How did you find us?

Dani Girl

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found this site via a search on Pepakura. Since I found the Yamaha site (years ago), and someone posted a link to the SNAKE in a box paperfolding, I was looking for more video game related pepakura. Voila


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I was looking for reference pics for both the EVA suit and hunters. This link kept coming up. I wandered off, but came back about a day later when I came across the site again through stumbleupon.

colmon 9

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I saw chris bryans armor on hbo, then looked up master chief armor on yahoo(not google :eek:). I lurked for a month or two, than try'd joining. My account didnt ever get activated so I made another about 4 months later. So anyways my armor making was delayed, but thanks to this site its going steady.


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Saw Adams ODST molding tut on YouTube. Had the 405th logo on it, so I came here and was completely shocked.

Now, 6 monthes later, I am nearing the bondo stage on a number of components! Amazing!
Spending a lot of time on youtube looking for Halo Armor and saw Adams Painting tut and some other peoples videos after about two months I joined

Spartan 270

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smilie120 said:
IM here because monstermaker!! Thankses!

Yep, same here. After I saw Monstermaker13's armor video on youtube last year, there was a link in the video description to and I decided to sign up.
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I think I found a link on the RPF, had a quick look around but then left... came back a while later, lurked for a good six to twelve months and then registered after I had done a decent amount of work on the Recon helmet


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One day i searched for MJOLNIR costumes and found adam's site:, which had a page of him in his mjolnir suit. Also on that page, i found a link to 405th; so when i got there, i was simply amazed and signed up immediately.


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I were googleing and i found pics and "guides" to make armor, but i did get so happy when i found a forum, i did some searching around the site and found out "This is where i fit in!"
Thats how i found you all :p

(I dont htink Googleing is a word, but you know what i mean!)


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Trying to find Ironman costume plans, molds, how-to info I was directed here from RPF when I was trying to find info on pepakura. I started making a mark VI helm but did all the folds backward. :rolleyes But I've at least got a handle on it I think. Look to be starting one of the ironman peps floating around. I'd like which ever one is most movie accurate. You guys do some great work.

Lo techStark

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Well I was on another costume making tutorial hunt for the Iron man costume.When I came across this site.And discovered All the talent (well not all)here was using Pepakura to make killer Halo armor.So I fired up my modeling programs to make my own IM suit.(shamless plug to also see my progress post).After I put together iron man I'm going for a Mark VI with a little touch of Stark in it.


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I was on digg when someguy made a cardboard mastercheif costume, then someone commented, "They proably used pepakura on or whatever and I found this fourm.


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found this sight through google, bin lookin to buy some halo marine armour like those used in the 'believe' add, but couldn't find any for sale so considered makin it myself