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"Help!" for: Armor Mounting / Costume Assembling

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by 23Magnum, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. ColdAdamantium


    Hey all!
    I've seen this question grazed a couple times in my searches but never really delved into in any detail, so i apologize if this is posted elsewhere already...

    What has everyone found to be the best way to attach pep/glassed armor to boots? My main concern is keeping the toe in place without it bouncing around with every step, and I don't think strapping and buckles along the side of the boot would look that great. Strapping under the boot seems like it would put too much stress on the armor with the foot bending and flexing...
    If i'm crazy or overthinking this and it's easier than it sounds, please say so lol.

    P.S. these forums and it's members are so helpful and awesome!
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  2. Frozensnot


    Well it depends on what variant of armor you are building. Halo 3 Mark VI? Halo 4 Mark VI? Reach? The way the boots can be built may depend on the armor you are building. I'm not even sure if there is a "best way" to attach the fiberglassed part to your boots/shoes but I may be able to point you in the right direction.

    Here's how I did mine: I decided to follow Carpathia's idea of creating an outer shell for wearable footwear. You can find his whole post about his boots here on post #139. Basically he built his outer shell with the soles being made out of foam and attached the fiberglassed pieces to the foam. His wearable boots are strapped into the outer shell with a custom shoe harness so nothing moves. Having done all of this myself, I can attest that it works as long as the harness is nice and secure. The fiberglassed pieces haven't broke on me yet and I ran in them :). The flexibility of the foam sole will prevent the fiberglassed pieces from breaking. Although he used regular strapping for the toe end, I ended up using elastic strapping.
  3. ColdAdamantium


    Thanks for the link and input Frozen, really helpful stuff.
    I'm working on Halo 4 Mk.VI w/ soldier helmet.
    Once i saw the EVA sole with the strapping it's like the lightbulb switched on lol.
  4. mikejusten

    mikejusten New Member

    For my boots, I buy a cheap pair of slip on rubber boots and build the armor to them. easy on and off
    third build boot.jpg boot.jpg


    third build boot.jpg
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  5. carver01

    carver01 New Member

    Hey thank you for this! Really helpful 10/10
  6. carver01

    carver01 New Member

    I personally have not finished a full suit of armor yet, but as my experience in building I recommend trying some different grains of sandpaper to "rough up" your desired section. This will be a trial-and-error type work but I hope you can get your roughed up armor! Good luck!

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