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could anyone get me some pics of the jackals WITH the "helmet". my bud and i are considering doing one, but id like to see a pic to know what i'd need before i do it

thanks for the support guys! i went to get the pics myself in halo 1 pc, but realised how dreadfully low res they are :p
not many pics of them

well i can get pics of them....... and that reminds me i still have pictures for someone that i need to upload, whoever it was that asked me for screenshots im sorry i forgot to upload them XD.
monster, great pic, but i need one with the helmt. i can still use the body.though!

and manc, yes please! try to get them with the helmet :p

they wear helmets?!?!!?!?! man never noticed that i just blew them up with grenades or a fuel rod gun.
they do in h1, anyways... sometimes :p

i use a pistol to kill em. i shoot at their arm

edit: heres one with helmet:
hmm well i cant get pictures of halo 1 so if you find one with a helmet in halo 2 tell me what level its on.
then cant you get some screens if your on your computer press the print screen button then go paste it in paint or somthing.
i know i can, but the graphics suck compared to h2, so i figured id get some up-to-date pics with better quality
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