Halo World Championship 2023 - Seattle, WA

Which day(s) will you be attending?

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PerniciousDuke here - PLEASE ALL READ

I apologize if the information below is contrary to what you were led to believe, but this is actually very similar to how the Cosplay Contest worked last year and it was just confirmed today. We have to do our best to work with the organizations putting on such a large and exciting event.

Today a Cosplay Pass was made available for purchase. You will need to purchase this pass if you wish to participate in the costume contest at Halo World Championship this year. This pass is available to the public and space is limited to 24 so I suggest you act as soon as possible. DO NOT purchase this pass for your handler or guest. Only contestants.

After taxes/fees the pass is around $86 to attend all three days. Then 2-6 weeks after you have successfully participated in the competition you will receive a refund for at least the cost of General Admission ($75). I would assume that includes the taxes and fees too, but I am not sure at this time. *NOTE* You DO need to buy the cosplay pass even if you have a VIP pass. They are using the cosplay pass ticket holders to help organize the contest itself.

Below is a link to begin the purchase. Click the button "Get Tickets". DO NOT purchase the first option, GA 3 Day. Instead you will need to choose one of the other options. To understand them you need to know the schedule.

Day 1 (Friday) - 12 contestants will be prejudged
Day 2 (Saturday) - 12 different contestants will be prejudged
Day 3 (Sunday) - the top 3 contestants will be presented on the main stage

So, purchase a ticket FRIDAY or SATURDAY to correspond with what day you would like to be prejudged. Both options will grant you access all three days and both will require you to be able to suit up Sunday if you are a top three. It is unclear at what time during the day any of these things will happen.

After the purchase, you will get an email with your ticket. Please flag/save the email or save the ticket image. This is your only pass into the event.

Expect at some point for additional emails from the event with more information and likely a form to complete so they can know more about your costume.

PS: Handlers or your guests will need to purchase the regular GA or VIP tickets in order to attend. For those that have handlers signed up on the 405th sheet, I will be reaching out to you individually on how to purchase tickets and obtain a refund after the event. The 405th sheet sign up is now closed.

If you have any questions you can reach out to me through email, forum or discord. Also, please post here or let me know when you have purchased your tickets so I can sleep easy.

Duke out.
Ticket Purchased for Saturday Judgement! Friday is still a maybe for me, but more likely since I've got the 3 day ticket.
Got my tickets for Saturday! Can't wait to see everyone who comes. I am really excited to compare notes and see your cosplay in person.
Just about to buy my plane ticket to fly to Seattle! Thought about driving, but that's one heck of a haul from Minnesota.
Cross your fingers. I may bring two suits.
I may have spoke too soon on this
Sorry Michael Caine GIF

Don't think I'm gonna be able to have enough time to make it this year.
For those of you that have purchased cosplay pass tickets, I just noticed that we all got two emails. One saying that our purchase was refunded and one instructing us to reply with our discord usernames and complete the form in the post below.

I'm guessing they read their own fine print where it said "no purchase necessary" to enter the contest. Which is something we pointed out last year too. Silly legal departments.
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There is a new form that is open to the public to join the cosplay sign up. Everyone who wants to participate in the contest needs to complete this form:

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There is a new private Cosplay Channel on Halo's Discord Server that all contestant participants should have been added to. Any official updates from 343i will likely go through there.

It might be a little late to say but if anyone has a regiment flag they'd like to bring (or division flag) I can offer up my flagpole for you to take regiment pictures with. Midwest and pacific flags are already covered so far.
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