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Name: Jakkrit Sea-in (จักรกฤษณ์ ศรีอินทร์)
Profession: Student (Yeah, I'm a Spartan in real life)
Age: 17
Favorite Hobby: Fix Computer, Web Design, Programs Design, Games Design.
Favorite part of Halo: I love Masterchief armor and any armors.
Favorite Halo: I've only played Halo2, but Halo 3 and Halo Wars both look awesome.
Favorite Video Game: Silverfall, GTA:SA, Dungeon Siege2, any RPG Action.
Other Interests: Sewing
Favorite Food: Somtam(Thai Food)
Favorite Band: Simply Red, Limkin Park.
Favorite Movie(s): Devilman, Mr.Bean, S.W.A.T.
Other: -


Going through the motions here, I suppose.

Name: Dave
Profession: upcoming graduate
Age: 24
Favorite Hobby: Prop building
Favorite part of halo: uniforms
Favorite Halo: N/A
Favorite Video Game: Don't game.
Favorite Food: Too many to mention
Favorite Band: Don't keep up with bands.
Favorite Movie(s): Super hero movies

Well that was fun.


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Name: Cole
Profession: no job but i am trying to become a make-up special fx guy ha or a musician
Age: 17 will be 18 in june
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, making music on guitar/piano/bass, making movies and photography
Favorite part of halo: not sure probably when u first fight the flood in halo 3
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: fallout 3
Other Interests: ya i said most of it in the hobby part but i also play paintball, im on a sponsored team called art of war look em up
Favorite Food: anything vegitarian
Favorite Finisher: i like em all lol
Favorite Band: death cab for cutie
Favorite Movie(s): original dawn of the dead

im a cool guy so talk


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Hey everyone,

Name: James.
Profession: None at the moment.
Age: 12.
Favourite Hobby: Basketball, playing my guitar, video games just to name a few.
Favourite part of Halo: All of it.
Favourite Halo: 3
Favourite Video Game: Can't choose, too many.
Other Interests: See Favourite Hobby up there.
Favourite Food: Too many to list.
Favourite Movie(s): Too many to list again.
Favourite Band:Once again too many to list.

Dancin Fool

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Been here a while but never really said hello.

Name: Randy
Profession: Software Engineer for Electronic Arts
Age: 26... getting old
Favourite Hobby: Building costumes, Making Games, Partying
Favourite Halo: 1
Favourite Video Game: Probably a toss up between Chrono Trigger and FF 6
Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Movie(s): BTTF, Step Brothers, Superbad, Jurassic Park
Favourite Band: AC DC, Iron Maiden, Spirit Of The West, Bon Jovi, Journey, Queen, and on and on and on


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Hi all, I'm French and happy to be here.

Name: Remy
Profession: student
Age: 21
Favourite Hobby: Building costumes
Favourite Halo: 1
Favourite Video Game: Call of duty 2
Favourite Movie(s): Star wars (all)
Favourite Band: AC DC.

I use google traduction, sorry my english isn't very good.


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Hey everyone! I'm cunrah, Finally getting an account on here is like a god send! Cheers Admins! :D

Name: Dan
Profession: Graphic Designer & Web Designer / Developer for a hand full of UK's Bluechip Companies.
Age: 23
Favourity Hobby: Playing Games, Building Websites, Fixing Cars.
Favourite Halo: 1
Favourite Video Game: Counter-Strike (1.6)
Favourite Movie(s): Anything made by Pixar Film Studios
Favourite Band: Incubus.


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Name: Stan Lim ( Sang Yoon Lim, 임상윤)
Age: 16
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and model making
Favorite part of halo: Story, Graphic, SF, Weapons, etc
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Halo, Armored Core, Metal Gear Solid, DJMax
Other Interests: Love military related things and modeling
Favorite Food: sushi, and a bunch of korean food
Favorite Movie(s): No specific one
Other: I bet I'm the only Korean in this site :D

RogueWolf I77V

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Name: Greg
Profession: Mcdonalds Mgr.
School: Red Rocks CC (AAS/Game Dev)
Age: 19
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Paint Ball just to name a few lol.
Favorite part of halo: Great story, music and addicitive multiplayer.
Favorite Halo: Tough choice but I'll go with CE since it started the great series 7+ years ago.
Favorite Video Game: Very tough cat pick just one lol.
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Band: Disturbed
Favorite Movie(s): Black Hawk Down, Spider-Man, Gone in 60 sec. Ace Ventura :tutu: lol
Name: Callum Ross, known Aliases CrackerJack121, xeno.
Profession: 3D Design student.
Age: 19
Favorite Hobby: wargaming, model making.
Favorite part of halo: Silent Cartographer.
Favorite Halo: Halo 3.
Favorite Video Game: Halo and CoD: Modern Warfare.
Other Interests: Manga and Anime, US crime drama, Sci-Fi and beer.
Favorite Food: Mexican, Chinese, Indian, I'm not fussy.
Favorite Finisher: STICKY TO THE FACE!
Favorite Band: Lost Prophets.
Favorite Movie(s): Black Hawk Down (duh), Aliens, Iron Man, Watchmen.
Other: The internet isn't 90% porn, it is in fact, mostly spam!


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Name: Lieuwe
Profession: Working at a pump station for some money. not the big money ofcourse but it's OK.
Age: 17
Favorite Hobby: Gaming, webdeveloping
Favorite Video Game: Halo is nice, I really like BF2142 and CombatArms too, Half-Life-series are very good too, hell there are too many :p
Other Interests: Music, movies, good food :9
Favorite Food: Shoarma or kebab, man that stuff is tasty
Favorite Band: Metallica

Hope to make some nice armor with the help of this forum. You guys rock ;)


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Figure this is a good place for my first post.

Name: Caitlin (But most everyone calls me Drakku, so whatever)
Profession: 3D Modeling/Animation Student, Intern Flash Animator
Age: 19
Favorite Hobby: Drawing/Animating
Favorite Video Game: I will never tire of anything on the SNES.
Other Interests: Reading, writing, surfing the 'net. Making costumes, haha.
Favorite Food: I'll never say no to sushi, macaroni and cheese, or beef fajitas.
Favorite Band: Mindless Self Indulgence, System of a Down, and Three Days Grace. I can listen to them on repeat all day.
Favorite Movie(s): Holy Mountain, To Kill A Mockingbird (book is better, though)
Other: My friend and I won a costume contest at Video Games Live being Tetris blocks.

[/postvirginity] Woohoo!

Omega Conquest

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Hey Everybody!

Im Danny.

I like movies, any except horror, most of them I don't care for.
I am 20 years old, I am a perfectionist when I work causing me to be very modest.
I'm currently enrolled in college with no idea where to take my life.
I just want to say that I am glad to be a member of this community and hope to play some Halo 3 with any who want to game.

My favorite things are: obviously video games, hockey, drawing, computer imaging, writing, building things, acting, strange but also swordfighting, its complicated to explain and I don't want to bore you all.

Thats some stuff about me.

electric jay

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Name: Jay
Profession: Poor starving medical student
Age: 29 again
Favourite Hobby: Music (drummer), Hockey (goalie), Building various stuff
Favourite Halo: 3
Favourite Video Game: KotOR, Halo, Destroy All Humans
Favourite Food: I'm really picky about food
Favourite Movie(s): Brick, True Grit, too many others to list
Favourite Band: You wouldn't be familiar with my immediate influences, nor would you like them. I wouldn't like yours, so we'll agree to disagree. I don't even really like my band.

Cool that registration finally opened up, now I have a whole new costuming world for my girlfriend to call me a dork about.

Lord Glavin

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Name: Luigi
Profession: Concept Artist
Age: 20
Favorite Hobby: Art
Favorite part of halo: First level of halo: CE
Favorite Halo: CE
Favorite Video Game: Earthbound
Other Interests: Video games, writing music, movies, writing comic books, traveling
Favorite Food: nothing beats pasta
Favorite Band: PAIN
Favorite Movie(s): Let the Right One In, The Host, Oldboy

Long time reader, currently working on a 'practice' ODST helmet, may post pics soon
see ya round guys


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hi everybody, i'm an italian guy and i'm glad to be part of the 405Th division

Name: Alessandro
Profession: student
Age: 15
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, warhammer 40k
Favorite part of halo: the last run in halo 3
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Halo and Guitar hero
Other Interests: i play the guitar
Favorite Food: Pasta, what else
Favorite Band: Metallica
Other: i made an entire armour in 3 weeks,without detailing so much....

PS: excuse me if my english is not so perfect


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Name: Nathan
Profession: Student
Age: 17
Favorite Hobby: Football
Favorite part of halo: the books
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Halo or GOW series
Other Interests: snoboarding
Favorite Food: pizza
Favorite Finisher: GoW 1 chainsaw.
Favorite Band: Nickleback
Favorite Movie(s): Saving private Ryan, Star wars series, and waiting.
Other: join a military summer camp


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Forum Username: odie1kenobi
Real Name: Jon
Other Known Aliases: Odie, Odie 1 the Wise 1, Johathan Dell, Show-Me, "Fluffy", Member No. 8402
Profession: Jack of All Trades, Master of None
Current Job Title: Lab Technician (Conduct various tests on aluminum samples)
Former Job Titles: Maintenance Electrician, Restaurant Chef, Agriculture Assistant
Age: 34
Marital Status: Confirmed Bachelor
Favorite Hobby: Tinkering with anything electrical, mechanical, or electronic
Favorite Video Games: Halo, Mega Man, and Metroid series of games
Other Interests: Reading how-to books, playing video games, surfing the Net, commenting on blogs, watching anime/cartoons
Favorite Food: Anything edible that hasn't appeared on Fear Factor or Survivor
Favorite Band: 80's big hair and heavy metal bands....ROCK 'N ROLL!!!
Favorite Movie(s): Any comic book based movie, just about any sci-fi/anime movie, and any movie starring Bruce Campbell!
Philosophy in Life: Try to learn something new every day; never limit yourself to one trade.
Other Relevant Information: Born on New Year's Day, 1975 (#12 of 15 born in the area that day); served six years in the U.S. Navy as an electrician; graduated from college with a B.S. in Industrial Technology
Future Goals/Ambitions: Aside from building Halo and other costume armors, I will attempt to build my own real-life powered exoskeleton armor.


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Name: Gregory Jouben
Profession: Bee keeping, computer technician, electronic refurbishing
Age: 17
Favorite Hobby: building stuff with fiberglass
Favorite part of Halo: snipping people
Favorite Halo: Halo: 2nd
Favorite Video Game: woof, umm..... star wars battle front 2
Other Interests: classic rock, ladies, cars,... u know
Favorite Food: Italian in general


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Forum Name: Highfrequencyspartan
Favorite Hobby: Reading
Favorite part of halo: Playing it with friends and listening to the random stuff they say.
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Halo and Battlefield 2142
Other Interests: Building things, alt. rock, techno, American or not is fine.
Favorite Movie(s): Ironman and the Dark knight
Future Goals/Ambitions: Construct Hellgast and Battlefield 2142 armor to wear for Halloween parties