Holy Crap! We're Actually Moving To Texas!


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Honestly I loved living in Denton and kind of miss it but I hated the moment I went out on the road.

People love to cut you off and just about run you off the road not to mention the elderly. You would figure the fact that they are pretty much about to die that they would be hauling a## to get where their going, lol. I think thats a Dane Cook joke :unsure . But hey the elderly and ignorant are everywhere so that shouldn't give Denton bad credit.

Denton is amazing just stay off the road and in the good neighborhoods :p.


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Well, we're still here and looking like crazy. 8 hours a day sitting in a car driving around an unfamiliar city certainly adds some stress - thankfully I threw the GPS in the bag as the rental car doesn't have one...

The hotel we originally booked was a no-go - it was right on 75 in Plano and it was NOT a pretty sight. Apparently East Plano is to be avoided but West Plano is OK. So we were calling around trying to find a nicer place at midnight and found something in a better area. Frisco/Northwest Plano sems to be the big winner as there are plenty of places to stay, nice, shopping, central location, etc.

I am amazed at how quickly Texas changes from fully developed to absolutely nothing. I swear - we can be surrounded by shopping and million-dollar homes one minute and looking out over a ranch with nothing in sight for miles the next. Very odd...

Hopefully we can narrow down the search today as we fly back out tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for all the help and support folks!


Edit: Every single person we have met has been great - very friendly and helpful. The driving isn't bad at all although the whole "stoplights on the highway" trick is new. Having driven around most of the country, I still think that the Florida drivers are the worst in the country...


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I happen to love how Texas does that. And when you're in a city, you never know when you're not in Carrollton, but now in Farmer's Branch, then in Dallas, then Irving, then Euless. It's just so borderless, sometimes.

Frisco's a pretty great place to pick. Real nice there. Lotsa shopping and stuff to do on the weekends. They even have an Ikea. But, if you're looking to have fun, prepare for an hour or so drive to Arlington for Six Flags Over Texas, Hurricane Harbor, Cowboys Stadium, Ranger's Ballpark, and whatever else you might do for recreation. :D

As a note, stay away from 75 unless you're actually IN Dallas. There's not much good on it elsewise. It really gets me how quickly it can go from good neighborhood to "keep your head down." :lol


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Just thought I'd give a brief update: TEXAS - HERE WE COME!!! :D

We will be moving out during the last week on March. We've already found a place and I'm working on getting our current house in FL ready to rent. We will be in a large towmhome with a 2-car garage so I should still be able to have at least a rudimentary workshop.

We are really looking forward to the move and hopefully the change will be for the better. If anyone knows of any high-end AV/Theater design companies in the Plano/DFW area, please feel free to drop me a PM... ;)

Thanks for all the help and hopefully I will see some of you out there shortly!