"Help!" for: Armor Mounting / Costume Assembling

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by 23Magnum, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Taqtix 27

    Taqtix 27 New Member

    Hey guys just a few quick questions. What's the best way to mount a visor? And also how hard is a motorcycle helmet inside (padding) to install? Of I remember correctly they button in I believe. And lastly where and for what model helmet do you guys buy these parts for? Thanks!!
  2. jamestfox

    jamestfox Jr Member

    So I am undertaking a strange idea here; I want to combine 2 suits of armor, but not just pieces from one and the other. I am combining the ODST suit and the Jorge from noble team's chest piece. Would it be practical to place the Jogre chest piece over the base chest of the ODST suit? or just put the Jorge chest on and have the chest attachments placed on under?
  3. SergantTinkers

    SergantTinkers Jr Member

    I believe you're talking about adding the large permutation on Jorge's chest (the one that looks like a giant thermos) to the ODST chest. If that is the case, then I don't see why it would be more difficult than adding the permutation to a spartan chest. I haven't seen the pep model, so keep in mind that if you are using the pep method (which is quite tried and true), there may be some additional parts to the pep that won't be necessary or practical. Think of the method of attaching it to the ODST chest that you will be using ahead of time, so you know what parts of the permutation you need and what parts you don't.
  4. jamestfox

    jamestfox Jr Member

    Well I need the entire Jorge Chest piece, but If you look at it it has a lot of room on the inside and the ODST chest base is tight to the body. So should I just pad up the inside of the Jorge? Leave it empty so it doesn't add weight and heat? That's really what I am asking I guess haha.
  5. conman756

    conman756 New Member

    what can i use for padding inside my helmet?
  6. Skullptura

    Skullptura Member

    A few people have stitched together some tubes of material and stuffed it with foam chunks and stitched it closed again. Others have used patches of foam and glued it in. There are so many ways to do it. Some have even bought cheap second hand motor bike helmets and used the padding from those. A few people from the 405th have vids on youtube.
  7. Carpathia


  8. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Hey blokes. Where can I source plastic buckles in Australia?
  9. Skullptura

    Skullptura Member

    Send me a PM about the location your at and ill see what I can find out. Are you anywhere near a mitchels outdoor and adventure store?

    Try this link though:
  10. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate! I'll send you a PM.
  11. Kangabox

    Kangabox Jr Member

    Anyone know where I can find the military-type Snap buttons they use for MOLLE and such?


    These things hold up pretty well, and seem to be more cost-effective compared to snap buckles :p
  12. Skullptura

    Skullptura Member

    try a military surplass store. Its where I get my stuff like that from. Google is easiest but not always cheapest.......
  13. Gray


    I need some assistance for those who have made a two piece chest plate for Mark VI armor from Halo. What I need to know is what buckle straps do you use for placing both armor pieces together?
  14. Jason 078

    Jason 078

    Hardware store side-release buckles if what I have seen. If they don't sell them at your local hardware store, then try HERE.

    Also, if you are looking at Cereal Kill3r's videos, then you can go HERE for the magnets. Be careful, though, those magnets are quite strong. I would suggest not going over 8 pounds for the magnet. My wife uses a number of 7 pound magnets on her Mando armor and it never comes off without leverage.
  15. Rancid Musk

    Rancid Musk

    Thanks for the site. I looked at hardware stores and nothing. I had better luck at automotive stores.
  16. Silver Gooch

    Silver Gooch New Member

    Hello all,

    I am currently working on my third Pepakura Iron Man Mark 7 helmet. My first two were both too small and then too large (rather annoying) and I have a question about how to go about detaching a part of the helmet. After the Bondo phase I plan on cutting out two of the back sections of the helmet in order to be able to fit it onto my head. Here is my question, once I have the pieces detached what shall I use to have them come back together (and have a tight fit) once it is on my head? I have seen some people use velcro or buckles, neither to my satisfaction as the helmet seems to not be attached completely. I was thinking magnets possibly, although I am not too sure how I would go about mounting them. Any tips or hints would be much appreciated.

    Much thanks
  17. blackout11c


    How might one go about attaching buckles to EVA foam? I mean the plastic snap buckles, like on a bicycle helmet.
  18. Ghost Bear 027

    Ghost Bear 027

    Sandwich the foam in something like a good strong canvas or nylon fabric, and then sew the straps on the buckles (I'm assuming there are straps, if not, I'd say make one to give a little bit of flexibility) into that foam-fabric sandwich with either fishing line or dental floss. The nylon or fabric on the front and back of the foam will help keep the stitching in place and prevent it from tearing up the foam. If you want some tough stuff, go to an Army/Navy store and see if you can find some old green duffle bags to cut up and use. They are about indestructible.

    We used to use dental floss when sewing up our ghillie suits when I was a scout in the Army because some fishing line has that weird reflective quality. That's not something you want occurring from a hide. And it smells like mint, so the ladies will love it.
  19. TheGoblin

    TheGoblin New Member

    So I need to pad my ODST helmet and people on this thread recommend using motorcycle padding. So after an bit of searching on the internet I found this: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.co...evolver-Helmet-Top-Liner.aspx?WT.ac=SLIsearch

    This is where I run into a problem because I have to choose a size and never having owned a motorcycle I have no idea what to choose. What do you guys think? My helmet is Height:320mm Width:225mm and Depth:336mm Any help is appreciated.
  20. Leventel

    Leventel New Member

    Hey guys!
    Now I read the first, say fifteen, pages of this thread and I understand the concept of cutting the armor chest piece into two parts; however I have something in mind and was wondering what ya'll think. Take the Mjolnir Mark VII : Instead of making a back and front set, I figure you can cut the two pieces under the arm so you can squeeze in. Then reattach using magnets, cables, or velcor etc. I realize the reason people cut it into two pieces (back and front) is so they can fit their head through the hole. What I did was I "trimmed" the "head hole" and will install either black padding, rubber, or foam into the "head hole" directing upward along my neck, and stopping at the base of my cranium. That way, people wont see my neck, and it'll look like part of the armor.

    Therefore two questions :
    1) What do you think about my idea? Has anyone tried it before, is it an already dismissed failed idea, what?

    2) If I would cut under the arm, are there any techniques to hide the cut lines when reattaching the pieces?

    Normally Id make a dummy and try it out, but I working towards having everything done for Halloween, which is difficult to do with summer classes, plus senior yr of undergrad AND grad school apps in the Fall X.X *whimpers '..help me...'
  21. Carpathia


    1) The problem I see with this idea, the foam/rubber being installed into the neck hole and directed upward, is that while it would be pretty easy to slip your head into something like that, taking your head out would be a completely different story. While you put it on, the foam/rubber would be expanding and allowing your head in, but when you go to take it off, the foam/rubber would contract around your head and make getting out very difficult.

    2) The technique I've found successful is to find a part of the underarm piece that has a panel line, as in the case with my Mk VI...

  22. Leventel

    Leventel New Member

    First and foremost, thanks for the help carpathiavh99!

    Second, I was, ever so, anxious to finish my chest piece last night. Therefore I was like f#%@ it, and cut the right underarm side - similar to what you did. My suit fits quite well; although Im contemplating whether the torso is too big for me. First, I cant really like cross my arm to the opposite side of my body, like scratching your left bicep with your right hand. Second, the torso feels a bit loose and it sways left/right if I walk around with it. I'll probably post a few pictures later tonight.

    I also came to the same realization about the rubber piece around the neck. Another possible idea would be to NOT attach rubber/foam all the way around inside the headhole. Instead I'll only do, say 90% around. Then when Im wearing it, I can tighten, so the empty spot is gone and use velcor to hold it in place. If I want to take off the suit, I'll just pull it apart and slide through. Does it make sense? lol
  23. Leventel

    Leventel New Member

    Im having some difficulty with the shin piece. I realize that you have to cut it in order to wear it, therefore Im curious as to where you cut it exactly?
  24. Marshall


    2 options; either cut the hole larger at your ankle until its big enough to fit ur foot through, OR; you slice the whole thing open and hinge it on one side (aparrently its best to fit the hinge and your lock mechanism when you fibreglass)

    1st method has the bonus of being easier, but causes some issues with padding inside the armour piece (your foot needs to be able to get through the padding of the part before it gets to the hole)

    The 2nd method is obviously more technical, think its how im gonna go though. you can have your armour padded properly, using rare magnets or clips to fasten them :)
  25. FLYzilla

    FLYzilla Jr Member

    did you cut there and add like velcor or what to hold it together

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