Mark VI high-def foam armor WIP

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    Hey 405th, it's been awhile since I've updated this thread, I've done some more mods and been out and about to a few events. Here is a picture from our local x-mas parade in our local paper, I wasn't in the parade but I still got the 2nd largest photo on the page (cause that's how the Chief rolls)
    I've put the sole and treads on my boots, redid the front chin area of my helm, added another fan in the top of the helm to vent steam buildup and added a voice modulator and speaker taken from an Optimus Prime toy mask. All said and done I stand 6'10" and tower over the majority of people while still looking mostly proportionate, I still need to do more tweaking (continual WIP) and will post some pictures soon. Considering the size of this armor you might be suprized to find a 6' tall skinny old man pop out of this armor (I can take it off in 5 minutes or less)

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    Spartan Intimidator 117 is still active and has received some upgrades, mainly in the comfort department as well as an upgrade in badassitude. For comfort I changed the battery array in the helmet and added some softer padding. I also added an abdomen belt and use it as a harness to keep the thigh armor in place. This works the best, much better than kneestraps or velcro to the pants. The other upgrades are obvious in the photos.



    The bus is late!

    That would explain alot...

    Riding a bus
    The chest speakers are functional, they are quite loud in fact, and the 4 flashlights in the helm combine for 36 LEDs. If you want more photos you will have to bug Longshot-X, he has a roll I'm sure.

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    You have one of the best chief builds I have seen. Congrats on pulling off an awesome job.
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    Well, it's been about a year and the old Spartan Intimidator pops out of his cyro tube for the day. He needed a new handplate and a few paint touch ups and he then went out to attend a middle school costume party and then back home to babysit. Here are a few pics:

    At the door to the dance

    Inside the dark dance room the 36 LEDs in the helm lit the way

    The kids loved it

    On the walk home

    And a shot with the happy baby

    feeding the baby... whoa, Intimidator, a little less on the spoon!

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