygons haha.

Also that new Lone Wolves armor?

Just WOW! Amazing designs. WANT!

Stay tuned for more, folks!
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I love the Artaius Helmet but I don't know how make the visor. I will make the helmet in blender and then I will print it, but the visor ?
This looks dope!!! I cant wait to see the completed product. It'll be awesome
Wow this is just…. I have no words I wanna do this but I’ve never tried modeling in blender I’ve only gotten pre-made files to build stuff and sometimes I forget about them but, maybe I could buy the finished files or and this is just a stretch (I think) give me tips on how to design it myself I would very much so appreciate it.
Wow this is just…. I have no words I wanna do this but I’ve never tried modeling in blender I’ve only gotten pre-made files to build stuff and sometimes I forget about them but, maybe I could buy the finished files or and this is just a stretch (I think) give me tips on how to design it myself I would very much so appreciate it.
Oh sorry I didn’t realize you put a link for a discord server I’ll join that and see but I would still like some help if you could please
I love the traditional take on the back of the helmet plating, it will really help both when putting it on and taking it off and looking the part in general.
Wow this is just…. I have no words I wanna do this but I’ve never tried modeling in blender I’ve only gotten pre-made files to build stuff and sometimes I forget about them but, maybe I could buy the finished files or and this is just a stretch (I think) give me tips on how to design it myself I would very much so appreciate it.
There’s a bunch of great tutorials from Blender Guru on Youtube. I wish there were better ways to learn than just watching a bunch of videos, and generally sinking the time to learn but the first step is usually to just get out there. Get comfortable modelling stuff, and go one small project at a time. All skills require time.

As I mentioned, Blender Guru has some awesome stuff for getting started. Here’s a link to one of his beginner videos for getting started with modelling.

Once you get the basics of manipulating shapes, definitely check out and prioritize videos on hard surface topology . That’s the hard part in my opinion, everything else about modelling guns and armor kinda forms around that core skill.

Just get started, try and start with easier things and practice every day if you can. baby steps!
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