Foam MA40 prop build


Recently started to working on my MA40 AR prop. I'm using templates made by Andrew_DFT because I used some of his other templates in my previous builds and they worked quite well.

As of right now I made a little bit of progress but I'm waiting for more materials I ordered online to arrive. Also this is going to be my first "reloadable" weapon.


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Another update.
Today I made fully detachable magazine. I had some issues with gluing the magnets into place but everything is great now. And here's how it looks

Then I added more layers of thinner foam to the core of the prop and glued it together with the stock/ handle part.

There is still some work ahead of me but I'm getting closer to finishing the building part.


Greetings prop and costume making enthusiasts. I have a question for you. Do I have too much time on my hand? I'll answer it for you. Yes, yes I have. That's why today is yet another update.

So today I made the ammo counter for my assault rifle. And honestly I didn't expect it to take me as much time as it did. I thought it would be quicker but I guess with the amount of detail I'm putting into it I probably shouldn't be surprised. But oh well.
Here's the picture of it:

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Do you plan on adding magnets or something so it can be magnetized to your back? That would be awesome!


Update time.
So... the painting process is coming along pretty nicely I would say. I don't have any pictures of the gun mid process but I do have one of the magazine.

It's done but still I'm gonna need to weather it. I'll do it at a later date.

Also I did a little bit of designing of the template for the display of the ammo counter. And here it is

I know it ain't perfect but it will work nicely... I think


And here's how the display is looking. It ain't perfect but it's ok. And honestly with the resources and skills I possess I'm quite happy how it turned out.

And yes, the rifle is painted but it still needs some weathering. And once I done it I'll present it to you.


I saw this on your insta, and despite the updates i still struggles to believe it wasnt a repainted nerf gun at the end, quality work!
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