Hey Girls :) what got you into gaming?

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when i was 5 yrs old was the first time i saw a Videogame console, A NES, it was winter of 90' on my cousin's house they were playing, and of course we wanted to try, and they give us the controller that was not in use and tell us that we were the ones playing :( ... shame on them :(
I can't even remember that far back!
We were always moving and our mum was really young and working all the time so games were one of the things we had to keep us amused after school while we waited for mum. We (seemingly) always had the SNES and the Sega Master System. We got the GameGear and Gameboy a little while later because mum didn't want to buy us batteries so we had to use our pocketmoney. Oh, and a Genesis. We didn't get anything new between then and the our PSX, then the XBOX, and so on. Somewhere in there we were playing Battlezone and Chips Challenge on the computer.
And it sort of went from there.
This is too interesting a topic not to revive. < <;

My first system was the NES but my second system that really got me into gaming was the Genesis. The Game that pushed me over the threshold was Mortal Kombat, after that I was sold. I played in arcades, trolled my friends games/systems. Even now I still own that NES with a few of the games. I now own a NES, SNES [both ver], 64, Gamecube, original Xbox and 360, Ps 1,2 and 3. @ @; To this day Im still addicted to arcade fighters and FPS.

I also attribute my vast interest in gaming to my vast interest in comics, I currently own a **** load of DC/Marvel. lol
Haha yeah I love this thread XD I recently found my old NES with a few games and omg it still works! Yayyyy I've been playing a bit of TMNT the last few weeks, sofun.
Fallout 3 on my boyfriend's 360. He gets me set up to play it for a bit one morning before he goes in to work, he comes home 6 hours later, I'm still sitting there saving the wasteland. I was hooked. After that came halo <3. I have now spend more dollars than I care to admit on gaming.
As the father of a 3 year old girl it is impossible not to see the obvious signs of gender roles in every aspect of life. The Pink Triad. pink Barbies, pink clothing,pink think! I let my daughter play Batman Arkam asylum on the pc as well as Halo CE and Star Wars Battlefront2 as well as the Lego Clone Wars series. My 7 year old son plays all the games I play volume down and with my supervision of course (I find that the so-called violence in games isn't very imitatable,as opposed to the language involved)

Point is when my daughter developes enough dexterity, she too will play Bulletstorm and Grand Theft Auto 4 etc. Neither of them are allowed to play Deadspace or L4D due to the huge NIGHTMARE fodder in those games. My wife likes the pinky stuff and I do too, to a certain extent, but if my daugter is to grow up to be half the gamer that some of the women here are, she's gonna need to toughen up.

Barbie's Pretty Pony Camp for PC won't cut it!
The first game I really played, apart from you know minesweeper (actually a really fun game) was original Doom, way back, with my "Boyfriend" at the time (I was 6 which is why it is in quotation marks). But then I had a very long break with little to no gaming (my parents didn't believe in consoles).

And then I hit high school. I went to an international high school were we every friday would be a big group of gamers who'd meet up and play Counter Strike (because we had a lab full of computers with it) and play for hours. It was insane amounts of fun and that was really what got me into gaming.

I have played single player games since (I play a lot of games because they are pretty), but they simply don't do it the same way for me as multi player games. For the last two years I've been playing wow and in a good active guild and I really enjoy the team aspect of raiding (and pvp when people aren't idiots).
Well, it all started with the sega saturn and a lil game called DOOM... :) My dad used to play alot of PC games (DOOM, Tomb raider) and I would sit down and watch him climb wall after wall (I would press the keys whenever climbing was involved, lol:D) and would watch 2D zombies disintegrate into ash (to this day I am terrified of 8-bit zombies, forget 1080p :p).

I'm guessing somewhere along the line my dad got up to use the bathroom and for the first time in my life came put with a brilliant plan: 1) pick up controller 2) un-pause >:D I <3'ed my sega, but I have to say that the games that really got me interested in gaming had to be the classics: Legend of Zelda: ocarina of time/majora's mask, donkey Kong 64, and the Banjo kazooie. Been hooked ever since :D

For the longest time after my PS1 phase I wouldn't think twice about renting out FPS games, or anything thing similar to Resident Evil because I was just terrified and hated the fact that I'd always get hit in 1st person and die b/c I couldn't see who was hitting me...I'd like to say the Ratchet and Clank series really changed my mind about it, but I never big on FPS until Resistance: Fall of Man came out. I was officially hooked. I really like FPS and RPGs, but I'll always like rpg's a tad more since it's what got me hooked on that controller.
I never realised that there were so many girl gamers out there! I still have yet to meet them in person though :(
I've always been the only girl at the GAME store I work at that plays games so as a result most of my mates are guys. This is mainly due to the fact that I talk about games and nothing else!
I got my Megadrive when I was about 8 and every since then I've been gaming, I'm even studying video game development at university! It was mainly RPGs up until about 3 years ago when I decided to bite the bullet and play an FPS so glad I did otherwise I would not have discovered the joy that is Halo!
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