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NAME vintson anderson or (vin) for short AGE 19 FAV HALO 3 FAV MOVIE OR SERIES dragon ball-DBZ-DBGT FAV FOOD free FAV HOBBY playing halo PROFESSION side jobes FAV MUSIC akon dragonforse t-pain FAV CARTOON family guy spongbob FAV NEW CAR the new camaro HOW I STUMBLED Across this site youtube ithica's halo prop videos awsome love the hammer and the sniper rifle and magnum to meny to list im just about to start on my first armor mark V1 using pepakura shoude be fun eny pointers whoud be great


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Name: Miranda

Profession: Self proclaimed artist and stay at home mom

Age: 23

Favorite Hobby: art and video games

Favorite part of halo: Everthing

Favorite Halo: All of them

Favorite Video Game: Halo, Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion, Fallout 3

Other Interests: My son, music, movies, running(okay not all the time, but sometimes i just need to),camping and my dogs

Favorite Food: Tofu Stirfry, and veggie pizza

Favorite Band: It changes depending on how I feel, usually Tool, or underground local rap

Favorite Movie(s): I not super picky but I really love bad kung fu and zombie movies

Other: Zombies are real

Colder Dish

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Name: Tim

Profession: US Army

Age: 24

Favorite Hobby: Running

Favorite Halo: 1

Other Interests: Reading, Tricycling (Tadpole Style), Football, Marksmanship


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Name: Thom.. haines

Profession: lol.. profession.... sleeping?

Age: 18-ish.. lol

Favorite Hobby: hobby? eating vegemite.. lol or riding kangaroos.. LOL! nah illegal exposive ordinance demolition is my thing.

Favorite part of halo: mmmm cortana... lol (shawt hare r teh hotzorz)

Favorite Halo: 2

Favorite Video Game: halo 2, and i find myself playing farcry 2 alot. oh oh and morrowind. got to love them mods

EDIT: OMFG! i forgot pokemon red for gameboy pocket!

Other Interests: spudding, building weapons, recreating the hersch-meeks fusor.

Favorite Food: veal cordon bleu with cheese sauce, and amorillo fries on the side.. mmmmmmmmmmm...

Favorite Finisher: lol the one where that kid.. rips out the other kids spine? thats mortal combat right? or maybe thats mario.. no.. wait..

Favorite Band: slipknot i s'pose

Power i would <3 to have: time stoppage! omg i would steal all ya moneys! and xboxes.. and land deeds.. lololololol

Marital status: ?? i'm 18.. single i s'pose..

Favorite Movie(s): it WAS going to be the halo movie... what ever it was ACTUALLY going to be called.

Other: ooooo... well i am an australian.. so.. make it.. anti-imperial for me.

and for some reason i have aquired the ability to use too many '.' in my text... so.. yeah.. sorry..............


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Name: Michael Harris

Profession: Im in college no job

Age: 18

Favorite Hobby: Girlfriend cars video games

Favorite part of halo: all

Favorite Halo: watever is popular

Favorite Video Game: Halo or forza series

Other Interests: I LOVE music

Favorite Food: Sushi!

Favorite Finisher: dont really know

Favorite Band: The devil wears prada

Favorite Movie(s): Yes man, Transformer2, Batman the dark knight

Other:I have a 99 standard transmission tansam with an ls1 motor and my neighbor is a beast and got me hooked to this stuff


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Name: Brent

Profession: Hotel front desk clerk and student

Age: 24

Favorite Hobby: Video Gaming

Favorite part of halo: Character Designs and co-op

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: GOW 2

Other Interests: I draw and I write. Also play FFXI with friends.

Favorite Food: Sushi (Wasabi Sushi restaurant in San Diego is the best)

Favorite Finisher: Final Fantasy VII Omni Slash

Favorite Band: Epica

Favorite Movie(s): FF: Advent Children, Pan's Labyrinth, 300

Other: I'll probably be browsing the forums while I'm at work, most of the time.

Black Bandit XX

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Name: Collin Demars

Profession: Author

Age: 19

Favorite Hobby: Medieval Martial Arts

Favorite part of halo: Do I have to pick only one!?

Favorite Halo: Halo CE

Favorite Video Game: Halo CE

Other Interests: Writing, Paintball, music and Red Vs Blue.

Favorite Food: Anything Italian.

Favorite Finisher: Shotgun - "You just got Sarge'd!"

Favorite Band: Rush

Favorite Movie(s): Can't pick.

Other: "I'm not mean, I just get paid to do mean things."


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hi im the new guy to the 405th and my name is jake. i came here because i always wanted halo armor for when i play my airsoft games. my friends also want some to but it is really expensive to buy. i live in the sunny state of hawaii. i want to learn how to make halo armor so i can teach my friends how to as well. i just graduated highschool in the city of Kapolei,HI. i am now employeed at taco bell and it really sucks. im glad i joined the 405th because i can get the help i need and i hope to make many new friends on the journey to make halo armor.


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Name: Kris Lindberg

Profession: unemployed for the cross country season

Age: 17

Favorite Hobby: physical stuff--sports, building, and old fashioned, manual labor

Favorite part of halo: Sgt. Johnson...'nuff said

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: CoD4

Other Interests: guitar and coffee

Favorite Food: cheesy double beef burritos

Favorite Finisher: "You just beat down [insert gamertag]"

Favorite Band: Nickel Creek or The Scene Aesthetic

Favorite Movie(s): Saving Private Ryan, 300, LOTR trilogy


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Name: Brian

Profession: Baking and Pastry student

Age: 35

Favorite Hobby: Costuming

Favorite part of halo: Creative designs

Favorite Halo: 1st

Favorite Video Game: Force Unleashed

Other Interests: Reading, sci-fi and western movies, eating

Favorite Food: pizza and cake

Favorite Band: Grateful Dead

Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars 1-6

I just started playin around with pep files and am having a blast. I have been working on a airbourne/beehive Clonetrooper from EP3 Star Wars but enjoy flipping from project to project...helps keep things 'fresh'.


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Name: Kyle

Profesion: None

Hobby: video games, reading

Favorite part of Halo: Easter eggs

Favorite Halo: 2+3

Favorite video game: Dead space+ Prototype

Favorite movie: Transformers 2

I have done pepakura a few times and have currently made a right spartan fore arm, a right upper arm, the hand plate and a grenade.
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Name: Joe Roman

Profession: CCNA for Fortune 500 Company

Age: 20

Favorite Hobby: Learning, Video Games, and Cars

Favorite part of halo: The plot

Favorite Halo: Halo 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo 3, Fallout 3

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Band: HIM

Favorite Movie(s): Action
Name: Brett LaRose

Profession: in the prosess of working at GNC and a full-time college student

Age: 18

Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Sports

Favorite part of halo: weapons and action

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo, COD series, Kingdom hearts

Other Interests: music and weight lifting

Favorite Food: Sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Band: Puddle of Mud, Atreyu, Caged the Elephant

Favorite Movie(s): Minority Report, FF Advent Children, Push, Wanted

Other: I am a competitive eater
I guess its about time I fill this in just so at least some people know me:

Name: Ash

Profession: I review and preview military gear to try and help the folks whos lives depend on it. Its not bad really, I get to play about with thousands of dollars worth of gear and try and break it! Latest pic will follow!

Age: 20, 21 this November

Favorite Hobby: Testing military gear is pretty fun

Favorite part of halo: basically the story, its just so involving.

Favorite Halo: Halo 1 for single player

Favorite Video Game: Halo

Other Interests: Making big messes making Halo props! Also, I love shooting real guns!

Favorite Food: Sushi!

Favorite Finisher: Tea bagging :)

Favorite Band: Tough choice really, probably "Sabrepulse" or "Random"

Favorite Movie(s): Gah, so many, James Bond movies (Sean Connery is the best), Old WW2 movies, Saving Private Ryan, Full metal jacket, Star Wars. I mean pretty much anything action/scifi.

Other: I'm currently in the UK, however I am moving to Austin Texas this year to marry my Texan fiancee. Infact, today I actually got approved :D . Just have to wait for the interview now. Another few months of waiting ><




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Name: Ryan Watson A.k.A Metane

Profession: State Farm 24 hour QB Agent

Age: 45-20x2%50+19

Favorite Hobby: Making Music and Gaming

Favorite part of Gears of War: Horde

Favorite Gears of war- Cant say

Favorite Video Game: Gears of War Don’t shun me but I haven’t picked up Halo 3 IM PLANNING ON IT!

Other Interests: Working, reading books, cleaning, and doing math….I lied

Favorite Food: I’m an Italian type of guy myself


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Age: 34

Favorite Hobby: Costuming and throwing events


Interested in seeing a fully built ODST armor.

Great site you guys have here. A lot of talent.


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Name:travis hasty

Profession: dog walker, lawn mower

Age: 12

Favorite Hobby: legos, i love to build halo legos,

Favorite part of halo: at the end of the third game where the ship falls a part.

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo or ace combat series

Other Interests: airsoft, building potatoe cannons.

Favorite Food: quizno's honey mustard chicken sub

Favorite Band: linkin park

Favorite Movie(s): open season 2, star wars series


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Hi every body, my real name is Claudio and I am from Brazil, Amazonas state, Manaus city( in the middle of the jungle.

Name: Claudio (dont have to put your last name if you dont want to)

Profession: Industrial Designer

Age: top secret

Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Sports

Favorite part of halo: I played halo once..Halo 2

Favorite Halo: Halo 2

Other Interests: Design skills and sport

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Movie(s): I love zombie's movie


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Name: Shane

Age: 23

Experience: UV models for CS, Hobbiest

Profession: Computer Programmer

Favorite Hobby: Killing Zombies or celebratory crouching on enemies.

Favorite Halo: Halo:CE due to the 1000's of hours spend in LAN centers and playing in Halo Nationals.

Favorite Video Game: Disgaea for the utter hilarity it provides.

Other Interests: Paintball, Halo 3, L4D, and much more.

**this post has been deemed classified on a need to know basis and is blacked out from here on**


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Name: Michał (Michael)

Age: 15

Profession: None

Favorite Hobby: Conter-Strike: Source

Favorite Halo: Halo 2

Favorite Band: Linkin Park, System of A Down, Tenacious D

Favorite Movie: Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Arby'n'chief (machinima)