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The #4-V2 helmet has been uploaded below and at the beginning of the thread. Part of the reason I like working with the concept art (besides how awesome it is) is that it doesn't contain very intricate detailing and I think this aligns well with my proclivity to model things as simply as possible. That said, with the V2 set I've been including some subtleties that result in some pretty thin paper pieces which may be a little tricky to assemble. I don't think it's anything impossible to put together and I hope people are okay with it. The completion of #4-V2 puts the current project at 60%, on to #3-V2 next I think and I'll finish with #2-V2 which is where I started with the original set. Below is some detail for the #4-V2, let me know if you have any feedback and take care.

Reach helmet concept #4-V2 (Satchmo III) 2019-05-12.pdo


The shaping of the original #4 (at the left below) seems more like a locomotive than a helmet. His little brother (at the right below) is more like a helmet.


For the #5-V2 helmet in my last post I used some generated materials and normal mapping to bake a texture and shadowing onto the model for some added effect. This time around I tried painting a texture directly onto the #4-V2 helmet in order to be able to include some of the decal detailing of IH's concept artwork. It's nothing terribly special and I'm not sure how to make anything glossy (like the visor) when painting but I think the decals add a nice little touch.



Ermagersh. Those helmets look fantastic. Really great job, I’d love to see these come to life!
Thank you mblackwell1002! I would like very much to see some concept builds in the future too.

Oh wow, the finished product on that one looks great!!
Thanks Matt, I appreciate your input.
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The #3-V2 helmet has been uploaded below and at the beginning of the thread. I see elements of the pilot and the EVA helmet in this one. The shape and/or angle of this one is a bit atypical and I think it would benefit from a neck-seal at the back, but I didn't add one to stay truer to the artwork. It's been just a few days over seven years since I made the original versions and I'm excited to be close to finishing the V2 set. Detail info on #3-V2 follows, take care four-oh-five.

Reach helmet concept #3-V2 (Satchmo III) 2019-05-18.pdo


Original at left versus V2 at right (the head on view of the V2 reminds me of the helmet from Doom).


I used the painted texture to for the turn-around below. The lighting isn't as fancy as it could be but I think it still fits the bill.



Well, well,well look what you gone and did Satchmo, You've gone and made me add anouther helmet to the list
Sweet, do it up man!.

I went quiet the last weeks, still lurking in the background - but let me stop by agin and tell you how much i fancy your work Satchmo III !
Really love it....especially V2. My "things to print"-List got even bigger than it already is.
Thanks ReClaimer8015, I appreciate you coming out from the shadows to leave the note. It'd be awesome to see some prints of these guys.

Satchmo III

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Pardon the double post (I don't think I can post two GIF files in a single post). I took WIP snap-shots during the modeling of #3-V2 to be able to put together the following time-lapse. There were several modeling sessions over the course of the last week (bits here and there) and I finished up by painting the mesh this morning.



Finished pepping of the h2a ODST helmet, it was my 10 year anniversary of building the original ODST helmet which was also my first pep

Edit forgot to mention that no edge ids