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Name: Christopher

Profession: Network Engineer

Age: 40

Favorite Hobby: Jiu Jitsu

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Food: Lasgna

Others: Clay Sculptures

Favorite Band: Metallica

Favorite Cartoon: Simpsons

Marital Status: Married

Favorite Movie: District 9


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Name: Adam Herrera

Profession: United States Army Reserve, Army Band

Age: 24

Favorite Hobby: Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Cars

Favorite part of halo: Hanging out with friends all night blowing stuff up

Favorite Halo: 2

Favorite Video Game: COD4

Other: Just graduated from the University of Wisconsin Platteville majoring in Building Construction Management

Favorite Food: Anything spicy


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Name: James "Jae" Curtis

Profession: Telecommunications Field Engineer

Age: 27

Favorite Hobby: Video Games

Favorite part of halo: I really enjoy the story, some of the books are fantastic.

Favorite Halo: Tie - Halo 3 and ODST

Favorite Video Game: Halo

Other Interests: I sing/scream in a heavy metal band called "Silence the Blind"

Favorite Food: Lobster

Favorite Finisher: Chainsaw bayonet

Favorite Band(s): Slayer, Pantera, Old Metallica, InFlames

Favorite Movie(s): Memphis Belle, Boondock Saints

Other: I have a BFA in sculpture, most of my work was in Iron/Steel fabrication


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Name: Laurence G. Bisdee

Profession: Paperboy

Age: 15

Favorite Hobby: Running

Favorite part of halo: Playing live with a big group of friends

Favorite Halo: 1

Favorite Video Game: Elder Scrolls: Oblivian

Other Interests: Running, triathlons, swimming, games, friends, free-runnign, acting, films

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Band: The Editors

Favorite Movie(s): Fight Club


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Name: Dewka (my callsign)

Profession: Aircraft mechanic and maintenance scheduler

Age: 43 (does that make me the Old Man? )

Favorite Hobby: scale modeling

Interests: Helicopters, military aircraft, running clubs and costuming.

Favorite Food: Mex,Italian and Sushi. Wrap it up, Ill eat it!

Favorite Movie(s): Hart to pin down. Easier to pin my favorite director,Ridley Scott.

Been costuming with the 501st Legion for a year and a half, mostly doing charity troops. I troop almost every weekend. Looking for a new skillset and armor I dont have to pay N pray for.


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Name: Zedd works fine.

Profession: Cashier at a Shoppers (Grocery store), soon to be Data Entry for the Census.

Age: 28

Favorite Hobby: Building & collecting models and figures of various mecha and characters.

Favorite part of Halo: "Thanks for the tank. HE never gets me anything." "Oh, I know what the ladies like."

Favorite Halo: ODST

Favorite Video Game: Ocarina of Time and/or Twilight Princess (GCN)

Other Interests: Playing the sax (E flat Alto), paintballing, cosplaying, writing and attempts at drawing. Hanging out with friends and nerding out over the stuff we love.

Favorite Food: A Davino's Italian sub (local Italian place)

Favorite Finisher: Sticky to the back of a Sniper's head. >D

Favorite Band: Varies

Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars, Bulletproof Monk, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Voltron, Macross: Do You Remember Love? name a few. :)

Other: Just hoping to find some folks to swap ideas and tricks with for costuming and maybe some friends to geek out about HALO with as well. d(^_^d)


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Name: Nicolò

Profession: Farmacy student

Age: 21

Favorite Hobby: Video Games and programming

Favorite part of halo: The story part where they fight in the Earth

Favorite Halo: 1

Favorite Video Game: Halo and World of Warcraft

Other Interests: Love music, volunteer on the italian red cross

Favorite Food: a lot

Favorite Band: Kraftwerk

Favorite Movie(s): District 9, Band of Brothers, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, V for Vindict, Hot Fuzz


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Name: Jason

Profession: CNC Laser Operator

Age: 35

Favorite Hobby: Making movies paintball

Favorite part of halo: The weapons

Favorite Halo: 1

Favorite Video Game: Grand Theft Auto(all of them)

Favorite Food: Anything greasy

Favorite Band: Rob Zombie

Favorite Movie(s): Dawn of the dead(the original),Serenity,Shaun of the dead


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Name: DJ Carter

Profession: College Student

Age: 20

Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Making Things, Airsoft, Building and Racing Cars

Favorite part of Halo: Comradery formed with firends while playing Halo

Favorite Halo: Halo 3 ODST

Favorite Video Game: Halo or Forza Motorsports

Other Interests: Reading, long walks by the beach, and general urge to get up and dance.

Favorite Food: Sushi or really good cheescake

Other: Nice website


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Name: S.C.

Profession: Currently unemployed, woo fun

Age: 23

Favorite Hobby: Building stuff.

Interests: I like late night drives through cities, I think that's pretty chill.

Favorite Food: Italian.

Other: I'm an official member of the Mandalorian Mercs costume club, though I joined 405th before I ever found them. I think it might be time to actually make myself some sweet Halo armor.


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Name: Fer Studdebaker

Profession: I am in college :p

Age: 20

Favorite Hobby: music and halo pretty much

Favorite part of halo: when the arbiter says "We Traided One Villain For Another One" in the cutsene after you killed the prophet in H3, brings the lulz

Favorite Halo: 1

Favorite Video Game: well halo duh

Other Interests: i love music, it has to be one of the things that satisfy me the most

Favorite Food: idk, italian?

Favorite Finisher: hmm, reptile deff

Favorite Band: at the moment, converge or Between the buried and me

Favorite Movie(s): American History X, Ninth Gate

Other: uhmm, HERROOO (in team america sound)


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hi my nameis joe my first project is to make m.c armour for the reales of halo reach i am a big fan and have most of the halo colcetibles

age 15

hight 6.2

whight 145lb

intersts sports,games,fishing

living in naples fl

here for info and friends and tradeing

and last i like to make preety thing and cool things to make and ware tip to pope ware you armour and get inside of game stop on the relase date for free and to cut lines as well to all of the halo fans did it four years ago and it worked for the relase of halo


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Name: Wil


Age: [not too young not too old]

Favorite Hobby: Video Games

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: MW2, Halo:ODST, too many to list

Other Interests: Meh,

Favorite Food: I eat everything

Favorite Movie(s): Cant think of a good one that i like the most


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Name: Max

Profession: Unemplyed but finisged uni and school

Age: 21

Location: Under London in Kenley

Favourite Hobby: Making Iron Man armor

Favourite Iron Man Mark: Mark V

Favourite Video Game: Definately "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2" it is epic

Other Interests: stopmotions, drawing and designing

Favourite Food: Escargo (not sure how to spell)

Favourite Movie: Iron Man

Stuff I'll do here: will be making iron man things like a helmet and other parts of the armor


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Name: "DAMIAN"

Profession: CEO Specialized Event Producer & Former Stuntman/Actor

Age: 40

Location: Norther California (East Bay Area)

Favorite Hobby: Prop Concepts

Favorite Video Game: Any of the Battlefield series and Call of Duty series

Other Interests: Costuming & Weapons

Favorite Food: Food is food.... goes in one hole, comes out another.... it is all good! LOL

Favorite Movie: Training Day

Why am I here: I am here because I like the fact that there is a community that is structured on building a community.... and one in which knowledge no matter how big or small can be shared and even encouraged bartering. From what I have read already on in this group, I have the ability to contribute things that I have learned over the years stemming from my stint in the military but also my knowledge and experience from my time as a stunt man/actor that had to deal with costuming, props and technology. I also look forward to learning what I can from other that wish to share their experiences and creations and therefore growing the community event more! :) That is not my two cents but rather a quarter... it is ok, keep the change!


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Name: Tony

Profession: Electrician

Age: 34

Favorite Hobby: S.C.U.B.A. diving

Favorite part of halo: Playing as Master Chief

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo Series

Other Interests: Playing airsoft, playing video games, collecting Star Wars items, football...go Colts!, continuing education.

Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars!!!!

More about me: I'm wanting to learn more about costume making so I may build my own Spartan suit. Then on to working on a Boba Fett outfit.

lee wilks

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name: nick

age: 15

job: used to wash dishes at a cafe

hobbies: reading, writing, working on my MC suit, and other stuff

favorite food: steak, and sushi

favorite video game: halo 3


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hi im new to the forum will be posting some pics of some of the things i have made. i have only started to learn from ithca. hope to cont. my work. im 22 male in the army. till then -wild man


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Name: Nathan Wolfram

Profession: Rite Aid associate (Dont' laugh!!)

Age: 20

Favorite Hobby: i like to create, i have many little projects.

Favorite part of halo: the story is kick ass, but i love to pop those little grunts in the head.

Favorite Halo: Combat Evolved, hands down.

Favorite Video Game: Halo, Fable, original Mario Bros. from the NES.

Other Interests: My girlfriend.

Favorite Food: Little Ceasars pizza!

Favorite Finisher: huh?!

Favorite Band: AC/DC (old school)

Favorite Movie(s): Halo (if it ever happens)LOTR, New Batman movies, The Patriot (you get the point, action/adventure)

Other: i am a father, my son is almost 3.


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Name: Edward Martin

Profession: US Army

Age: 22

Favorite Hobby:Video games, comics, working out, motorcycles

Favorite part of halo: That the Spartan are close nit, like family

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Other Interests: see above

Favorite Food: plantain

Favorite Finisher: Captain Americas star and stripes, marvel vs capcom

Favorite Band: Linkin Park, Paramore

Favorite Movie(s): RVB


I am currently stationed in IRAQ and found this site while browseing the net. I became EXTREMELTY interested and decided to make a suit when i get back, this site keeps me sane while i'm here.

and help you all give will be appriciated.

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