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Jun-A266 WIP & Augmented Reality System & AEG

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by nemesis2500, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. nemesis2500


    Thom A293 thanks man! I really appreciate the compliment, means a lot coming from a skilled modeller like you.

    On a side note, progress is going to slow a little now, I'm still waiting for confirmation to post a side project this on this forum (I believe it should be passable to post here), in addition, I'm revisiting my old augmented reality project, and hopefully I'll be developing some additional electronics to sit inside the suit too, all this will slow down my CAD workflow but it's also essential as I need to know what I'm putting in the suit so I can make fixings onto the suit for it. I'll hopefully get a full post out on it soon, see ya'll soon.
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  2. nemesis2500


    Update time, finished the CAD work on the shins:
    Shin_2 v22.png
    Shin_2 v23.png
    Hope y'all enjoy, :)
  3. comics1996

    comics1996 New Member

    Shouldn't the hoad not be that light of green? As the game model looks like it has a darker green on it. Kind of looks more like a Jedi hood to me.
  4. nemesis2500


    comics1996 You're right about the colour difference, the hood on Jun is the same colour as the Sage colour in the customisation, my hood is made from olive green fabric, the difference is clearly visible in the image below where I took a sample of Jun's hood and a sample of mine:
    It's not that the hood is darker, it's more washed out green for want of a better word, unfortunately I spent a long time searching for an appropriate fabric and the material for the hood I found was the closest I could get, however if in future I do bump into a more accurate fabric I'll be sure to pick it up. Thanks for the feedback.
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  5. StayFrosty


    The chest looks awesome! Is it multiple parts for printing?
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  6. mblackwell1002


    I'm sure I can make up some sound effects for how awesome this is. Maybe...wangalongadonga? Eh?
    as good as Papeesheewoosh?
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  7. comics1996

    comics1996 New Member

    That is good hope you get some of that color soon. Yet, at least you have something that is close to what it like for now.
  8. nemesis2500


    StayFrosty nah, it's not sliced yet, currently it still hasn't made it out of the CAD software as there's still more work to be done!

    mblackwell1002 Haha, thanks, we seriously need an off topic for a dictionary of your sound effects. :D

    comics1996 Thanks, I might try finding away of releasing some of the colour from the fabric but I think it'll just make it lighter if I do which isn't the desired effect. So I'll have to keep hold of the patterns and re-make it in future.

    Update time, the space diaper is done:
    Codpiece v33.png
    Codpiece v33_back.png
    Hope y'all enjoy.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2017
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  9. StayFrosty


    I wouldn't even be embarrassed to wear that diaper.
  10. TOWLBiscuits


    Seems like everybody is building reach suits at the moment :D Sick job on the renders they look amazing.
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  11. nemesis2500


    StayFrosty Nor would I. It's the height of diaper fashion, :)

    TOWLBiscuits Thanks man, hopefully I'll slice these models up and start printing them off soon. :)

    A little compilation in blender of progress so far:

    Next step of the project:
    See you all soon, :D
  12. nemesis2500


    Plot twist, progress HAS started on the boots but I was contemplating how to make them and figured it could be better to print only specific parts and make the rest out of EVA foam.
    So in the mean time I revisited the torso which had a few little bits missing so, here is the new torso with ab-plate and weird back stuff:
    Torso v147.png
    Torso v136.png
    There's still that small bit that sits in between the ab-plate and torso and I'm debating how to make that at the moment so it will turn up at some point.

    In addition the FJ-Para shins are done:
    Shin_2 v36.png

    See you all with more progress soon, :D

    Edit: Sooner than I thought apparently, I was playing around with blender and re did the file for the handplates using sharp edges this time, the result:
    So I get the smooth surface and sharp corners now, will have these printed in no time. :)

    Edit 2: Well, should've waited before making the first part of this post, :whistle: Anyway, more progress! Taking the existing files for the boot (modelled by Ruze) I took them into blender, smoothed and shelled them for printing, and the finished result:
    Hope y'all enjoy. :D
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2017
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  13. nemesis2500


    Time for one last update this holiday.
    Thanks to the marvellous help of mblackwell1002 we have a new more accurate bicep model! I present biceps 2.0:
    BICEP Left Male v25 v28.png
    BICEP Left Male v25 v28_back.png

    I also have a little side project which I'll take some photos and put up once I get some decent light and I've printed of the new hand plates.
    See y'all soon, :D
  14. Your renderings are beautiful and I can't wait to see some of your prints.
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  15. mblackwell1002


    *Crowd cheers* *people spill their drinks in their laps*, *people gasp in awe!*

    FYI, nemesis, renders typically look a little better in lighter, less shiny colors. It really helps showcase the detail that way.
    just sayin' :p

    HINT, HINT!!:D
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2017
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  16. nemesis2500


    Thanks guys. Can't wait to start printing stuff off, :D

    And hint taken Blackwell. Lighter colours from now on, what's the point in modelling all the detail if no one can even see it, :p
  17. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    This is all coming out amazing. I showed my boys your progress and they're all.... oh I want to be Jun lol. Then theyre all wait I want to be noble 6. Then they want a halo 5 armor. Damn kids......So I don't know I'm holding off until they get a better idea of what they want to spend the time on. But anyways keep all the great stuff coming can't wait to see some of this stuff printed.
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  18. nemesis2500


    Free file time!

    So I thought it was about time I post the files I've made: Suit.zip
    Now then, as for usage of this, to any who download it, they're NOT scaled, you will have to scale before printing, the models are also NOT sliced, so you'll need to slice the models up for your print bed size, if you're in need of software for that, Autodesk netfab basic is both free and has a mesh cutting tool. The only model in that folder I'd advise against using in its current state is the forearm as it was one of my first models and I intend on re modelling it to make it far more game accurate, in addition I'd like to give credit to Ruze who is the original creator of the boot (which I am in the process of re modelling in CAD) and hand plates, I only increased the resolution. :)

    Hope y'all enjoy. :D
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  19. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Awesome thanks these are amazing. Once again another big contribution to this community. I think with all the hi res models everyone's been contributing we're going to be seeing some epic builds.
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  20. nemesis2500


    Hi all, haven't made much progress lately on the CAD work or making the armour, however I have made progress on my augmented reality system, so without further ado I present my augmented reality system 2.0:
    Nerd disclaimer, this post will get very nerdy.
    So the system is based on a raspberry pi, again like my last project it's coded in python, however I've re made the system since last, last time the system was laggy as python was only using ~25-30 of the CPU, the program has been re-made using a threading system, so one thread pulls in the images from the pi-cam, the other displays the image. This system substantially improved the FPS I get (from ~8-10 to ~20) and this is only on a model 2, on a version 3 I would see another increase in performance. Now as for the GUI creation and how it'll look, the initial plan was to create jpg or png overlays, however this system proved unfeasible after I had to dabble in image blending which drastically decreased frames and tinted the image, so with all that in mind it left me with the draw features in CV2 (the image editing and analysis library I'm using for python), these draw features barely affect the FPS and so seems the most efficient way of creating a GUI, the draw features are very basic and so it'll take a lot of work to make it into a nice looking spartan inspired GUI.
    On to the actual features of the AR system, I plan to include a temperature sensor, accelerometer, ultrasonic range finder and maybe a few more features, the plan is to have the sensors being read in by an arduino board (as raspberry pi's only have digital pins) which will be fed into the raspberry pi either by I2C or serial connection.
    I'll post some images at a later date as it's dark here now and they'd be low quality.

    Hope y'all enjoy the content, I know it's a wall of text and I'll take photo's and edit them in tomorrow, in the mean time, see you all soon :D
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  21. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Can I like double like things? If I could I would double like a lot.... Great pieces man, can't wait for the whole suit.

    One tip I have for you is that a log of people build their parts but don't include all the chests detail. With you 3d modeling this and putting so much time into it, I'd think it would be cool if you also made the neck to cheat seal part and the black arm extension cover pieces that go on the sides of the chest. There are a few ways to do it, like you could go off of the Kat suit bungie made for there deliver hope trailer which had bigger, black arm extension cover things... Whatever they are called. Anyways man, great job, love the progress!
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  22. mblackwell1002


    Oh, yes! nerdy stuff! my favorite! you might have to make a tut on how you made this, because, well...who doesn't want an augmented-reality Halo HUD? I mean seriously!
    How many super-cool Spartan HUDs could be made?! You need to get your hands on Microsoft HoloLens, you would be unstoppable in the world of Halo HUDs.

    But Wow, this will be super cool!
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  23. What is your output for the display going to be?
  24. nemesis2500


    Thom A293 Thanks man! You're right about the neck seal, that was on my radar (but I'm prone to a bit of procrastination ;) ) . Anyway, the arm extension covers? Mind posting a picture? I'm eager to model in all the detail and make it as accurate as possible so any help is really appreciated!

    mblackwell1002 Oh boy, a tutorial, that'll be fun, I can give it a shot but no guarantee it'll work, :D and I wish, but it's still a prototype and when it's released it'll cost way too much for me.

    Viridiana Sovari The output is an analogue lcd screen which comes with the Quantum DIY FPV goggles V2, it's being powered off a LiPo battery which is also being linked to a 5v converter to power the raspberry pi.
  25. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Yeah I know my explanation was not the best... Ok so here is what I meant:

    Over a lot of concept art suits, in game suits, and real life suits, there are a few different ways that the design of the chest to arm seal was done.
    The in game suit does something like this:
    The seal extends out from the chest and wraps around the arm tightly. The shape seams to be ")" with the arm hole cutout about center.

    Here are two concept art suits:

    The top one extends straight inward and has added detail in it, so pretty much like "I". The second one doesn't seam to have one, or it is a very pulled in and dark design, so I am guessing the shape is "(".

    And lastly the Bungie outsourced Deliver Hope Kat suit (one of the best suits I have seen):
    This one has the arm seal extended up and around slightly while the forward and backward movement of the arm is increased by the seal being brought in a bit more. All total it is kinda a "/" shape with the bottom being brought back out slightly.

    This is what I meant and I didn't really know what to call it:D.
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