HALO SPACESHIPS, 3D printing all kinds of ships in the Halo array

What should be printed next?(scale 1:5346)

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Update 1.5 ´Five years, five long years´
Shipmasters report, November 10 2019, five years, five long years. That’s what it took to build this ship. Or at least reach this point.

After more than 5 years of development and 3 complete rebuilds, Today I finally finished my Covenant Assault Carrier Shadow of Intent. It has been a long way but at last she`s finished. This update wil be the last one on the Progress of the ship. In this update i`l try to tel recap the progress.

CAS 1.0

So after playing Halo (especially Halo 3) and seeing the awesome alien spaceships flying by/over. I decided (About 5 years ago) to try and build the Shadow of Intent from Halo 3. Little did I know what kind of a project I was beginning on or what this would turn out to be, nor did I ever expect that the model I would be creating would achieve this level of (although I say it myself) detail.


Obviously the first version would never cut it close as all measures were eyeballed. So to increase my chances of success I started looking at Peperkura files. These soon turned out to be way to much work and held a way to complex internal support system to keep the ship intact. Instead I saw how somebody made a dinosaur out of 2d slices. This led me to 123Autodesk Slicer, 123Autodesk Slicer was a program that sliced digital 3d models in 2d frames of desired shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

After some work and a long time gap between the previous model and CAS 2.0 I started posting again and logged my progress. Unfortunately I found out that although the sizes were kinda right, everything else was wrong. I had the wrong slices thicknes, wrong material and the monocoque overlay (although very strong and wel capable of supporting the thin neck) was almost impossible to sand down which made adding the shell very tricky. After a couple attempts and resizing of the vessel from 70cm to 90cm the project sort a died of...


21 February 2017 Halo Wars 2 is released to the market.
Personally, I think Halo Wars 2 has saved the Halo Universe but that is a discussion for another forum .
After playing the game Obviously the ‘Enduring Conviction’(Atriox` CAS carrier) reminded me on what I started. Then I took the decision on January 29th 2019 to blow new life into the project but now with more experience. I started to look at 3d printers and soon you know how the story went.

I must say that when I started this project about five to six years ago. I couldn`t possibly have imagined how many work I would put into this. But looking back, I would do it all over again because I have a one of a kind model which hopefully inspires others to do the same! At the moment the ship hangs on the ceiling and I must say that it is just amazing to see a alien ship floating when you enter the room.



(Mini Forward Unto Dawn just a little to big tho)


(Laying flat on my back to get the best pictures, Must have looked funny;))

Now wouldn`t it be nice to see al three models together and see all the progress that has been made. Well luckily I kept the CAS1.0 and CAS2.0 all those years in storage and was indeed able to make those photos.



Now in the procces of making I added in some custom build details like the auxillary reactors on the sides, or the smaller details like the doors on the the bottom part of the hull. In the procces of making this ship I have learned so much




When I saw that this project might indeed have an end I started wondering what I could build more with this knowledge. That’s why I asked you people to vote for some suggestions I made. Now that the Shadow Of Intent is Finished I will turn all the available focus on the fleet. After that I hope to have another round of voting with new ideas. If you have any ideas yourself feel free to throw them in the chat or even start building/blogging them yourself!

I must say that I am very glad with the result and look forward to all other projects to be finished in the future. More on the SDV corvette`s and the CPV Destroyer in the next Fleet Update.

Ope you guys like it ;)
If you have any questions don`t hesitate to ask them!:)

I have added more pictures in the attached files!

Ps: For those who want to know, The Forward Unto Dawn miniature is to big for its size However the In Amber Clad model is to scale 1:5346


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legit man, is this also in scale with the halo fleet battles ships? I'm a fan of that game myself. but since a set here is just so hard to get, I settled for paper counters, it's a shame what happened to spartan games though. Really sad.
legit man, is this also in scale with the halo fleet battles ships? I'm a fan of that game myself. but since a set here is just so hard to get, I settled for paper counters, it's a shame what happened to spartan games though. Really sad.
For as far as my knowledge goes, The ships from Halo fleet battles are at scale 1 to 20 000(Not sure though). This would mean that a CSO class super carrier on HFB scale would be about 145 cm (about 58 inches), My Assault Carrier (including the fleet)is built at scale 1 to 5346 making it exactly 100cm long(about 40 inches). About Spartan Games I do have to agree with you about how that all went down. At the time they sold the little Assault carrier resin model I thought to my self to responsibly act as an adult and to patiently wait until I could buy it instead of using money ment for other projects instead. Well you might have already guessed where this story goes. The moment I had the money and went to there site it showed that they had to close there doors..
Nevertheless I had already decided that I wanted one so than I thought to myself, 'why not build it my self',"It can`t be that hard right?" and well uhmm, the rest of that story can be red here:lol:. I do have to say that im glad I did build one myself because theres a lot more satisfaction when you have worked on something for such a long time and have learned so much from one project. Which im currently implementing on the fleet and other projects.

So to answser your question: she`s a little bit smaller than a CSO would be at that scale.
However just like Bungie did with a little bit of imagination and some camera tricks you can create the most awesome pictures and diorama`s. ;)
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Short mini Update:
I just found some pictures of the construction process of the In Amber Clad frigates.
I do still have some problems with stringing tho..
This is how I printed and assembled them: