HALO SPACESHIPS, 3D printing all kinds of ships in the Halo array

What should be printed next?(scale 1:5346)

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A new year A new scale!

So the project I`m currently planning to do when I finish the CPV Destroyer, Corvette`s and Mac Platform is something I have actually been thinking of almost as long as I was of the Shadow of Intent Assault carrier.

I am planning to Build FFG-371 UNSC SAVANNAH a Paris Class Heavy Frigate which has always caught my attention when playing halo reach. There`s just something that makes the Paris Class Frigates look so unbelievable awesome and I really hope 343 will bring them back someday.

I am planning to make the ship 70cm(28Inch) long which makes the model scale 1 to 764 [1:764]. In doing so I can finally print surface vehicles and orbital fighters(which was kinda difficult to do with scale 1:5346).

The reason it has taken so long to finally get this model is because I wanted to print the actual model from the game. Although there are very nice versions made by a lot of talented creators there not the actual ship and because I really wanted the actual model to begin with I really had only one option.

The Assault carrier model was directly extracted from Halo 3 and I thought that finding the extracted model for this one would be just as easy… well it has taken some effort but I finally have the model.

What remains now is removing little imperfections and chopping her up into printable parts(and adding some extra`s like mounting holes for the Point-defence guns etc.).

I`ve learned a lot from printing the CAS so before I start printing anything I try to check everything is right as this will only benefit progression and afterwork once printed.

Little more intel on the current processes:
I have fully painted the Mac Platform in its main colour and I`m working on some details to add to make it come a little more to life(Better docking infrastructure, some small frigates, windows, antenna`s, etc). I have this beautiful book called Halo War fleet which helps a lot when looking for more detail.

The CPV Destroyer is currently just a lot of filler and sanding work. Because I had cut the 3d model on one of the large parts I am stuck with a very long seem at the rear of the ship. This takes some time but we`ll get there eventually. After that I`ll most likely be able to finally put on the special purple paint that I ordered.

The SDV corvette livery is basically done(exept for some imperfections). One of the four has already been painted and I hope to paint the others next week while printing the stands as well.

For now this is all I have to share,

Hope you guys like it

Ps: I am thinking to start a thingiverse account and upload all the models there.


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So on average how much does it cost to get one of your new creations? How about a printed but unfinished version of the FFG-371 UNSC SAVANNAH?
A little late but I still wanted to come back on this question, Without spoiling to much but I think that fillament cost are between 80 and 100 euro`s (about 100 to 120 dollars).