Never go to Jiffylube, here's why


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DAMN!!!!! Talk about a culture of corruption!

Anyone know a GOOD place to take your vehicle to get serviced? I personally don't mind going to a deal, but you pay dealer's prices which is $$$.

Sean Bradley

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Yeah, who would have thought, they seem like such honest and reputable people.....hahh. :roll:

Auto repair isn't the kind of this that you can just buy off the shelf from some corporate chain garage. You're just a number to them. Get a mechanic you can trust and stay with them for as long as you can. Get to know them, and develop a relationship beyond being a paycheck to them and you'll NEVER worry about being ripped off.

ODST General

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I go to my uncle, family mechanic, my dad works in car parts, I would rather stay away from big chains if I could, anything to get an etra dollar, or in this case and extra few hundred