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Hi All,

My names Steve Hird
XBOX live Gamer Tag V44DER

Age 37

I live in North West UK

Current Job:
I'm a Senior Concept artist working in the Games industry. In my Spare time when I get any I love to sculpt and work on various film props. I've got several costumes and I'm a long standing member of the 501st (UK Garrison) My Boardname there is STEVE0671 . You can see a little more about me over on my site here

The next big thing for me to get working on is of course some Halo armour. I've started reading the threads and newbie area and lists and I'm currently looking through all that and reading the rules so I'll take all that on board and then I'll see where to start. Looking forward to seeing more pics of peoples progress and armour, what I've seen so far is pretty amazing!

Well that's a little about me for now.

I'll get reading :cool:

Look forward to gettin to know my way around this place.


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Name: Oscar A
Profession: Non jet
Age: 18
Country: Sweden
Favorite Hobby: Games and Models
Favorite part of halo: the Weapons :p
Favorite Halo: 2
Favorite Video Game: Crysis and Resident Evil seris
Other Interests: Music, Airsoft
Favorite Food: Asian
Favorite Finisher: Non
Favorite Band: Some Japanise band
Favorite Movie(s): Black Hawk Down, SWAT
Other: Well non


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Name: Monambi W.

Profession: School kid.

Age: 12

Country: Australia

Favourite Hobby: Geocaching, Youtube, reading, playing my instruments, and, of course, going on the cool forums at 405th

Favourite part of Halo: Metropolis level, and ....Sgt Johnson :)

Favourite Halo: All to cool to pick one out from the rest.

Favourite video game(s): GOW, Halo series, AoE , Cod 3 ,Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Super smash bros. Brawl and the list goes on!

Favourite food: Anything tasty!

Favourite finisher: Huh, whats that? If it is something to do with WWE, don't know anything about it. Terrible program.....

Favourite band: The Beatles

Favourite movie: Liked 'The pursuit of happyness', 'Hancock', LOTR,'The Dark Knight' "O Brother, where art Thou?"
The Matrix trilogy, Star Wars and, well, heaps more.
Other: .........................


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I have been using the site for a while now but it's nice to have an account.

Name: Jason Delaney
Profession: Full time College student an I work a a Ski resort part time
Age: 19 in March
Favorite Hobbys: Video Games, Snowboarding, and paintball/airsoft.
Favorite part of halo: How much is in the games story lines wit the game an the books.
Favorite Halo: 1 storyline, H3 online
Favorite Video Game: Halo 3
Other Interests: Snowboarding, Guitar, and paintball/airsoft.
Favorite Food: Pizza


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Name: Yuri Rosset
Profession:  swing and motown Singer
Age: 32
Favorite Hobby:  3D Graphic
Favorite part of HALO:  All
Favorite HALO:  1
Favorite Video Game:  GTA IV
Other Interests: My girl
Favorite Food: Italian... of course....


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Name: John Smith (a joke)
Profession: Being a person
Age: 14
Favourite Hobby: 3D Modeling/Photoshopping
Favourite part of Halo: Halo 1
Favourite game: Left4dead
Other interests: ...
Favourite food: What the f***?


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Name: Lindsay
Profession: Geologist in Training
Age: 23
Favorite Hobby: Chainmail
Favorite part of halo: Plot
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Halo, God of War, Bioshock.
Other Interests: Rocks
Favorite Food: Edible
Favorite Finisher: Your mom
Favorite Band: Corb Lund and the Hurtin Albertans
Favorite Movie(s): Shaun of the Dead, Office Space, Hackers
Other: I can't wait to not live in an apartment....


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Name: Ryan T.
Profession: student
Age: 15(turning 16 soon)
Favourite hobby: Prop making and gaming
Favourite part of Halo: WEAPON DESIGN
Favourite Halo: 3
Favourite video game: halo duh and warcraft III
Other interests: soccer
Favourite food: anything you can imagine
Favourite finisher: Snipe to the head
Favourite band: linkin park
Favourite movie: basically every movie ive watced sucked

tommy tank25

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Name: Thomas Edward Ward (IRONMAN117)
Nickname: IRONMAN
Profession: Product Design Student at Queen’s University Belfast
Age: 20
Favourite Hobby: Ironmongery and steel sculpture
Favourite part of halo: The storyline, the halo universe and THE ARMOUR!!!
Favourite Halo: Has to be the first one, a true classic...I had fantastic dreams after playing it
Favourite Video Game: 3 way tie between HALO 1, GOW and Mass Effect
Other Interests: Well I already mentioned sculpture but I’m basically a big kid!!! I also enjoy general metal tinkering in my workshop, I hope to one day run my own design firm, TLC design solutions and enjoy many weird sports like Frisbee, wakeboarding, fishing and Hurley.
Favourite Foods: Rusks baby biscuits (try them, they are so good) 21oz fillet steaks medium rare and
Favourite Drink: Hot Chocolate!!!!
Favourite Finisher: Hyper Beam...Go Pokémon Yellow!!! lol

I have resently finished my first steel armor suit but i hope to make more in futher, IRONMAN and COG armors will definatly be down the pipeline!!!

check out my full competition video


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Name: Jono K
Profession: Fed Govt
Age: 27
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Movies, SnowBoarding, Wakeboarding, ScubaDiving
Favorite part of halo: I love the Marines...Sgt. Major Johnson is the sh1t
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Halo, L4D, CSS, COD4
Other Interests: my dog, friends, boobies
Favorite Food: Steak, pizza, gnocci
Favorite Finisher: Bong!
Favorite Band: Linkin Park
Favorite Movie(s): Role Models, Band of Brothers, Generation Kill.
Other: I eat babies

I got the helmet, upper arms and chest armor pepped and glued together. The chest doesnt fit because I have large i have to remake the damn thing! Then I made the upper arms too big so I have to make smaller ones. Whoever made that scaling thread forgot to mention that you might be a different size for each body part! BONG!


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Hi guys, my name is James from London, UK.

My current project is actually building Iron Man armour from scratch by doing sculpts in Klean Klay, moulding them, and casting the pieces is Jesmonite - which is a bit like Aqua Resin but available in the UK. Hopefully I will have some good input on materials and costumes here.

You can check out my Iron Man armour on my website:

Here are a few highlights of the costume so far:








Name: Brian
Profession: im a welder for modine manufacturing
Age: 23
Favorite Hobby: video games and now armor making :p
Favorite part of halo: probely the part in halo two when the elites and brutes start fighting and Cortona say maybe we should fight this battle, i always join in lol
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Halo or guitar hero
Other Interests:music, movies and just hangin with friends
Favorite Food: SUBWAY!!!! WOOOOO!!!
Favorite Finisher: Sephiroth's dark meteor
Favorite Band: right now... linkin park, but it all started with Metallica :D
Favorite Movie(s): holy crap i have no clue where to start
Favorite Tv show(s): LOST! family guy and ghost hunters

Fearless Son

Colin Ferguson, age 27, software engineer, contracted to Microsoft, located in the greater Seattle area, Bungie fan since 1994.

While I do not have any pretentions of being one of the best Halo costume makers, I think that I can claim to be one of the earliest. I first got into Halo costuming in 2003. A local anime convention was coming up, and knowning a few Bungie employees to be anime fans (Robert and Lorraine McLees, whom I encountered before in a Bungie panel,) I knew that they would be showing up. So, in keeping with the spirit of anime conventions, I fixed together a crude costume of a Halo marine, along with a prop Halo MA5B assault rifle. The costume was recieved positively, especially the rifle (Robert was the one who designed the weapons for the Halo games) and I decided to wear it to the E3 2003 Bungie Fanfest at the LA Convention Center. With over two-hundred fans there and a lot of Bungie crew, the costume got a lot of approval (search the page for my handle.) Unfortunately, my armor had not been sufficiently strengthened to withstand the rigors of the flight down to LA and had to be hastily taped back together at the convention, and got even more broken on the way back.

I attended some various other small-scale Bungie-related events around the Seattle area. Several Bungie folks recognized me from the costume, and I got a small rapport going with several of them. This paid off in 2004, when they asked me to be interviewed for the Making of Halo 2 documentary, along with several other fans. Most of the fan stuff, including my interview, got cut from the final production though. Still, with some encouragement by the folks at Bungie, I set my sights on a more ambitious armor project, that of making a Master Chief costume. Nightmare Armor Studios had already started making their own replica Mark VI armor suits at that time, so I decided to make a Mark V (which I would add battle-damage to) to distinguish it from there armors. We adapted the techniques used to make the marine armor with some additional strengthening measures, and the results turned out pretty well, as can be seen in these three pictures. However, the problem was one of scale. The techniques we used were very labor-intensive and very slow, and ultimate we could not find the time to really get it completed. Further, while they looked good, the pieces we had were imperfect. The helmet was almost imperceptibly off-balance, we did not have a method to keep the visor from fogging up, the chest and back pieces were too heavy due to over-use of Bondo to compensate for mistakes, etc. We needed to remake them anyway, but that just added more to the production time and we could not afford it.

Still, the upside to all the exposure my costuming had with the people at Bungie was that they asked me to be in a segment that would ship with the Halo 3 Legendary Edition, which ended up being titled "The Cortana Chonicles: In Search of Fandom". If you have seen that, then you have seen me. However, if you have not, some one was kind enough to upload it to YouTube. Watch between 1:40 and 3:00 to see me and my father and the place we build the armor. That seemed to get me a lot of exposure, and people recognize me from the video at cons (such as PAX08) when I wear the helmet.

In any case, the Mark V armor project is largely abandoned for the moment. Maybe I will come back to it later, but I will probably be rebuilding it again from scratch. Recently, I have been inspired to create an ODST costume based on some of the concept art Bungie posted to their site for their upcoming title Halo 3: ODST. In my search for techniques and materials for making that costume I came across the 405th Infantry Division and immediately saw that I belonged here. :)
well why not
name: james aldridge
Profession: hopein to get a part time at gamestop(i do game art in my free time for a small game company, iam kinda a intern)
age:14(turnin 15 in march!)
Favorite Hobby: video games, art, legos(god there fun!),skatebording(iam just a cruzer)
Favorite part of halo: the story line and multipalyer
Favorite Halo:1-3
Favorite Video Game: Halo and the .//hack games
Other Interests: building computers
Favorite Food: sushi!woot!
Favorite Finisher:would a sticky to the face nade count?
Favorite Band: the pilows, daft punk, gorillaz, cold play, chemical brothers, and VNV nation
Favorite Movie: sleepy hallow
Favorite Tv show: flcl(anime), cowboy bepbop(anime), full mettal alchemist(anime...well i like it, thus the name..)
well love the site and hope to post up cool armor!


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name: Callan Halton
Profession: Should probably get one
age: 15
Favorite Hobby: PC crap, warhammer, electronics
Favorite part of halo: Killing other people on multiplayer
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Halo, Call of Cthulu and L4D
Other Interests: Lazer tag (hoping to create my own lazer tag set completely with halo weapons and armour)
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Finisher: BackStab, nice and simple, but incredibly effective
Favorite Band: Complete metal head (saw Disturbed, P.O.D and behind crimson eyes when they came down to melbourne) (y)
Favorite Movie: Hot Fuzz
Favorite Tv show: The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd, The chasers war on everything


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A long overdue intro

Name: Andy
Profession: hotel cleaner/ water/ waiter trainer/ pot washer trainer/ assistant chef
Age: 22
Favorite Hobby: 3D model making
Favorite Part of Halo: On live when you get a good team who talk to each other and dont complain about who shot who
Favorite Halo: 3 just because it is awesome wish theyd put the blood gulch map int halo 3
Favorite Video Game: Total Annihilation an old game but it still is my favorite
Other Interests: Writing, making short films either live action or 3D, drawing, model making
Favorite Food: Ham & Cheese Pizza

About me

well i am currently making a 3D movie about the Daleks from the British sci fi show Doctor who

i am also with the help of a friend making a predator film which is currently on hold due to money issues


Beau Nidle

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Hi all, figured I should put one of these up before I start posting.

Name: Paul
Age: 29
Profession: Prop maker (currently, liable to change at any time)
Fave hobby: hockey
Fave video game: Oblivion
Fave food: Steak. Or sushi. It's a tie.

A little bit more about me, I've been making props on and off for about 10 years, starting with Star Wars, then Predator, Aliens, and finally I've decided to give Halo a try. I must say I'm pretty darned impressed with the stuff that's on here, and although I'm not actually a massive Halo fan, I'd love to make a suit of my own. Here's to making a start!


Name: Heather Lucas
Profession: Future High School English Teacher
Age: 20
Favorite Hobby: Drawing
Favorite part of halo: The Covenant, more specifically the grunts
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Halo series, Munch's Oddysee, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, Silhouette Mirage, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, Animal Crossing, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Other Interests: Longboarding, writing, making things, listening to music, researching school violence
Favorite Food: Sushi, anything with cheese, sweets
Favorite Finisher: Needler
Favorite Band: KMFDM, Rammstein, System of a Down, The Bastard Fairies, Queen
Favorite Movie(s): Zero Day, Bang Bang You're Dead, V for Vendetta
Other: I've made a grunt costume twice for halloween--I can't decide whether my next costume should be a Jackal or a Hunter. I'm working on a graphic novel series I hope to one day publish. I'm working my way through college so I can be a high school teacher. I have a nose.


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Name: Amadeus (call me Amadi)
Profession: Student (half time n00b programer)
Age: 16
Favorite Hobbys: Programing,Pepakura models,Gaming :D
Favorite part of halo: Every Halo is AWSOME
Favorite Halo: well... Halo 3, Halo 2 and Halo CE XD
Favorite Video Game: i don't have favorite :p
Other Interests: i do everything i can in free time... it's never too late to lern something new :)
Favorite Food: Spicy food and fast food :D

Sory for bad engish :D im from Poland (small country in europe :p)


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Name: Jim Baab
Profession: Sr. Media Tech. at Boston University's College of Communication, supporting the Film Prod. Svcs. Dept.
Age: 39 in May
Hobbies: digital photography, DVD Authoring, cooking, gardening

I'm looking forward to making an ODST costume that can withstand some abuse. I'm ordering real world products and I hope to fabricate something rugged and realistic out of metals and plastics. I don't want a costume, I want realistic gear.