1st Build My First Armor Build


Good...Ford... How did I ever get by without this saw?


So the helm is far from perfected, but it's down to the point where I am having trouble finding things to fix on it. I've covered it in a light layer of paint-primer to highlight areas that need work. Does not have to be grey, but a lighter color works best to cover all the streaks and lines from the previous work.



I've started mixing larger batches of Rondo so I can use the excess to start other pieces. This is the first pour into the Grieve.

This piece had some disformities from being on display with the Cuisse (Thigh) sitting on top of it. Despite weighing only a few ounces, it crushed the Grieve pretty well. I used strategicly placed Bondo to reinforce the proper shape.


Finally got around to finishing out the boot redux. Interestingly, the blue one, despite the gel layer being put on 2 months ago, is still very tacky. The red one is fine, but my hands are blue from sticking to the other one. Not sure what happened with it.

I also separated the top from the bottom and am glad to announce that I have perfectly aligned boot pieces now!



So I just realized I never mentioned that I bought the visor back in like July.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it when I first got it, but it's a run of the mill metallic-gold motorcycle visor that I got on Amazon for like $35. It has been taped (on both sides) with blue painters tape to prevent chipping of the coloring.

I printed and cut out a visor from the original pep file so I could have somewhere to start cutting it out. I plan to make the rough-cut about an inch larger on all sides and the final will likely be cut flush with the sides, but left intact for the top and bottom


So I spent some time diving into Armorsmith and arranged the left thigh piece. I printed directly from the Armorsmith pattern generator and it is quite different from the Pep program.

Not sure if I like it just yet, I think I can adjust the line thickness to make them thinner, (Edit: you can!) but that is for later.
Furthermore, the visor was cut to shape and fits rather well.

The only thing I would change is the flanges on the far sides and make them shorter. They stick out a lot out of the sides. Once I get it painted, I will fix the visor in place, so it's not a problem.
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Well, my perfectionism got the best of me again... Here is take three of the forearm "buckle" piece.

I've decided to take a whole new approach to this. I picked up some new casting resin and am actually hardening parts as I go along and gluing them together as a larger assembly. The hope is to get everything into final position, and then make a HD resin cast of the whole part.

As a reminder, this was the last attempt...


So over the Thanksgiving week, I intended to get the full gel layer done on the thighs. I wound up just sealing them. Today, I got them gelled and ready for rondoing.

Believe it or not, the right one is actually blue... I wanted to just put a drop of the dye in the resin, but then the lid blew out (the cold made the dye really thick) and it dumped half the bottle and all my resin on my workbench .
The boot is STILL not dry from the last time I used only 4 drops of blue dye, even after more than 3 months and being covered in cornstarch. So we will see if this drys at all.


Hello Again!
I just want to assure everyone that I have not abandoned this project. Its been cold here and I dont have anywhere that I want to be smelling like bondo inside to work, so things have been going slowly.
On the other side of things, I have bought a 3d printer and am currently debating on whether I should use it for the armor build or leave it a purely Pepakura project.

So just a quick update on the state of things here. No real progress on the build itself. Will be getting back into it soon


So I accidentally crushed one of the shins by putting too much Rondo on at once. I have had to resort to refolding the entire thing from scratch.

In other news, I have begun experimenting with a new technique to prevent crushing and speed up the process of applying Rondo, but at the expense of wasting more of it on the pour. I am mixing the batch much thinner (more resin, less bondo) and applying a thinner layer to the inside over a larger area. This will add significant strength to the part for later reinforcement either with normal amounts of Rondo or spray in foam, havent decided yet. The downside is that since I'm going for a larger area with a thinner mix, more of it will drip out and make a mess. We shall see.

Additionally, in the downtime over the winter, I started reading "Every Tool's a Hammer" by Mythbuster's own Adam Savage. I have to say, this book has really helped me organize my project and get a more focused direction. (Note: I have no sponsors for anything, this is my own opinion of the book) I recommend it for anyone working on any kind of project.


One other thing... I dont know what it is, but this blue dye seems to prevent the resin from curing properly. The "blue" thigh piece is STILL wet enough that my hands are sticking to it and have blue patches after handling it, and that was done back in early December (5 months ago).

As much as I would like to color code the different sides... I think I'm going to have to abandon that idea for the sake of handling



So I found out that you can buy just the straps of a backpack. I built (most of) the harness that is going to be supporting all the armor pieces.

The plan is to have straps come off the shoulders and belt ending in buckles that will clip into each piece supporting the weight while foam is used to keep it straight. The straps will weave through the undersuit to keep them hidden.

In other news, the minimal Bondo layers are working quite well. The Thighs should be entirely done by the end of the week and I should be able to start hardening the new shins.


Quick update:
Due to a promotion at work and a change of work stations, my progress has been fairly slow on the armor.

The shins have had their main structure finished, and some of the remaining paper is being patched over now. They should be able to be mounted to the harness by Sunday.

I have also found that my initial method of attaching the boots will not work. The original idea was to mount the bootie of the undersuit directly (and rigidly) with the armor boot and just slipping my foot in like a normal shoe. I found that I could not get my foot in while the bootie is mounted. The new idea is to have an elastic strap inside the armor boot and slip it on over the bootie after its on my foot. I found that a military blousing strap is perfect for the job. (A blousing strap is a piece of cord or strapping used to keep the bottom of a pant-leg tight around the ankle.)
These too should be mounted to the harness by the end of the weekend.

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