Halo legends kelly (child size)


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I'm super jealous of this whole thread. It all looks awesome and it got done SO quick!
Honestly, what is the speed record for a suit build? I think ODCA might have taken it. (and made a weapon too)

Thanks guys, you are all very kind!

I'm gonna finish a couple of other pending commisions, and in the meantime do a couple of seal/paint tests


405th Regiment Officer
Took a couple screenshots of the "the package" clip, to get some reference for the visor details, and for some of the paint details on the armor

I drew them on the visor
I neet to score some of the lines and cut out the middle section

If it stops raining later today, i migh be able to spray the plasti dip and the base color


405th Regiment Officer
I consulted with the parents, and they said just full white armor with the 082 on the chest is what they wanted
And also that the deadline moved up, and i'll be busy for the next few days and i'll be out of town, so, basically i had to get it done today so i can ship it tomorrow morning before i leave

I didnt take too much pictures of the process since i was on a rush

I spraypainted couple coats of matte white on the armor

Then, my favotite part of painting, weathering!

Heres more of the painting
I drew a quick stencil on masking tape and painted it on the chest
I aldo masked off the helmet and painted the dome in a warm gold color
I'm also sketching the red details on the shotgun

I also spraypainted the shotgun with a dark grey base, and started masking some of the pieces

And painted it on a sand(ish) camo color

I discussed the visor options with the parents and they decided on this
It's a perforated vinyl film, that i painted gold and covered a sheet of plastic with it
This way it still looks like the same metallic color as the rest of the dome, and the kid has more visibility, so that she'll be more comforable

Speaking of comfort
Y left some open spaces on the top pieces and the sides of the visor
On paper, it should allow more air to flow
In reality, i have no clue if it will work

I left some straps for the shoulders to connect to the chestpiece so they dont fall off
That will have to be done by the parents, so the height of the shoulders are on the exact spot they need to be (i'll put some hot glue sticks on the box for them)

I painted the red rabbit on kelly's shotgun, and painted some details with black acrylic paint, and sealed the shotgun and armor with matte laquer
And the armor is done!

I would've loved to paint the yellow and red details and accents on the armor, but the deadline was creeping closer, and the parents werent too crazy about those details, so maybe next time i'll be able to!

In the meantime, Here's some photos!

I hope you all enjoyed my speed build of the armor!
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