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Hosting Armor Parties?

Discussion in 'Conventions and Prop Parties' started by brkiker, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. brkiker

    brkiker RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    I've got a place opening locally that would have the space and tools available to start hosting armor parties.

    I'm posting the question to the community. What would you like to see covered at an armor party? How would you organized it?

    Let me know
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  2. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    There isn't too much of a 405th presence local to me but there's still crafting days once or twice a month at my place. Basically it's free reign on any of my tools or with any computer equipment. People bring snacks and teach each other new skills and just generally hang out.

    Sometimes we set it up so that we all do a basic build and everyone goes home with a finished prop and a bit of new knowledge and sometimes it's free-build where everyone works on different things. The trick is to tell people what to expect for each build day and always be welcoming to people of all skill levels.

    I'm well seasoned on certain building techniques but every build party I learn something new even when I'm teaching others so keep that as the main point of the build party, education and knowledge sharing with the added benefits of getting a cool thing at the end. It keeps egos in check and everyone has a good time.
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  3. Dirtdives


    I would love to see other people's technique of building live and in person.....not just pics or a vid of them. "Doing" is the greatest way to learn sometimes......
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  4. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    Locally we have these a lot. In fact there was just an entire weekend one this past weekend. While this is organized as a 501st event and mostly it is 501st armor that is worked on, people generally just bring whatever they happen to be working on at the time. It really is all the same principles and skill sets for the most part.

    In terms of setting it up, I always set out the times right from the start. If you're good with having people there until the wee hours, it more than likely will happen. But if you'd rather get a good sleep, set a start and end time and then people can plan accordingly. Makes for a less awkward start and end.

    When we do multi-day ones, we also organize food so the host isn't responsible for all of it. Have people sign up so that whoever is bringing stuff knows how many they are feeding. Have people mention allergies so that those bringing food are aware. It doesn't mean that everyone must accommodate each allergy but with the awareness there people can mark food accordingly. Snacks and drinks are also important as are disposable plates, cups and cutlery. This also saves the host a ton of time.

    As the host, I find having big garbage bins set out from the start helps - ones for garbage and ones for cans/bottles. Also, let people know where they can do certain things. If you need them to only sand outside, just let them know at the start. Mark your own tools as they sometimes end up accidently going home with others.

    If you have pets, let people know before they arrive. This helps people either drug up or decide they can't go. It also makes people aware that they need to be more careful of stuff they drop etc.

    If work surfaces and chairs are at a premium, ask people to bring their own folding tables and chairs. I also always suggest that people bring indoor shoes so that no one steps on something and gets hurt.

    Most of all, have fun and learn!
  5. brkiker

    brkiker RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Thanks everyone for the feed back.

    It's basically a cosplay version of a maker space that's opening in a month or so. I can certainly get with the owner about trash and maybe any other access issues.

    I'm thinking having one about once a month with us walking through each stage of armor making so to say. Might also use the armor parties as a way to build the 405th presence, so maybe a quick little meeting over up coming events we could kit up for.

    With it spaced out about once a month, we can basically take a new person measure them, get templates, and size the templates and start them on cutting templates. Next month they could come back with all the templates done and we get started on foam work or whatever, and so on and so on.

    If we can stream anything or video anything I would like to know what you all would like to see.
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