Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack

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Made by 343 studios, not Bungie, it is coming out this march.

Kotaku article

Gives video and map description.

This gives us an idea of what 343 could be capable of in their remakes. The soundtrack that comes with the video is impressive. The maps look decent. Two are multiplayer, one firefight.

Will cost 10 bucks.

This is it 343, prove to me you can carry the torch of Halo's future. And put my fears to rest once and for all.

It shows promise, although i need to buy the old maps before these im still exited.
It looks AMAZING! I am excited to see what comes from them in the future!

Here is a embed-

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I have to say, I have had my doubts about 343, especially after Halo Wars, but this is making me feel a lot better. I can honestly say that I really want to play all three of the maps! The video was done really well and if they keep it up, I think they could take Halo over quite nicely. As a bonus, the Defiant Map Pack just sounds plain badass.

Just so you all know, I was doind a little research into 343 and their studio and it turns out that they absorbed most of the guys that worked on Halo: CE and Halo 2. That gives me a little reassurance. Besides, I bet that Microsoft has a guillotine over their head just in case they screw this up. That will definitely be a little motivation for them to do a good job.
not 343...
Certain Affinity made them... they are Ex-Bungie guys based in Austin Texas
Yes the article says 343 but 343 only hired Certain Affinity to make them... This comes from my most trusted online gaming source.... AHWU (Achievement Hunter Weekly Update)
Guess we're still gonna have to wait for 343 to prove themselves worthy
That's not quite true, either. Ensemble is its own game studio, much like Bungie. 343 is the regrouped collective of the former branch of Microsoft Games that controlled the Halo IP. Basically, they reskinned the old branch of MS, hired some new guys, and called it 343i. Ensemble still exists, to my knowledge, as an independent dev firm.

If I trust anyone to make addon content for Halo, or even a whole game, it's Certain Affinity. They're some of the guys behind the first game, and you better believe they've got respect for the soul of Halo.
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