Master Chief Halo 5 Armor


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I was wondering if anyone could reference me to any files pertaining to the master chiefs halo 5 armor. I have searched everywhere and have not found a thing.


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The majority of master chief asset/obj files are broken. I'm in the same boat trying to find shoulder obj files. Once I figure out how to work this site I will see about posting the files I've unfolded up :) minus the shoulders of course haha XD


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Will the files be any easier than H4 Chief? I'm wanting to start a Chief build, but I'm a bit tentative of what to work from. I started a shin from the H4 Chief files in the archives a while back, but it ended up getting crushed, and wouldn't have fit with pep work and padding.


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Master Chief's armor is the same in Halo 4 and 5. In Halo 5 it just isn't damaged anymore.
So, just head to the Armory, all armor files are there.