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    eventually. my daughter's armor which she had begged. in other words, a medic with halo4. here are just a few photos of her armor. armor developed in the 3d system and then printed. there is also work on the armor for the younger daughter of Marins from halo 3. slowly towards the end. Dad is known as a chif near her. I am sorry for the mistakes I use the transleator





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    Absolutely epic father / daughter pairing! Awesome work

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    dzięki. wkrótce 2 córka przyjdzie do magazynu
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    Te zdjęcia z was dwóch są fantastyczne. Zespół ojca i córki naprawdę pomaga ci wyglądać jak życie!

    These photos of you two are fantastic. The father and daughter team really helps you look larger than life!

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