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Here's my progress on my Kelly build. I got the Boots, Shins, and Thighs mostly done. The boots still need a couple minor additions and they all still need to be cleaned up with kwik seal and a dremel.



First almost full leg suit up. Feels good man.


The boots have this super thicc foam in them to act as platforms. I still need to add some foam onto the side so you can't see the side of my shoe. The top of the boot is only glued at the front near the toe and it all flips up so insert or remove the shoe inside. They go on basically like slippers. I also have some insoles that add some height. The top of my helmet should be at about 6'6" when I'm done with everything.


The bottom of the boots has this rubber anti slip stuff that I picked up at Harbor Freight.


I wanted to buy just the visor but could only manage to find it paired with a helmet too. I'll most likely build the helmet myself out of foam and finish this helmet as a side project. The helmet is a little long on the back side. Though it's not bad by any means. At the end of the day I know I'd get more gratification out of wearing a helmet that I made myself.


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OH wow. I know this is quite the old post, but that is some CRISP foam work ImmortalReaver!
And that helmet casting makes me drool.
Thanks, I appreciate it! Clean up work will still be done like the typical dremel, kwik seal, etc. The cast is decent but it's a bit mis-shapen. It's longer from to back than it should be. I might end up finishing it then just build a foam helmet. I'll likely make both then decide what I want to actually use.

I've made more progress since this post. I made the forearm piece and it was too small. I have the remakes of the forearms in the works but might remake them again. I decided to skip them for now. Got the upper arm mostly built then I'll be working on the torso. I might end up doing the forearms last because **** gen 2 forearms. hahaha
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