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Mr Wilson

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Name: Lacey A. aka 'dorelinendenwen'
Profession: Donations management at AHA
Age: 24
Favorite Hobby: LARPing, Cosplay, Ren-faires :)
Favorite part of halo: The MUSIC! <3
Favorite Halo: 2
Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda OOT, Halo 2, LOTRO, LOL, Minecraft....LOVE THEM ALL! <3
Other Interests: I play flute, I LARP every weekend (archer with Amtgard ruleset), I just started getting into cons (katsucon this year was my first one ever!, I love anything creative
Favorite Food: Sushi or soup and a sandwich
Favorite Finisher: The legolas arrow stab to the face then shoot another enemy thusly annihilating 2 with one arrow :D
Favorite Band: Instrumental... so fav composer would be Howard Shore (for obvious reasons)
Favorite Movie(s): The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
Other: My persona is a vanyar elf called 'dorlainedainwen', I also usually use the same gamer tag of 'Dorlinendenwen' (phonetically spelled) for any multiplayer games. I might possibly be starting a Ren Faire, can't wait! My dream cosplays which i am taking my time to get just right are Twlilight Princess Zelda and Ashe from LOL


405th Regiment Officer
Hello I am:

Name: Benton Samec
Profession: Carpet Installer
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby: Any kind of crafting and of course video games
Favorite part of Halo: Forge mode and custom game creating
Favorite Halo: Reach
Favorite Video Game: Smash Bros. Melee
Misc. Interests: Hosting LANS at my house about 15 times a year (With a big Halofest every summer in which we blow stuff up.....seriously). On the normal side of life, I like to go bowling, building misc. other props out of whatever materials I can find, and attend church retreats.
Favorite Food: Steak and potatoes
Favorite Finisher: The physical (The name I gave to Dr. Mario's over A attack in the air in Melee)
Favorite Band: Rush
Favorite Movie: To tough to decide. I like any movie that just isn't poorly acted or scripted more or less.
Other: I am the group elected leader of our little gaming community in Erie PA, The Revolution. We currently have 30+ members, and are always expanding. I'm very kind hearted and very hard to make angry. I never take life seriously, nor do I ever have a game plan. Just picture the guy from Office Space when the therapist tells him to let go of everything....that's basically me lol......I even have hawaiian shirts like his lol

I'm looking forward to visiting this site often, to share my experiments, experience, and advice with everyone. I hope you welcome me with open arms, as I will do the same for you if you come to me :)


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Name: Michael Singletary
Profession: High school student
Favorite hobby: Video games, and YouTube
Favorite part of Halo: Jumping into the Ship at the end of 3
Favorite Halo: Halo Reach
Favorite Video Game: Halo or Borderlands
Other Interests: I love music, cartoons, and Video games!
Favorite Food: PIZZA
Favorite Band: Five Finger Death Punch
Favorite Movies: Avengers, Transformers, harry potter, Taken


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I completely forgot to introduce myself! I joined a few days ago!

Name: Matthew Oberdorf
Profession: College PHD student
Age: 20 almost 21
Favorite Hobby: swimming competitively, sports, cosplay!
Favorite part of halo: Playing as Master chief and the story line i love the anticipation
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Halo or WoW i play wow for stress relief sometimes haha
Other Interests: I play airsoft competitively and i love doing anything outdoors. I am also addicted to mustangs i have owned 2 i currently have a 2007 convertible stock!
Favorite Food: pasta
Favorite Finisher: Dont really have one unfortunantly .-.
Favorite Band: Avenged SevenFold
Favorite Movie(s): White House Down, (Even though it was semi low budget) Forward onto dawn!
Other: I just recently started peping, i am currently working on Halo 3 Mark VI armor, literally doing the forearms and shoulders as we speak!


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Name: Josh Greening
Profession: Stage Tech
Age: 23
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and prop making
Favorite part of halo: The Story line and multi player
Favorite Halo: 3 ODST
Favorite Video Game: Halo Reach
Other Interests: Cars, Guns, Zombies
Favorite Food: anything off a grill
Favorite Finisher: knifing
Favorite Band: the Misfits
Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars
Other: I work for a big mouse

the knucklehead

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Name: Teage
Profession: Application Developer
Age: 34
Favorite band: Dropkick Murphy
Favorite Hobby: Trying new things
Favorite part of Halo: The character and weapon desi
Favorite Halo: Halo 3
Favorite Video Game: Currently enjoying Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
Other Interests: Anything that involves learning a new skill to make something cool.

I am excited to see all the great things the community is working on and learning from all of you.


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Name: Chris Kudelka. Friends call me Kuddy
Profession: self employed illustrator and graphic designer
Age: 30 (tho might have a mental age of 5)
Favorite Hobby: Drawing
Favorite part of halo: The scene from the second game when the chief says " i am going to give them there bomb back "
Favorite Halo: 4 love the way the halo universe has expanded.
Favorite Video Game: umm i cant pick just one but atm i am really enjoying league of legends
Other Interests: i love trying new things and pushing my self to improve skills i all ready have.
Favorite Food: japanese Bento
Favorite Finisher: Using a MOAB on Cod XD
Favorite Band: Tool
Favorite Movie : Jaws
Other: Random fact about me is i have a Pilot licence

an Online User

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Username (for the heck of it): an Online User
Name: Nate T
Profession: Work part time at a local Texas Roadhouse
Age: 17
Favorite Hobbie(s): Games and Parkour
Favorite part of Halo: The Spartans. The idea of Spartan teams and Spartan Ops
Favorite Halo: Reach or 4
Other Interests: Playing and Designing games
Favorite Movie(s): Pacific Rim, Frozen (I know I know), and the LEGO movie.


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Name: Grant K
Age: 21
Profession: Website Designer & Administrator
Hobbies: Gaming, Films, Music, Swimming & Cycling
My Fav Halo: 3
Gaming: Halo, Halo Life, Warframe, Armored Core 4 Answer, Mass effect & DeadSpace
Other Interests: Graphics Design,
Fav Food & Drink: DARK CHOCOLATE and Cappuccino
Fav Films: Marvel, DC, Pacific Rim, Serenity, Oblivion, Star Trek

I'm Excited to see what the community creates and hopefully get the chances to share some of my own sometime in the future. :)


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Name:Shane Bridges
Profession: Hoping to author and illustrate manga
Age: 27Favorite Hobby:games and writing
Favorite part of halo:The story concept in general
Favorite Halo: 4
Favorite Video Game:KOEI Games
Other Interests:Gaming/Sci Fi/Crafting
Favorite Food: Burrito breakfast wraps
Favorite Finisher:Beam Sabers in the gundam series.
Favorite Band: Blink 182
Favorite Movie(s): Behind Enemy Lines,Black Knight,Casshern,Ran,Cowboy Bebop,The Venus Wars
Other: Also heavy into anime and manga.


So I'm not sure if I'm breaking the necro-post rule, but this is an introduction thread and it's stickied in the n00b section, so I would think it's fair game for a new member to post.

Name: Brian
Profession: Project Engineer (I coordinate designers and liaison with manufacturing, purchasing, admin, etc) for a private jet cabinetry manufacturer.
Age: 31
Favorite Hobby: Pen & Paper RPGs (D&D v3.5, World of Darkness pre-2004, Aberrant)
Favorite Part of Halo: Grifball
Favorite Halo: ODST
Favorite Video Game: Rock Band 3
Other Interests: Drawing; creating detailed characters for RPGs.


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Name: Caitlyn
Profession: Currently job searching. Left university.
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby: I have several pets and I love all kinds of animals. I'd love to make money by breeding parrots or fish.
Favorite part of halo: The atmosphere online isn't overly serious and I've made some awesome friends and had a lot of fun over the years.
Favorite Halo: Combat Evolved, because it first got me addicted. 3 got me stuck into online matchmaking. Loved the story on Reach.
Favorite Video Game: The Halo series. Previous addiction was old pokemon on gameboy.
Other Interests: Music, Cars, Reading (currently Game of Thrones), Travel when I can afford it, Art and craft when I have motivation.
Favorite Food: Hard to choose, but I love a lot of Italian.
Favorite Band: Impossible to choose just one. My favourites span across a lot of genres and decades.
Favorite Movie(s): Musicals, Sci-fi, Fantasy and lots of Disney classics.
Other: Crazy bird lady.


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Name: dakota marshall
Profession: carpenter (my dad has me work for him)
Age: 15, but i turn 16 in june
Favorite Hobby: Armor making
Favorite part of halo: playing split screen or system link with my best friends
Favorite Halo: 3 by far
Favorite Video Game: Halo series
Other Interests: I love music and airsoft, motorsports are also fun
Favorite Food: ice cream
Favorite Finisher: get that s**t out of here
Favorite Band: AC/DC
Favorite Movie(s): Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, all horror movies
Other: I play guitar


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Name: Alvin Ang
Profession: Student
Age: 23
Favorite Hobby: Cosplay, Sports, and Reading Manga.
Favorite Video Game : There's so many to choose from >< so i'll state the genre instead. Sports
Other Interests: Travelling and getting to meet new awesome people!
Favorite Food: Japanese food!!
Other: Current president of Japanese Otaku Guild ( university club ) :D

MJPvt Grif

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Name: Ryan, most people call me Grif
Profession: Undergrad Student and Ice Hockey Referee
Age: 24
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Paintball
Favorite part of halo: The campaign (excluding Halo: Reach)
Favorite Halo: 2
Favorite Video Game: Tough question. If not Halo 2, then The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Other Interests: Ice hockey, college sports, skiing, golf, reading sci-fi and recently, cosplaying ;)
Favorite Food: Home smoked BBQ
Favorite Band: TSO
Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars (original trilogy) and Forward Unto Dawn.

bbc Gunbunny02

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Name : Fabian
Profession: Cook / Industrian Mechanik
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby : Building on some Armorstuff :), Video Games and Cosplay
Favorite Halo: Halo Reach
Favorite Video Game:all Halos, Starcraft 2, Monster Hunter Ultimate(for now ^^) and many more
Other Interests: Skating, Drawing


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Name: Marvin
Profession: Client Advisor
Age: 26
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Cosplay, etc...
Favorite Halo: Difficult to tell, only played 1 & 2 because I just have a pc, never owned an xbox :/
Favorite Video Game: Mass Effect
Other: Member of SG-4B / wanna try out styro and EVA so I started checking out the 405th to get started.


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Name: Ryan
Profession: Fulltime Student
Age: 20
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Airsofting
Favorite part of halo: I enjoy the story and ever expanding universe.
Favorite Halo: Reach
Favorite Video Game: Halo & Gears of War Series
Other Interests: I enjoy listening to music.
Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza
Favorite Finisher: Gears of War Retro Lancer execution
Favorite Band: Two Steps From Hell
Favorite Movie(s):Forward Unto Dawn, Iron Man, Transformers.
Other: Since I got into Halo I wanted to build my own set of armor. Now i want to make my personalized Reach armor.


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Name: Tyler
Profession: United States Air force
Age: 30
Favorite Hobby: Building Chain mail and photography of wildlife
Favorite part of halo: Getting the sword and swinging my way through the flood's base
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy series
Other Interests: Reptiles and amphibians, been studying them since i was 9.
Favorite Food: spicy Thai
Favorite Finisher: Mortal Combat Scorpion's rip the spinal cord out
Favorite Band: Avenged Sevenfold
Favorite Movie(s): The Amazing Spider-Man, Thor: The Dark World, LotR, Star Trak (all of them).
Other: I am a runner, I run roughly 200 miles a month and am currently training for the Air Force Marathon.
I have only built one costume, I was supposed to be a Templar from Assassin's Creed, but at Planet Comic-con (Kansas city) I slowly morphed into a character from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I look forward to building more costumes and I hope that this forum as well as the RPF will be beneficial in those goals. Right now I want to work on Gandohar (Two World's II) and Dr. Doom.


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Name: Chris G.
Profession: I work at a company called United Technologies Aerospace Systems as a Engineering Technician while working towards my Masters in Aerospace Engineering.
Age: 23
Favorite Hobby: Aquariums
Favorite part of halo: Story line and watching as MC's relationship with Cortana is building.
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Halo
Other Interests: SCUBA Diving, Sky Diving, and Cliff Jumping.
Favorite Food: That is hard! Calamari or Kale. Hard to choose.
Favorite Finisher: Honestly I don't know. I will have to go through all my animes to find a good one!
Favorite Band: Owl City
Favorite Movie(s): I don't watch many movies. I do watch a lot of anime when I am free from work and school. I have a long list there.
Other: I work 75 hours a week ='(