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Name: Robert

Profession: Grill cook, Author/Poet

Age: 19

Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Writing

Favorite part of halo: The Elites

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game(aside from Halo): Left 4 Dead, Battlefield 1943

Other Interests: Did I mention writing? how about gaming?

Favorite Food: Pizza (Spicy BBQ Chicken)

Favorite Band: N/A (I like songs, not artists lol)

Favorite Movie(s): Hunt for Red October

Other: I tend to get in over my head.


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Profession:Marine in training/Auto Mechanic

Age: 15 (about 3 months till im 16)

Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Model Trains

Favorite part of halo: The Story line gets me into it and gives me the rush as if i am a SPARTAN

Favorite Halo:not sure

Favorite Video Game: Halo or COD series

Other Interests:SnowBoarding,Skate Boarding,Halo Stuff

Favorite Food:Chicken

Favorite Finisher:Armored Core

Favorite Band:Collective Soul/Nikel Back

Favorite Movie(s):Gone in 60 seconds,Cristine,Dukes of Hazzard the Movie,Armored Core,The Last Finish


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Name: Fabian

Profession: Searching

Age: 20

Favorite Hobby: Warhammer, Photoshop and so on

Favorite part of halo: All of it

Favorite Halo: 2

Favorite Video Game: Freelancer: Combat Evolved Mod

Other Interests: I read a lot, make digital art hanging out with friends

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Finisher: Mortal Combat Sub Zero ;)

Favorite Band: Arch Enemy

Favorite Movie(s): Too much

See you at the Forum


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Name: Ausin Rogers (a.k.a. ruler of worlds!!!!! lol jk just my room

Profession: bucking hay

Age: 14 (3 months till 15)

Favorite Hobby: Video Games, football and baseball

Favorite part of halo: machmaking ;)

Favorite Halo: halo 3 odst :lol

Favorite Video Game: Halo all the way!

Other Interests: im vary creative

Favorite Food: papa petes pizza

Favorite Band: green day!

Favorite Movie(s): hot rod, transformers 2(go megan fox!!! :eek )and saving private ryan!


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Name: Alexander Clark

Profession: Graphic Designer / 3D animator

Age: 22

Favorite Hobby: Building stuff!

Favorite part of halo: The world, the setting, all that crazy expanded universe junk :D

Favorite Halo: 1.

Favorite Video Game: It pretty much changes daily. Lots of Halo lately, though.

Other Interests: Art, astronomy, science, technology (yeah, I know. Weird interests.)

Favorite Food: Steak.

Favorite Finisher: What?

Favorite Band: Too many to count

Favorite Movie(s): Aliens, LotR, Back to the Future

Other: I'm really busy with work and home. I don't know why I'm trying to build a freaking suit of armor.

Much love to the guys on this site, I've been reading threads like mad!


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Greetings Earthlings, Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. My Name is Nathaniel Sparks, but most my friends just call me Sparky. I just graduated high school and BCTC as a Certified Chef's Apprentice. My specialty is cake. and not that boring flat stuff you find in the grocery store. I'm talking crazy three dimensional themed cakes. Here's a picture of the master chief helmet I did awhile back. 1271_559721.jpg

I'm a geek. Not the living in my mom's basement playing games all day and references everything to Halo or whatnot. I just tend to gravitate toward things like Halo, and Star Wars. It's my escape really, my happy place. I must also admit that Star Wars is my first love if I had to choose between Star Wars and Halo. However, Halo is more on the Bad ass side, and I would much rather be seen wearing MJOLNIR armor, than Storm trooper armor. There you have it. If you want to know any more about me in a non-stalker fashion, then just ask. I'm very people oriented and I love talking to people. Add me as a friend, and Happy building


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Hellow everybody! How are you?

Name: Karla Finch-Cluff

Profession: at the moment I am Unemployed, but my Husband just got a job at a local Shop & Save.

Age: 23

Favorite Hobby: Crocheting and Video games And Console modding (xbox and psp). I also plan on getting heavy into learning about this armor making! Yay!

Favorite part of halo: Has to be Multi-player, when you name your character in halo 2 something Very inappropriate (usually something sexual) and you kill some one. EX: "you were splattered by Eating C@ck". Fun as heck! Specially when you hand the controller to some one that actually aims well...

Favorite Halo: Not sure, they all have something I love in each of them.

Favorite Video Game: Fable 1 & 2, and Fallout 3, Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy 9.

Other Interests: I LOVE music, I also Love Yarn, and color in general. I also love to be around my husband.

Favorite Food: Home made Spaghetti and Pizza.

Favorite Finisher: Friendship! I forgot my fave ones tho.

Favorite Band: Rammstein, DJ Scooter, Deathclock And Dane Cook. (Dane Cook is a comedian, but he is awesome!)

Favorite Movie(s):V for Vendetta, Jay and Silent Bob Strike back

Other: My husband and I got married over a year ago, and still feel more love for each other than ever before. We have similar hobbies and interests, and very supportive of each other. By Halloween 2010, we hope to have our armor done. I plan on going as a Red Halo 3 Spartan, Branden as an ODST. We plan on helping each other out, but making our own armors ourselves.

I also like most people, and I like to help whenever I can. When I get more of the materials for the armor (a printer to start ;D) I would love to help others by asking questions and answer the questions that I know the answers to! When Hubby and I do our pieces of armor, we may use AoBFrost's Hot glue Method ( ). If I could hug AoBFrost and SkullCandy Girl, I would. Thanks for hosting this awesome forum, and for having so many wonderful people!


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Name: Bryan Mitchell

Profession: Bouncer,Soon to be Special Effects Make -Up Artist Student


Favorite Hobby: V Games,Drawing,Beer Tasting

Favorite part of halo:being the bad ass Master Chief

Favorite Halo: they all had good points

Favorite Video Game: Halo and Res Evil Series

Other Interests:Costume and Prop building

Favorite Food:pizza

Favorite Movie(s):Genre-Slasher,Horror,and Indies

other:cause of my body size the only thing I could be in the Halo Universe would a Brute or possibly a Hunter


60" chest

25" arms

33" shoulder to shoulder

44" waist


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Name: Christopher Trinh

Profession: Playing Games

Age: 13

Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Basketball(only good a defence :p)

Favorite part of Halo: When you find the flamethrower next to the odst on Floodgate

Favorite Halo: Halo 3

Favorite Video Game: Battlefield Games

Other Interests: Games, Basketball, Snow, Fishing

Favorite Food: Fruit, Pizza

Other: Always bored!

David 024

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Name:David Longworth



Favourite Hobby:Video Games

Favourite Part of Halo: When you first meet the flood

Favourite Halo:Halo 3

Favourite Video Game: Halo 3

Other Interests: Wargaming, Ice Hockey, writing, english

Favourite Food:Hypno Cake

Other:I have no idea what this part is for.

Avery Cates

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Name: Jason Yeomans.

Profession: Forbidden Planet International/Computer Exchange.

Age: 22.

Location: England.

Favourite Hobby: Toy Collecting.

Favourite Part of Halo: the soundtrack.

Favourite Halo: Halo 1 but 3's damn close sorry if you guys disagree but H2 bored me rigid.

Favourite Video Game: Deus Ex or Command & Conquer before EA got their horrible paws on it .

Other Interests: gaming, snakes, Hot Toys (the company) and many more things.

Favourite Food: Sushi.

Other: you want to know anything else, just ask :)


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Name: David

Profession: Database admin, applications developer

Age: Mentally - 16; Physically? Don't want to remember.

Favorite Hobby: Life

Favorite part of halo: The part where I shoot stuff and it dies.

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo or Republic Commando or Battlefront

Other Interests: Paintball, Republc Commando armor

Favorite Food: braised beef tortellini

Favorite Finisher: Grenades make the perfect gift

Favorite Band: Megadeth

Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars, Die Hard


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Hello just thought i intro myself

Name: Philip

Profession: Sales

Age: 29

Favorite Hobby: Video Games

Favorite part of halo: the music

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo 3, UFC Undisputed, COD, Gears, too many

Other Interests: watching movies

Favorite Food: chinese

Favorite Movie(s): Rudy, Stand by Me, Transformers, T2, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Name: Sam Martinez

Profession: I'm an army recruit and a web comic colorist

Age: 21

Favorite Hobby: Gaming, drawing, cosplaying, reading, working out

Favorite part of halo: well... i have no particular favorite. i just love how it pulls you in. an it's one of those series that can pull just about anyone in. I don't think i've met one person that has said they hated halo. maybe didn't prefer it over something, but never hated. everyone can appreciate a good story.

Favorite Halo: 3 (i've played the others, but i'm a sucker for awesome graphics)

Favorite Video Game: Halo series, the COD series and Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

Other Interests: besides all that up there. i really like paintballing when I can, I love to meet new possible friends and i love attending conventions when possible. also, my husband ^^

Favorite Food: baby back ribs

Favorite Finisher: head shots... lol

Favorite Band: Avenged Sevenfold, Drowning pool and Mindless self indulgence

Favorite Movie(s): Spawn, The notebook, Saving Private ryan, 12 rounds, taken

Other: i'm married to my high school sweetheart. and though i may be new to this site and i've never made my own armor... i've always wanted to so badly... it's always been an ambition for several years now. i've just never had the time for it.


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Name: Sam [Last name goes here]

Age: 15

Occupation: Highschool Student

Favorite Hobby: Amtgard (Think of about 40 people bashing eachother with foam swords) And Airsofting

Favorite part of halo: The armor and the feel of being part of something big.

Favorite Halo: 1, cause it's the only one I got.

Favorite Video Game: Halo for pc. Dad smashed my X-box.

Other Interests: Cooking, joining the navy, and martial arts. I'm a brown belt in GoJu Karate.

Favorite Food: All

Favorite Finisher: Melee attack.

Favorite Band: Buckethead.

Favorite Movie(s): All of the Halloween movies (Except three, which has nothing to do with Michael Myers) And Texas Chainsaw. And all Friday the 13th.

Other: Mainly I just want to make armor for airsoft Military Simulation.


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Name: Eldan

Profession: part time at the bowling alley

Age: 17

Favorite Hobby: music, and bodyboarding

Favorite part of halo: destroying the scarab

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video: idk dont really have one

Other Interests: girlfriend

Favorite Food: STEAK!

Favorite Finisher: the gears of war curb stomp where you flip them over and smash their face

Favorite Band: slipknot

Favorite Movie(s): transformers 1 & 2

Other: fun stuff

Panda 001

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Name: Isaac Josue Roldan Martinez Moran (i know it has 5 names, lucky me mhh)

Age: 22

Profession: Part time cook and Part time Personal Driver.

Favorite Hobby: Halo games books and comics, Drawing, Clay modeling, Anime, Movies, Music and Halo Games.

Favorite Part of Halo: Storyline

Favorite Halo: The whole Enchiladas

Favorite Video: PUTO By MOLOTOV

Other Interest: Visiting the family in Mexico, and going out with friends, at least once a month, thats if i have time (Bills:'() oh, and girls. ;)


Favorite Finisher: Stuck From the Grave.

Favorite Band: MOLOTOV, SLIPKNOT, CAFE TACVBA, TENACIOUS D, (if the "music" annoys someone, that's my doing)

Favorite Movies: Not enough space to type. genra is easier, SciFi, Horror, Comedy and documentaries.

Other: anything that keeps me awake and entertain, ADD is not something easy to get rid off.

Hell, not the easiest thing to do , but and armor for a 5.7 280 round dude, but im making the freaking armor, and i know it will be really sweet, hilarious nontheless.



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Name: Tyler Goodwin

Profession: Work at a local grocery store "Pic-Pac."

Age: 17

Favorite Hobby: Video Games, sports, computers.

Favorite part of Halo: Online, Mainly MLG.

Favorite Halo: Halo: Halo 2.

Favorite Video Game: TES: Morrowind, COD Series. KOTOR.

Other Interests: I make my own Techno, and Hip Hop.

Favorite Food: Pizza, Chicken.

Other: Layed Back.


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Name: Adonis Adonis

Profession: thread end pipe inspector

Age: 28

Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Digital Art, Warhammer 40K

Favorite part of halo: collecting skulls

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo Series, Metal Gear Series, Devil may Cry Series and COD4

Other Interests: mountain biking, swimming, going to comic conventions

Favorite Food: Adobo

Favorite Finisher: Curb Stomp

Favorite Band: Oasis and Aerosmith

Favorite Movie(s): LOTR, Star wars, bourne series

It all started when im looking for a home-made costumes for my kids...then i saw something about pepakura...then looked that up. then i saw posts about Halo Armors. now, im hooked... im currently making armors for my kids (2 boys) which i know theyll just wear for ONE holloween, then ill make one for myself.


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Ok, now to be really old =P

Name: Richard

Proffession: Security/Bodyguard

Age: 39

Fav Hobbies: Anything that challenges the creative streak in me.

Fav Video Game: Halo 1

Other Interests: Airsoft, fishing and pretty much anything outdoors.

Marital Status: Married

Guess that's it. not much to me at all....nice to meet you all!