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  1. troop4921

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    Hello all!

    Finally got around to joining the wonderful 405th after the recent announcement of Halo: Outpost Discovery!

    Name: Austin
    Profession: Streamer (.tv/troop_ttv) and Student
    Age: Legal
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games/Music
    Favorite part of Halo: Books and Ske7ch
    Favorite Halo: ODST (I'm the mod of the ODST subreddit)
    Favorite Video Game: Elder Scrolls and Halo
    Other Interests: Music, Art, Streaming
    Favorite Food: Sushi
    Favorite Bands: Avenged Sevenfold, Rage Against the Machine, Thy Art is Murder
    Favorite Movies: Nightfall, Forward Unto Dawn, Newsies, The Aviator, and Space Jam

    My first build is going to be an ODST Sniper or Heavy with a helmet from @lobbstercosplay on IG
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  2. Brandon Lanning

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    Name: Brandon Lanning
    Profession/job: BSA instructor and assistant scoutmaster. Reptile/amphibian hobbyist
    Age: 17, 18 in a month
    Favorite hobby(s): camping, gaming, cosplay
    Favorite halo:....all of them but 5(love/hate)
    Favorite part of halo: halo lore, characters and their backstory
    Favorite food: just about anything....I'm an indiscriminate eater
    Interests: forensics, law enforcement etc

    I would like to one day buy a good cosplay as jun, john, or frederick and attend a large con for the first time and become an active member in 405th southern regiment
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  3. SirZman

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    Name: Zach
    Profession: Production Associate for Plexus (Product development and electronics manufacturing)
    Age: 21
    Favorite Hobby: Gaming
    Favorite part of halo: All of it. Characters, plot, story, art style, etc...
    Favorite Halo: If I had to really choose, which its difficult too, I'd have to say Halo 2. Why? Because with everything that goes on, it brings a lot of suspense and thrill when progressing forward playing as both Master Chief and the Arbiter in two different perspectives of events happening within the time period
    Favorite Video Game: Halo obviously, Skyrim, Fallout (Any)
    Other Interests: Drawing and cosplaying
    Favorite Food: Pasta
    Favorite Band: Breaking Benjamin and Starset
    Favorite Movie(s): All marvel movies
    Other: When I was in high school my drama class went on a field trip which happened to be on my birthday. Amazing right? Well we were going to see a play in Oregon and while the play was going on, something about one of the actors seemed very familiar. During the intermission I happened to flip through the small book that was passed around before the play. As I skimmed through I happened to come across the actors bio that I though seemed very familiar and you will never guess what I found out. THAT ACTOR WAS JEN TAYLOR!! For those who may not know who she is, she is the voice actor of Cortana from the Halo series. That day was one of the best birthdays of my life. I got to meet her after the play was done and let me tell you it is something I will never forget.
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  4. Fissoffury

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    My name is: Crystal Fiss aka fissoffury
    Age : 37
    Occupation: wife, mother, tattoo artist, freelance illustrator, children's book illustrator. I am also a admin for Halo Lives On.
    Games: ive been playing games simce I was 7, I absolutely love the fact that video games fule my passion in art in many venues.
    What games I like: obveously Halo, favorit of all is reach. I also love fighting games ecspecially mortal kombat old and new. Street fighter, capcom vs marvel and injustice as well as destiny.
    Halo though has a deeper meaning to me its hard to describe but it just resonates with me throught daily life.

    Personality: fun, laid back, honest, loyal, go getter, bery very creative, and humble.

    Want more info just ask!
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  5. ElliotKS117

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    Name: Elliot.
    Occupation: Retail.
    Age: 24.
    Favourite Hobby: Gaming.
    Favourite part of halo: Dropping over New Mombassa and being smashed by the slipspace shock wave.
    Favourite Halo: Halo 3, the culmination of my childhood.
    Favourite Games: Halo, Dead Space, Doom, Mass Effect (1/2).
    Favourite Artist(s): Knife Party.
    Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognese.
    Favourite Movie: Aliens.
    Other: I've known about this site for many years but never made the effort of signing up and doing something incredible. It's high time I tried my hand at costuming my favourite franchise. Halo's been a part of my life since the early 2000s, I haven't read the books but have enjoyed the games almost every year since. I've seen all the animated treatments. Glad to be here.
  6. Harri51

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    Welcome everyone! Please feel free to message us for help and or help you find your regiment and all that. Hope to see you around!
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  7. MoeSizzlac

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    I love that you specifically put 1/2 but not 3.
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  8. ElliotKS117

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    I woulda loved to include 3 and Andromeda. I just couldn’t -.-
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  9. dtharris78

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    Name: David Harris
    Profession: Full Time Military Contractor (Communications)
    Age: 40
    Favorite Hobby: Airsoft, Custom Builds (Airsoft), 3d Printing & Design
    Favorite part of Halo: Marines, Marines, Marines
    Favorite Halo: Any and All
    Favorite Video Game: Anything Halo (Halo Wars)
    Other Interests: Airsoft, Gym, IT, Communications
    Favorite Food: Cheese on Toast

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