How did you find us?

Seno Ypsamee

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Got really into Halo and got desperate enough to Google how to make some MJOLNIR armor, and sure enough, one of FrizzleFry's threads popped up, and instinctively I clicked it. Been here ever since, and I am still surprised at how many people are actually into armor making...


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I saw someone making master chief armor out of paper models on youtube and after about a million different google searches I finally found the source.
I had my heart dead set on building me a sweet looking helmet! I knew it was what I wanted to do, but I only had knowledge about the molding method of making a helmet. Therefore, the only way I could think to make it, was with clay, leading to my trying to find pre-made references. Mostly, I used the bluerealm youtube vids, but then I saw a video of a pep guy making his armor, and there was a 405th tag on the end!

So thanks guys, thanks for being the greatest ever, and thanks for all the work you people put into this! Without your help, right now i would have either (a been toiling non-stop over a hunk of clay that looks nothing like a helmet, or (b quit completely!



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I saw an image on a papercraft themed board of a Pep Chief helmet, with the 405th logo and address on it. I followed it here, and I haven't left yet...


I was looking over my brothers shoulder, looking at this cool looking site. So I signed up, my brother promptly got a job, and near-forgot about the site, and I became the only one who uses the site. Meh.
After playing halo 2 campaign a few dozen times, i started to wonder what it would be like to have some ass kicking armo
So the next day, I hit the internet to find some links. First I saw Chris's armor. Super impressed, i saet off to youtube for some videos. Then I saw Smiles and Monster's videos. Then, I learned the real name of the armor...... MJOLNIR. The off too google again to look up Mjolnir Armor, and presto here she is!


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I looked up MJOLNIR armor on google, then I saw a video on youtube about some guy who made a suit. Someone asked if it was pepakura and he said yes, so I searched the almighty google to see what it was and found this site somehow.


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I saw something on Instructables about pepakura so naturally I had to google it and find out what it was all about. Then I stumbled upon this site and had to sign up and try it out for myself. Unfortunately nobody has any card stock around town so a trek will be had today so I may finally start my helmet.


I was building my first helmet (cardboard) and I was looking for some reference pictures. I came at Westerfield studios site. A few hours later I came at
Just looked for some reference pictures there, en suddenly I saw the "forums" button. :)

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Funny thing. Wrigley actually found this site first. He used Google and told me about it. I was more into propmaking than he was, so I joined first.


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i was on ask yahoo looking for halo 3 glitches so my little brother could beat me at halo, and this was pretty much the only website that wasn't blocked on this computer at school


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Finnish_Spartan said:
I found ages ago on google.
I looked at the site and was like "oh this sucks, and the only tutorial is the weathering tutorial".

But what i did'nt know you actually had these forums.. I found these forums about a year later on google.

But i think i already told this to you on xbox live ;)

Same thing for me. The forum had like 200 members, but not a lot of people active. I tought like, oh I'll come back when there are going to be more members.

But I found the website from tk560 website I think. Someone was talking about there.
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Ral Partha

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After Halloween 2007, I was pretty much settled on dressing up as a cenobite for the next halloween but still open to other ideas. Then I thought "what about Master Chief?" Like others, a google search turned up and I checked out the armors. A few days later, I checked out the forums where I discovered pepakura. This made MC's armor possible so after six weeks of intense lurking, I registered in mid-December and the rest is history.