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Jun-A266 WIP & Augmented Reality System & AEG

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by nemesis2500, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. ReClaimer8015


    Actually this one made me start thinking about making my own suit.
    Brings back the memories.....and all those years later im still without one:lol:
    The costume was made by legacy effects and worn by the model jordan konkel.
    600x600.jpg halo-girl-kat-jordan.jpg
    They re-used it later in the fall of reach mini series as kellys armor.
    The black undersuit extension pieces are looking like soft parts here - i think it was a rubber mold from the 3d printed prototype.
    Keep in mind that you wanna be able to move your arms so dont model it to tight;)

    Ah, and thanks for posting the files(y)
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  2. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Even though the Kat suit is not 100% accurate, Baaaa it is such a great looking suit. I didn't know that it was reused for the other suit, I just thought they made another one. My guess then is that was probably the same with Thoms suit in the trailer, reusing it with a new coat of paint.
  3. ReClaimer8015


    Uuups, i ment the forward unto dawn movie....o_O
    The scene in the pelican - to be precise.
  4. nemesis2500


    First off, sorry for the absence guys, I got really ill but I should be back now :D
    Thom A293 thanks for those photo's! I'm not sure which one I'll model in yet, but it'll probably be the one that allows the most movement without sacrificing too much of the aesthetic of the suit.
    ReClaimer8015 Thanks for the photo's they'll be really useful for reference, as for the arm seals (for want of a better description). That's an interesting method, unfortunately I don't have the facilities to cast anything here so I'll have to either 3D print the seal or make it out of foam.

    As for updates, unfortunately none, as I briefly mentioned at the start of the post I've been ill since last Saturday so I've been confined to bed since then so no progress sadly. Anyway, as for plans now, onto modelling the thighs! Then I'll come back to the torso and add the shoulder seals and the bit around the neck.

    See y'all soon, :)
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  5. nemesis2500


    Update time!
    Thigh's are done, while looking at reference photo's I realised that there was surprisingly little detail on the thighs and in fact that it's covered by the existing pepakura files, so I set to work increasing the resolution (the original pep model I worked on was made by Spacemeat). So without further ado here's some photo's of the finished thigh model.
    The old hyperlink is dead as I've uploaded a new folder, I'll change the organisation at some point so I can just re-upload individual files instead of the entire thing every time.

    New link for download; Suit_V1.2.zip

    Hope y'all enjoy, :D
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2017
  6. mblackwell1002


    amazing work my friend! now let us see the AR system! :p

    techno snobs...techno snobs everywhere...;)
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  7. kaween


    Excellent and yeah, AR peaked my interrest even more. :)
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  8. nemesis2500


    mblackwell1002 kaween Peaked your interest has it? Guess I'd better make a proper post on it then. :D
    So first off, better start with the power source!
    This is a 3 cell 11.1v 5000mAh LiPo battery, this should be able to power the screen and Pi for several hours no sweat. Some of you may be thinking at this point that 11.1v is enough to blow the little raspberry pi's brain out, and to that I say you are right! So I introduce this:
    The splitter and 5v converter! The block on the left lowers the voltage going to the Pi to 5v allowing the Pi to be safely powered through the GPIO board. The other connector goes to the screen which has inbuilt voltage regulators, so no problem there.
    Time for the Pi itself in it's stylish green case.
    This is a raspberry pi 2 model b connected to a near infrared camera. It's powered through the GPIO board (which is unfortunately just obscured by the camera ribbon in this photo). Now then, you may at this point notice that there's no HDMI lead in there! How is it connected to the screen? Well instead of the conventional digital connection I'm having to run on analogue (the screen is analogue so I don't have a choice), this means I have to bring the signal out the audio jack, weird right... anyway, that's what the thing held together with tape is doing, it's splitting out the video signals for the screen, and on the topic of the screen here it is:
    It's not a massive screen but it does the job and has a decent resolution (I would like higher but my current budget doesn't allow for anything better), next is the current result of all this:
    This is currently just a prototype, the reticle in the middle of the screen will ideally be connected to an ultrasonic range finder, the information in the top left and right speaks for itself and the bottom right is the beginnings of a compass, and the red lines across the screen are just an experiment. When being actually used it'll be launched through an autorun and will be full screen (hence the scaling looking off on the smaller display). I'll happily answer any questions. Hope y'all enjoy :D
    (here's some photo's of the code for the mega nerds):

    Congratulations if you made it this far :p Here's a render I just did of the finished boot model:
    Boot v25.png
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2017
  9. Nemesis if you have an iPhone or get a chance to look up the app Theodolite that is the kind of overlay I plan on building when I get around to doing AR
  10. Noble44

    Noble44 New Member

    If you don't want or need a HUD system, you can always just get a laser-cut visor. Might save some room in the helmet or make stuff easier.

    Attached Files:

  11. Noble44

    Noble44 New Member

    As for his scarf/hood, cotton scrim net looks close to whatever he's wearing.

    Could also add burlap strings to it to make it more 'ghillie-like' or put in leaves between the netting. Whatever works.
  12. Takanuva

    Takanuva Jr Member

    I love how your HUD is turning out, with the near IR camera and other components. Have you considered attaching the helmet LEDs to the Raspberry Pi? You could even hook up a couple of PC fans to it, to activate automatically when your thermometer exceeds a certain amount. Man, I really need to buckle down and start a build so I can try this awesome tech in the future.
  13. nemesis2500


    I'm back! It's been a little while so I shall placate you all with renders:
    I did a little more work on the torso and I still have another little bit of work until it's finished, (the little bit between the torso and the ab-plate. Unfortunately school has started to catch up with exams drawing close so my progress is going to slow down, however, before I build the full suit I shall be making a 26" tall version of the suit to prototype fittings and how I'll put the suit together so when I do the actual suit it's as good as I can make it. Waiting on delivery for the model I'm mounting it on, it should arrive around this Thursday and then I can get scaling once that arrives.

    Viridiana Sovari That looks like quite a nice HUD, I'm quite limited by my coding abilities and the processing capabilities of my hardware (the hardware I'll be mounting in the suit that is), so I don't think I'll do something that complex, the final design will resemble a halo reach HUD but will probably be simpler and will include some different information.

    Noble44 I'm doing the HUD for fun so no need for the laser cut one, however the engravings on the one you posted the image on is a fantastic idea and I may use it in future. As for the cotton scrim net, that's another fantastic idea, and I'll almost certainly buy one and see what I can do with it.

    Takanuva Thanks! And I hadn't actually thought about using it to trigger fans but that is a good idea and would actually be pretty easy to create.

    Anyway, until next time, there's a few more renders attached (I didn't want to pic spam the post). Hope y'all enjoy, all feedback and comments are appreciated :D

    Attached Files:

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  14. nemesis2500


    Quick update, did finally finished all the torso detail (still open to adding more if people can point out where some is missing), but here's the updated section: (I added the little piece between the Ab-plate and torso
    Centre torso.png
    That's all for now, unfortunately the mannequin was mislabelled and turned out to be only 11", not 25/6, so a new one has been ordered at 20", should get here next Tuesday and I can start printing!
    I also have a new piece for the scarf/hood in the post so I'll post images once I get my hands on that. Hope y'all enjoy, :D
  15. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Looking great! There is a little detail on the side of the thigh you forgot, it's right above the current side detail up in the empty spot. If you look up some reach thigh shots you'll see what I am blabbering about.
    Anyways, three thumbs up man!
  16. mblackwell1002


    no...four thumbs!!

    fantastic work, man! Can't wait to see it all printed!!
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  17. nemesis2500


    Just realised I'd never posted this clearly and I'd only mentioned authors and the compiled list was left in the credits of the zip I uploaded, so here's the list of parts of the suit and who the credit for the work belongs to:
    Helmet - None in file yet
    Torso & Ab-plate - nemesis2500
    Codpiece - nemesis2500
    Biceps - mblackwell1002
    Forearm - nemesis2500 (these will be re modelled soon)
    Thigh - Originally modelled by Spacemeat and modified for print by nemesis2500
    Shin & Knee - nemesis2500
    Boot - None in file yet (I know, I posted renders earlier, I haven't uploaded it yet :whistle:)
    Handplate - Orginally modelled by Ruze789 and modified for print by nemesis2500

    So a massive thank you to all the modellers of the pepakura files and to mblackwell1002 for his fantastic work on the bicep.

    Thom A293 Thanks! The thigh's are currently in blender and unfortunately I don't have the skills to work on them, I'll be fully re modelling them in CAD in the future so I'll make sure to add it in then. :)

    mblackwell1002 Thank you! Hopefully the little model arrives ASAP so I can get to work scaling and figure out the correct sizes of the pieces before I go full scale.
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  18. Do you have these pieces already cut for printing? I am having quite a bit of issue using blender and cutting things and then being able to print them out and to equal scale.

  19. nemesis2500


    I don't have them already cut, however I really wouldn't recommend blender to cut models up in, personally I use autodesk netfab basic, it's free and has a really good mesh cutting tool, if that doesn't work for you just shoot me a PM with your print bed size and I'll do my best.

    (Also sorry for the long time no update having to sort some pesky life stuff out)
  20. Distemper


    Great job this is so awesome.
  21. Using the right tools might help. I'll give NetFab a shot and get back to you. Thanks!
  22. StayFrosty


    Nice work on the torso. Been a while since I've been on, but you've been making a lot of good progress in the digital realm.
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  23. nemesis2500


    Right then. Update time:
    Project 3 has begun. (The other two are the suit and augmented reality system)
    So the plan is to build an airsoft BR85 (Halo 4 Battle Rifle), I've had this idea for a while but seeing the fantastic work being done by DeadzManWalking has kicked me into getting it done.
    halo 4_ br.jpg
    So that's the desired outcome, however I will be making some sacrifices, the iconic holosight on the BR is impractical and I don't have the skills to make one (open to suggestions if anyone does). And the magazine, there are two ways of doing this, one is custom magazines, the second is go for standard M4 magazines, in the interest of compatibility and ease of use I'm going for the latter, however, the rest of the rifle I will be making as accurate as possible.
    Now then, internals, most of them I'll be recycling from a standard M4 airsoft rifle (which is currently firing at around 320 FPS). As this rifle is a bull pup design I'll be removing the trigger from the V2 gearbox and mounting it in the handle with the gearbox being situated in the rear of the gun, in addition a new barrel is needed, this will lower the FPS a bit but it shouldn't impact on performance, in addition the BR in halo fires in 3 round bursts, I aim to implement this via adding what's known as a MOSFET system, this should allow for burst control features and switching to full auto if needed.
    These are the internals that have been (roughly) modelled so far, the gearbox is lacking the motor and there are many little details I need to add to allow this to be useful in the rest of the CAD design for the rifle. So to give a better idea of how this is all going into the BR:
    side view.PNG
    The hop up unit is likely to require a custom feed as I'll be experimenting with scale and where to locate the components however it may be difficult to align the magazine without a feed leading from the magazine to the hop up.
    The shell of the BR will be 3D printed, however as airsoft is a rough game and will put a lot of strain through the rifle I intend to add aluminium support tubes running through the print to reinforce the rifle and hopefully prevent breakage.

    As for the armour, unfortunately it's still on standby, turns out the mannequin I ordered is in China, so I'm still waiting on delivery of it. (not going to make that mistake again)

    Anyway, hope y'all enjoy. Any feedback is really appreciated :D
  24. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Nice! An aeg halo br. Great choice with m4 parts, they are pretty much the most common and easiest to get, I learned that when I got my ACR. That will have a little wonky feed system since the msg don't directly line up with the hop up unit, bit that shouldn't make to many issues. Niceness man!
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  25. DeadzManWalking


    Glad I could be of service lol.
    Check the spacing with the motor. I originally was going to use a V2 gearbox on mine, but I wasn't really able to get the motor to fit. And the V3 saves the hassle of motor alignment. Also, you should be able to comfortably fit the AK style hopup in there. I show some cutaways of my feed system in my most recent post.

    Also, measure your m4 mags before you base your design around it. You might be able to sneak in a VN style m4 mag, but it's kind of a tight fit. Best of luck!
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