How did you find us?


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I wanted to make Halo armor so I did a search on YAHOO and found the 405th.
I started a Papakura MC VI helmet and started my membership on the same day!


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Personally? I'd been making body armor plates for friends' paintball gear, not only to take the sting out of spots on the shoulders or neck but to "fancy" the team's overall look... Nothing too outlandish- just some sheet acrylic or polyester acetate [the stuff in storm doors/windows] heated over burners and then molded over dome shaped wood.

I'd had work on films with firearms and myriads of other weapons- even took a stab at making an "18 hour" M41A pulse rifle [from Aliens] on a bet- but I was always set back by molding times and sculpture hours when it came to something like full suits of body armor [HALO or otherwise].

In all the time I've done creative stuff for shows like Legend of the Hidden Temple and others- pepakura never came up in conversation- at least nothing specific to the actual hobby/art- though folded models have been around long before the backs of cereal boxes or gas station premiums...

Now, having stumbled into the pepakura designer site I lovingly fell right through that 15th story door leading to the basement called the 405th!

I'm holding a vast amount of excitement to try my hand at 'Pep' in an effort to bring to life not only HALO inspired suits- but where my imagination takes me.

The long-n-short of it all..? Yes- like something shambling out of a Romero zombie flick- I pretty much fumbled into the 405th "looking for some brains"- little did I realize the width and breadth of diversity and knowledge I'd find here- just the thread concerning low odor/fume resins [AquaResin is it?] has me turned on to all manner of widgiting!

I hope to contribute in the very near future- there's still much for me to learn and digest here since many more before me came and filled in even the most minute of details in instruction. But contribute I will- even if only in some small way; measured at times in inspiring talk- others hopefully in pictures and words.



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Well, one day in august, I was bored. My friend and I were playing halo 3 when he made a comment about wanting some halo armor. And that got me thinking, and I ended up finding some costumes. I ended up googling "make halo armor" and it poped up with the ODST helmet casting vid on youtube. I watched the first 10 seconds of it and came here and registered.


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Oh yeah, now I remember. At first I was trying to get ideas on how to make my own Iron Man costume. I was just looking for some pics, you know for reference, anyways, I came across some other site and I saw that someone had made a Master Chief Armor piece and I clicked on the link and here I am now. I had never heard of Pepakura and then I checked out some youtube videos and found this website.

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I discovered the 405th Infantry Division when I was searching for techniques and materials for making an ODST costume. I did not know that there was an organized Halo costuming community before that, having previously assumed it was primarily an individual persuit, without any particular orginization or social network.


LOL well I was searching google for someone who might be selling a nightmare armor mc suit. I ran across a site that had Adams armor and I think there was a link to the 405th and boom here I am making my own armor


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Doom said:
Hello to one and all! There has been LOADS of activity around these forums lately. Just the other day we broke our active users record with 791 active users at once! Our previous record was about 250 or so. My estimates are that of those 791 active users, about 700 of them were Guest's/Unregistered users.

Now with the publicity that we have been getting every few weeks, it gets quite hard to keep track of where people are coming from and what sites we are being put up on. If any of you guest's or newly registered users happen to see this Sticky, Please, just leave a link to the article or site that you found us from by making a post below. This allows us to see where everyone is being pointed from as we are somewhat clueless as to where we have been publicized otherwise.


Spartan 137 told me about the 405th.
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i saw a photo of someone in a full MC suit online, and though.......i must own one! so after a few minutes googling i found the 405th, and after about6 mnths stalking the site, i managed to sign up :D


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First I found the website, then I eventually, ( In July 08. ) Joined the AWESOME 405th.


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Lets see ... I found the 405th when I went on a search to make Halo armor. I saw this kid at Otronicon at the Orlando Science Center doning the armor and wanted to figure out how to make it myself. After hours of searching the net, I found this place and have stayed ever since.

- Adulese


At the beginning of last year I was still on a high from Halo 3's release and stumbled across the forum looking for anything Halo related. I decided to lurk around because I didn't know what to build, so I poked my head in from time to time to see what was happening. From what I recall the forum was a bit of a mess back then with a massive flood of noobs asking silly questions every second post, with every other post being a regular trying to explain how to use the search function etc. So rather then add to the mess I sat back for a bit. Then my entire year went to crap with sick and dying relatives. I had to take over two months off work in total last year and had no time for myself (or my girlfriend).

Getting towards the end of last year though things started settling down and my girlfriend and I became very excited about the announcement trailer for ODST and I decided to start visiting the forum again. Then I stumbled across NZ TK's Halo 3 ODST files and finally decided on my first set of armour to build. I kept putting off and putting off joining and then when I was about to registrations got closed! Lol, I was so annoyed with myself for waiting so long! But from the way the forum was I totally understand why Adam did it and think it was a great idea. Then I missed out for the January registration, but came across it being open again today and nearly threw up with excitement! :lol:

I've started on NZ TK's ODST pep helmet file, which I've slacked off with a (lot) bit, to work on getting my workshop functional. But now that I've joined up I suppose I better get my behind into gear. ;)


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In early-ish February I stumbled upon a YouTube video while watching random Halo videos, came across a guy making armor from Pepakura and he mentioned the 405th and so I came here.


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In Korea, I just got interested in Halo, and found things about it. I eventually found out about of images of halo costumes, and also found Adam's costume, and that there is a site called 405th. So I ran in here and waited for the 3 months to site to open 'ㅅ'


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my son wanted to be master chief for halloween and in my searches for costume i ran across this web site been hooked ever since
I was just looking around on youtube and i found a guy doing pepakura. I eventually came here but i just want to note that the opening page is a little intimidating, i just left the first time because it is so confusing. It might be more inviting to NOOBs if you make some obvious links for starters.


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When Halo 3 came out I saw pictures from opening night, including those of people in armor. Also, the Dell "Live the Game"commercial featuring Adam's l337 armor. I thought it was pretty neat and started looking to see if there were any sites that had tips about building a set yourself. A little Google and lo and behold, the 405th! Been lurking ever since.


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Hi i'm Ben
Always loved Halo and have always been intrested in owning my own halo armour. On youtube one day and searched 'Halo Armour' Watched some videos, then some recomended the '405th' to get started. Straight onto google and searched up and found you guys :)
Since then im been hovering about checking out topics and seeing what people have been making and to be honest its amazing.
Since then i have started making my own Hayabussa armour and getting into pepping.
So thats how I found out about 405th