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hello every one looks like I'm the new recruit in this out fit so please no hassing yet.

Name: kyle

Profession: butcher (sams club)

Age: 26

Favorite Hobby: Video Games, warhammer 40k, jeeps on and off trail

Favorite part of halo: not to sure.

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo 3 and World of warcraft (i know its addictive)

Favorite Food: steaks

Favorite Band: dropkick murphys, rancid, gold finger, many others but these are my top three

Favorite Movie(s): beatlejuice, akira, fear and loathing in las vegas

halo 3 gamertag: Vaxadeki

can't think of anything else at the moment but if i do i'll edit


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Heya! I actally signed up quite awhile ago, but I'm lazy.

Name: Jordan

Profession: film student

Age: 20, soon to be 21.

Favorite Hobby: drawing, watching films, flying planes, doing special effects make-up, and playing video games with friends.

Favorite part of halo: hanging with friends and having a bash while killing each other. and nathan fillion. and the rest of the cast of Firefly.

Favorite Halo: 3 ODST

Favorite Video Game: Halo 3 ODST / Left 4 Dead / Kingdom Hearts I/II / Rockband The Beatles ...gotta like that mix.

Other Interests: I really really love to draw. I try writing now and then... but eh. Big time movie buff. Became a certified private pilot not too long ago (yay!)

Favorite Food: Red Lobster biscuits... or mac and cheese... both.

Favorite Finisher: I unno, i think a gravity hammer is good the beginning and finishing, yes? BAM! Said the lady!

Favorite Band: The Beatles (though my favorite song is Hotel California by the Eagles)

Favorite Movie(s): Jaws, Singing in the Rain, Hot Fuzz, Die Hard, Cowboy Bebop the Movie, V for Vendetta, In Bruges... and alot more.

Other: I'm a Browncoat.


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Name: Mikey Lord

Profession: Full-time gamer

Age: 18

Favorite Hobby: Buildin stuff with my hands

Favorite part of halo: The story for sure. I have read all the books like a billion times.

Favorite Video Game: Halo or Area 51(the big arcade one)

Other Interests: Explosions and Fire and Stuff

Favorite Food: Bacon

Favorite Band: Family Force 5 (theres a Long list tied for second)

Favorite Movie(s): Serenity, I Am Legend, stuff like that.

soul products

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im brand new. lets get to work

Name:brandon 'bandai' cherveny

Profession:haha profession....

Age: 16

Favorite Hobby: video games, and prop making

Favorite part of halo: sleeping grunts and how they freak when u stick them XP

Favorite Halo: 1, 2, 3, so on so forth

Other Interests: airsoft and marching band

Favorite Food: japanese anything( that i can pronounce)

Favorite Finisher: dr octagonapus blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Favorite Band: avenged sevenfold, breaking benjamin, slipknot, system of a down

Favorite Movie(s): transformers 2 and dark knight

Other: rawwwwwwwwwwwr


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Name: Jay Smith

Profession: Trader Joe's and Student

Age: 27

Favorite Hobby: This, now...

Favorite part of halo: I love the new Co-op!

Favorite Halo: ODST

Favorite Video Game: ODST, Mass Effect, Oblivion

Other Interests: Bikes, Films

Favorite Food: Pizza!

Favorite Finisher: Link defeats Gannon.

Favorite Band: The Specials, The English Beat, Hepcat, 2Tone Records!

Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars OT

Other: I just like to learn and make.

Hey everybody! I've been doing papercraft as a hobby for a while, but I'm new to costuming and replica production. I want to learn how to make the best suit of ODST armor I can!
Name: Lucious Talvloinne

Profession: Retail

Age: 34

Favorite Hobby: Costuming. Part of the 501st Legion, and head of Royal Guards.

Favorite part of Costuming. Getting to see the joy and happiness we give to kids and adults letting them see the fantasy a reality.

Favorite Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

I came here to learn more on pepakura. Working on making some Star Wars guard related armour with this. Always great to learn new costuming aspects.

teckno viking

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Name: Jason

Profession: Full time parent & Student

Favorite Hobby: ALIENS (member of the UKCM), Space:Above & Beyond (Member of the SFH), HALO, Judge Dredd & many more collecting, Costuming (Aliens, S:AAB, HALO & Judge to follow)

Favorite part of halo: When it comes out on pc :D

Favorite Halo: HALO2 (as HALO3 & ODST havn`t come out on pc)

Favorite Video Game: HALO games, L4D (when drunk), Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising (the new Ghost Recon :p)

Other Interests: Prop Building, Movie collectables, films, family

Favorite Band: Rammstein, Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc etc

Favorite Movie(s): ALIEN franchise, Predator franchise, AVP franchise, Arnie films, Anime, etc


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New NOOBIE... hopefully one of these days, I can start on a Halo costume project :D

Name: call me Lee

Profession: Stay at home Dad

Age: 28

Favorite Hobby: Cars and Computers, hopefully get into the whole costume scene

Favorite Video Game: Right now, BioShock...

Other Interests: Play lots of volleyball, fix cars in my free time, mess with computers, and just have fun with my son...

Favorite Food: Mac and cheese! :D


Favorite Band: I listen to pretty much all kinds of music so I don't really have any favorites...

Favorite Movie(s): Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen....SO EPIC!

Other: I'm a regular fat, Hmong guy that's 5'6....LOL what else do you wanna know?


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Name: Damon H

Profession: US Army

Age: 21

Favorite Hobby: Dagorhir and VFX

Favorite part of halo: Player versus Player and the wicked Sci Fi adventure, the lore ;)

Favorite Halo: All

Favorite Video Game: Console (Halo 3) PC (World of Warcraft)

Other Interests: D&D and most RPGs with friends :)

Favorite Food: BBQ

Favorite Finisher: Grenade to toss the corpse about, Ragdollin'

Favorite Band: Lady Gaga (not a band but I am obsessed)

Favorite Movie(s): A Clockwork Orange, Dr. Horrible, and anything drenched in story and FX.

Other: I'm in Iraq but learning as much as I can so I can get a suit made when I get back.

Southpaw Jim

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Name: Jim

age: almost 30

Profession: IT guy, and father of 4 year old Twins

last profession: U.S. Marine

favorite part of halo: the awe factor that came from playing the campaign of halo 2 and halo 3. It felt like an epic game. Halo: ODST just didn't have that feel. Also the music of halo 2 and halo 3 felt 'epic'. ODST just didn't.

interest: armor making and molding.

that's it..


"how come they didn't have cool toys like this when i was a kid??"


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Hello, I'm a new member here. A friend and I have gained an interest in making Halo Armor, we are determined to see it through.

Name: Drew Gourley

Profession: Web Designer/Graphic Designer

Age: 24

Favorite Hobby: I have aquariums.

Favorite part of halo: I really like the depth of the story -- plus, my wife likes to play multiplayer.

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo

Other Interests: Crazy projects that end in me having halo armor.

Favorite Food: Cottage Cheese

Favorite Finisher: A nice after dinner wine?

Anyways -- my buddy has vast expierience in all of the resin/bondo materials as he spent years in the auto-body profession -- and as a graphic designer I bring lots of papercraft experience and methods, as well as patience. I can also READ which helps a lot, because I have already gone through all of the tutorials after my first 1/2 helmet pepakura process. I tossed it, and started again. The Tutorials here are AWESOME and have already taught me a TON in the way of making these things. As I got farther along in the second paper helmet's process I realized that I had scaled it down just a little too much, but I saw it through to completion. I can get it on my head, but it is far too snug. Making lemons out of lemonade though -- we will be using it as a practice piece and it will be a fun prop to have around once it is done and painted, plus it is perfect for a younger kid, maybe we can give it to someone in the community who wants a sweet halo-ween costume. Anyways, I have just finished my Third helmet-pep from FlyingSquirrel's model which was considerably easier to build than the first two which were from a different model. I also scaled it correctly and it fits very well -- with lots of room to breathe for padding and such. I'll start a post with pictures soon.


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Name: Kevin

Profession: Cook

Age: 24

Favorite Hobby: prop design, gamer

Favorite part of halo: the story line

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: halo or wow

Other Interests: gaming, computer building, prop design, music

Favorite Food: comfort
Name: Matthew

Profession: 911 Dispatcher

Age: 22

Favorite Hobby: Just about anything creative.

Favorite Part of Halo: Guilty Spark. Rotten little snot he is >D.

Favorite Halo: Halo: Combat Evolved

Favorite Video Game: Hmm...That's a toughie. I'll go ahead with, 'It's Classified.'

Other Interests: Gaming, Writing, Reading, Working, Getting Paid, Miniatures

A pleasure to meet you all!


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Name: Joe L.

Profession: Technological and Military student

Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Sports, Rocketry, IED/IEW

Favorite part of halo: The Story line gets me into it and gives me the rush as if i am Master Chief (I like to get really involved in the story)!!

Favorite Halo: 1/2

Favorite Video Game: Halo or COD series

Other Interests: Guns, Military Vehicles, Custom electronics and Costumes

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Band: Whatever I am in the mood for

Favorite Movie(s): HellFighters, The Bourne Series, Analyze This, The Hunt for Red October

Other: I am looking for an elite member, I wish to be an apprentice


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Hi guys and girls

Name: Luis

Profession: student (arquitecture)

Age: 19

Favorite Hobby: music, paintball, videogames, movies...

Favorite part of halo: the outstanding enhanced habilities of the Spartans. Master Chief rules!! \m/

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo 3 and Gears of War 2

Other Interests: same above

Favorite Food: Lasagna

Favorite Finisher: No-scope headshot or a stealth melee right in the butthole

Favorite Band: The Beatles, AC-DC, Velvet revolver, Nirvana...


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Name: Gabriel Franco but my user name and all that is Blitzkrieg as you can tell so call me by Blitzkrieg or Blitz for short

Age: 17

Hobbies: playvideo games, watch tv who doesnt lol, build stuff which im currently workingon my Spartan armor, get online stuff on this website and others too.


Profession i want to be: A director on making movies duh thats what a director is, Vetenarion or join the army.

Favorite games: Halo 2 and 3, Kill zone and killzone 2,

Favorite movies: Transformers 1&2, The matrix all three movies, alvin and the chimpmunks.

Favorite band: Communique, the beetles, acdc, rob zombie, linkin park, trading yesterday, guns n roses, all american rejects.

Other interests: science fiction, making other halo stuff.

Favorite foods: pizza, hamburgers, steak, bake potato.

Favorite restearaunts: Macdonalds, KFC, Wonderful house (chinese food), burgerking, taco johns, pizzahut, Yoshinoa.

Other things: if you want to talk i will so add me or simply email me :) this goes to all guys and girls


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Name: Jon Tautkus

Profession:Computer specialist(prefer not to say (counter)hacker)

part time paintball field specialist and tutor(for those who don't know how to play)

Age: 15 as of Sept. 27

favorite hobby: video games and paintball

favorite part of halo: Halo 2: Scarab

favorite halo:1

Favorite video game: MW2 Halo series

other interests: My GF

favorite food: Spaghetti O's with meatballs

favorite finisher: T-Bag

favorite band:undecided

Favorite movies:die hards

other: hate wires


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name: zach

Favorite halo: 3

favorite armor: odst

i dont want to say much else other than im intending to make a MA5c assult rifle without using papakura,

plus if i get that done i will also make an odst costume


Name: Jonathan Friends Call Me "J"

Profession:Supervisor Internet tech Support

Age: 26

Favorite Hobby: Prop Making, Web Design, SFX w/different Programs

Favorite part of halo: The Shotgun

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: Halo or Final Fantasy

Other Interests: Traveling... Prop making... Film Industry

Favorite Food: Ramen, Chinese Food, Italian

Favorite Finisher: Mortal Kombat Ultimate Sub Zero Move's

Favorite Band: Likin Park

Favorite Movie(s): Hackers, A Man Called Hero,Storm Riders, Push, Avatar to many to remember
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