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Name: Ian McLean
Profession: Security Officer
Age: 28
Favorite Hobby: Cosplay, Re-enactment (WW2), and anything outdoors (Cycling, running, hiking, shooting)
Favorite part of halo: The UNSC, its structure, it's technology, the lore behind it, everything!
Favorite Halo: Toss up between 2 and Reach
Favorite Video Game: The Halo series and Arma
Other Interests: I make Youtube videos and read about military history. I also like birds.
Favorite Food: BBQ
Favorite Finisher: A polite handshake and a pleasant good day (I have no clue what this means)
Favorite Band: Sabaton, Metallica, Slayer, or Megadeth...
Favorite Movie(s): Starship Troopers, Mad Max: Fury Road
Other: I'm a veteran, I served 7 years in the U.S. Coast Guard.


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Name Jonathan Thal
Profession well work ill put it that way
Age 31
Hobbies are shooting, gaming (on and off Twitch and YouTube) and spending time with my wife and pets (dog cat and 2 rats)
Fav Halo: toss up of 2 or 4(Spartan 4 program)
And now I come to the part of what else to put in these things...
Reason I joined this group im eanting to get out more, my wufe is an extrovert and I'm not so I'm trying to do more out things with her and I agreed to join her wanting to be out of the house with my gaming so COSPLAY!!!!
To start off I want to make some Halo weapons and armor for haloween (my armor her armor and about 6 weapons for variety)
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Name: Ariel (but I go by Alex or Lily)
Profession: I'm a student full time (majoring in Applied Biology and focusing on Wildlife Management)
Age: 20
Favorite Hobby: Cosplay and video games
Favorite part of halo: The armor
Favorite Halo: 2 (but to be fair, that's the only one I've played so far)
Favorite Video Game: Borderlands 2
Other Interests: Art and music
Favorite Food: French fries
Favorite Band: I've been listening to a lot of Green Day recently
Favorite Movie(s): Howl's Moving Castle
Favorite Youtuber: Achievement Hunter (do they count as one youtuber?) or Baylee Jae
Other: I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons (a player in one game, DM for two)

Conrad Abdullah

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Howdy guys! New recruit here from Singapore! Name's Conrad. I've got some experience in Star Wars Costuming as part of the Mando Mercs, and my ODST kit will be my second set of armour I plan to troop in. I've yet to decide on any specialist vocation as an ODST, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. I'm still running by some design ideas until my helmet is finally shipped over, and I'll read up more on the lore to try and get things as in-universe and as lore friendly as possible (as much as I'd love going full highlander ODST, kilt sans underpants and all, swinging a claymore at a Brute).

Name: Conrad
Profession: Student (MD), formerly in the legal field.
Born: 1991
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Warhammer and model making, books, and hanging out with the twitching mass of flesh that I call my friends
Favorite part of Halo: Armour and designs, as well as the detail put into the lore
Favorite Halo: 1, 2, 3, ODST.
Favorite Video Games: Planet Coaster, Titanfall 2 and Mount and Blade: Warband (because what other games can you wage war on and over butter)?
Favorite Bands: Sabaton, among countless others

Looking forward to doing my kit up and eventually trooping with the Singapore Regiment, and all you lovely people from the 405th!


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Name: Tyler (common enough right? :D)
Favorite hobby: crafting ( since i was 13) and walking
Favorite halo: the first 3 halos and Reach
Favorite part of halo: Combat evolved may very well be the 2nd game i ever played starting out I have been blasting elites ever since(... wow i am old :oops:)
Spirit animal: the majestic Cardboard box
Other interests : Music (punk rock, Dub step)


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Name: Jenny
Profession: Uh... none right now. >.<
Age: 27
Favorite Hobby: Cosplay crafting (mostly sewing but I'm slowly moving into hard propmaking)
Favorite part of halo: The crash site defence at the end of NMPD HQ
Favorite Halo: ODST
Favorite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts
Other Interests: I'm a colossal pile of weebtrash I like anime.
Favorite Movie(s): Captain Marvel, definitely.


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Name: Pierce
Profession: S/O
Age: 28
Favourite Hobby: Playing, collecting, modding and streaming video games.
Favourite part of Halo: The whole level The Silent Cartographer
Favourite Halo: Halo Combat Evolved
Favourite Games: Halo (duh), Brothers in Arms, Kotor, Splinter Cell.
Favourite Band: ABBA
Favourite Movie: Back to the Future


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Name: Ashley
Profession: warehouse lumper
Age: 29
Favorite Hobby: cosplay
Favorite Halo: 1 (played it through like 10 times but haven't played any other)
Favorite Video Games: Darkest Dungeon, Divinity Original Sin, Freelancer
Favorite Movie(s): Days Past: A Star Wars Fan Film, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, The Dark Knight
Other Interests: star wars, cyberpunk, high fantasy, d&d


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Name: Steven
Profession: FQA Tester / 3D animator
Age: 23
Favourite Hobby: Cooking, playing games, learning languages, grinding
Favourite Halo: Halo Reach
Favourite Games: Dark Souls, Pokemon, MGS3, Monster Hunter
Favourite Band: Currently Mystery Skulls
Favourite Movie: Asterix et Obelix: Mission Cleopatre
Randon Facts: I speak three languages fluently and used to speedrun all bosses Dark Souls 1. Best time of 1h52


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Name: Jon Darty
Profession: correctional officer
Age: 31
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, making things, and helping others to have a fun time.
Favorite part of Halo: mainly the story
Favorite Halo: Halo: all halo
Favorite Video Game: The Legend of Zelda
Other Interests: music (rock), computers, internet, helping others
Favorite Food: PIZZA
Other: if you cant help, find someone who can

Kenneth Morgan

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Well I have you all beat.

Name: Ken
Age: 63
Profession: retired
Hobbies: Cars, woodworking, Building things.
Favorite Halo: 1 (That's the only one I have played so far)
Favorite part of Halo: The Armor
Favorite food: Dead cow
Favorite Band: ELO
Favorite movies: SciFi, the Bourne series,
Other interest: Rein faires (I dress up as a Musketeer at the faire here), Flying, Anime


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Name: Luca Lohse
Profession: Student at Austin Community College
Age: 19
Favorite Hobby: Video games, and touring cons
Favorite part of halo: I love to make forge maps and see how they run
Favorite Halo: Halo Reach
Favorite Video Game: Halo or Arma 3
Other Interests: I love to go out to conventions and look at the cosplay and learn new techniques. as well as go around austin and hang out.
Favorite Finisher: Not sure
Favorite Band: The pillows
Favorite Movie(s): Band of brothers, Generation Kill (I know they're not movies)


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Name: Jason
Profession: Student
Age: 16
Hobbies: Video Games, scrolling Reddit for hours
Favorite Part of Halo: Feeling like a badass, wearing cool armour
Favorite Halo: Halo: Reach

Just went to my first convention recently and saw so many people in cosplay that I want to try my hand at it.


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Hello! I recently joined!

Name: Gary
Profession: Bakery Scientist
Age: 27
Favorite Hobby: making Halo cosplay at the moment. And playing video games when I have time.
Favorite part of halo: When you get use a flying vehicle in campaign.
Favorite Halo: Halo 3 ODST
Favorite Video Game: C&C Generals Zero Hour
Other Interests: Pokemon, and SSBU
Favorite Food: Salmon Teriyaki
Favorite Movie(s): Rush Hour 1 - 3
Other: I'm Chinese-American. I live in Kansas (Good luck guessing where in Kansas!)


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Hey! Just joined and super excited to be here!

Name: Caroline
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby: Crafting. I'm pretty versatile
Favorite part of Halo: The entire Reach Campaign
Favorite Halo: So far... Halo Reach
Favorite Video Game: Assassins Creed Syndicate
Other Interests: RvB, portraying princesses at parties, and writing
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Favorite Movie(s): That really fluctuates, I don't have a favorite
Other: I just got into the idea of cosplaying Halo characters over the past weekend. I mean, I've always wanted to but I thought it was just something I couldn't do. Then I got the wonderful opportunity to meet Jen Brown from RvB at a local comic con and I was just blow away by how amazing she was. I decided then and there that I was going to look into what it took to make Halo armor. Well, everything lead me to the 405th and this is just so much more than a how-to site! I can't wait to get started!


Hi everyone!

Name: Mmmmmm you can call me Fisher if you want
Age: 21
Favorite Hobby: Videogames
Favorite part of Halo: Every good online personalized match, like Indiana jones, Fat boys, Need For Speed, Saw Maps, Parkour, Duck Hunt, etc.
Favorite Halo: Halo Reach
Favorite Video Game: Burnout 3
Other Interests: Crafting, Cosplay, Shuffle Dance :lol:
Favorite Food: "Mole" with Chicken and white rice (Typical mexican food)
Favorite Movie(s): Ufff, I don't have but i like Thriller movies
Favorite Band: Deadmau5
Other: I'm from Guanajuato, México, and i love see every WIP with Foam, i like to see builds in progress, tutorials, tests; also, i love retrowave, synthwave, Cyber & Diesel punk outfits :p

Name: WinterHunstman, but you can call me Winter
Profession: Im a full time college student but work for a garden center over the summer
Age: 19, almost 20
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Photography
Favorite part of halo: The music and the armor
Favorite Halo: Halo Reach
Favorite Video Game: Halo series
Other Interests: Photography, space, and D&D
Favorite Band: Really slow motion
Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars (all of them), LOTR
Other: I have never built any costume so this ODST build will be my first ever.