Mark VI high-def foam armor WIP

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Gamemaster, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. McPrimus

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    My local radioshack carries a small selection of CPU fans, so you might try that option if you want a fan now vs waiting on shipping. You can also tear apart any old broken electronics ans take the fan (did that for an old Boba Fett helmet).
  2. Dragon Sunkiller

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    I'm still amazed at how your armor and shotgun turned out! Especially the helmet! Unfortunately, my armor project has hit the wall of Darth Real Life, and I don't think I'll have it done for Free Comic Book Day. Keep up the good work!
  3. Gamemaster

    Gamemaster Member

    Thanks for the kudos! To bad about your Free Comic Book Day, I'm sure you would be a big hit.
  4. Gamemaster

    Gamemaster Member

    Here are my recent pics wearing the armor with the adjusted helm. Enjoy
    The suit only weighs 7 pounds, the undersuit is breathable nylon and the helm has a decent fan and soft padding for comfort. All in all I can wear it without overheating and am quite happy with how it turned out. Longshot-X is painting the shotgun and the weather is turning nice here (spring has sprung) so the next pictures will be outdoor themed with a weapon. Can't wait!

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    SIKAXIS Member

    Wowzers! I haven't seen many complete foam armor builds ( only 1 that I can think of ) but still the best I've seen , and even better than some fiberglass ones . Keep up the great work.
    (also i was wondering if there was padding in the top of the helmet or if your neck is just really long)
  6. Gamemaster

    Gamemaster Member

    Thanks! I think you will start to see a few more nice foam builds completed, I've seen some pretty good craftsman working on various projects.
    And yes, I put very thin padding in the top of the helm and my neck is long too, so in some pics I look giraffe like. I think I might try some padding in the torso shoulders to compensate.
  7. LongShot X

    LongShot X

    Yup! I can confirm that I have the Shotgun.
    Next on my list is to stop by the hardware store and get some paint.

    Finaly we have a nice completed suit!
    I still want to add lights to it. heheheheh

    Those pics look good.
    But they are missing something?!?!?!
    Hmmmm.... Oh I know its the shin expanders. I found them too!

    That means that the next pics will look UBER

    Someone mentioned a comparison between a Fiberglass suit and a Foam suit.
    Funny! Cause that's what Gamemaster and I have been building up towards.
    A comparison (side by side) of 2 Mark VI MJONIR HD's suits.
    One of Fiberglass
    One of Foam

    More on this in due time.

    For now I feel that we have earned this:

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  8. 0235

    0235 Member

    i still cant beive thats foam, its just so epic and smooth, bet its also really comfortable.
  9. Gamemaster

    Gamemaster Member

    Thanks! It is comfortable too, as far as wearing foam flooring can be anyway.
    Here are a few pics from our "shotgun photoshoot"

    If you want to see high-res pics of each part up close check out

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  10. sandy1973

    sandy1973 Well-Known Member

    holy cow that is awsome. Who woluld have thought that your suit and weapond were made out of foam they look so real. I have troble making pattern for my foam build suit, oh well I have to keep on trying
  11. Gamemaster

    Gamemaster Member

    Thanks! It does look quite real for foam, I have to agree.
    I have to admit, the patterns were the difficult part and I spent around 300 hours and a few handfuls of hair for this suit. It was alot of work and I do have the patterns scanned and in JPG format for the Mark VI challenge, you can find out more and view samples here:
  12. Neoproks

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    Wow this is an amazing suit, doubly so because it's entirely foam! Fantastic job to both you and Longshot, your guys work is the perfect inspiration.
  13. Gamemaster

    Gamemaster Member

    Thanks for the Kudos! (From both of us)

    For the Vancouver Canucks run to the Stanley Cup we dressed up Spartan Intimidator with a Canucks Jersey. His torso is too big for the XXL Jersey, so instead I wore a leather coat underneath to "bulk up"
    More pictures:

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  14. sandy1973

    sandy1973 Well-Known Member

    I like that, cheers for Canucks
  15. Gamemaster

    Gamemaster Member

    Halo 4 Starring... ME!

    Check me out, I'm the new (extremely unofficial) poster spartan for Halo 4.

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  16. Pipinacan

    Pipinacan Well-Known Member

    to much crotch armor imo lol
  17. Gamemaster

    Gamemaster Member

    It never fails, everywhere I go, everything I do, someone, somewhere... is looking at my crotch :D

    I agree, as soon as I get enough pictures of the Halo 4 Master Chief armor I plan on doing a scratch build from foam.
  18. Gamemaster

    Gamemaster Member

  19. golem95

    golem95 Member

    you guys have any tips for painting eva foam? I made a simple hand plate for my first try at foam armor and wanted to test how it took to paint.... not well :( do you guys seal it with something first?
  20. LongShot X

    LongShot X

    Yup... We used Plasti-dip as the sealant

    I figured that you would try this. Nice work on super imposing "Intimidator" over top of John.

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  21. golem95

    golem95 Member

    do you sand down the plasti dip after? or just spread it on very thin?
    thanks :)
  22. vulture pilot

    vulture pilot New Member

    plasti paste? if u look at mine its jagged a lil bit and messy. i d say just spread it thin and keep working at it even when drying to ensure its not jagged cuz that will lead to bubbles with later coats. im a noob so i learned that the hard way. also make sure to mix the stuff well mine is still flimsy even now after i used it =.=
  23. Gamemaster

    Gamemaster Member

    Before you work with foam I advise heat sealing your good side first, I've added a tutorial video to the how-to page here: When you do this you only need 2 light coats of plasti-dip to seal it for paint.

    We did some more photos and took Spartan Intimidator to a party with kids for a durability test, it passed. Here is a photo I did for a lark, you can see the nice ones I put up for the finished armor section of the how-to page.

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  24. LongShot X

    LongShot X

    Were still testing out the HD camcorder and figured that I should post at least ONE sample of our testing and learning.

    It's not often that you see a MKVI Spartan doing the laundry.

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  25. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    XD just think about how much laundry he could do compared to a MK V model

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